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Oklahoma History and Culture

Chronicles of Oklahoma
The first 40 volumes of the Oklahoma Historical Society's journal, digitized by Oklahoma State University.
Eastern Oklahoma County Regional History Center
This project of Rose State College was established to preserve the unique history of the communities of Eastern Oklahoma County, including Tinker Air Force Base, and to promote the understanding of the importance of the region to the State of Oklahoma, the southwestern region of states, and the United States. Collections include oral histories and historic photographs of Tinker Air Force Base.
Oklahoma Crossroads
Oklahoma Crossroads: Documents and Images consists of selected digital collections of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries spanning more than 100 years of rich, vibrant history. These collections include documents, photographs, newspapers, reports, pamphlets, posters, maps, and an author database ranging in date from the late 1800s to present.
Oklahoma Today
In cooperation with the Oklahoma State Department of Tourism and the Oklahoma Department of Career Technology, Oklahoma State University digitized the first 50 years of our state's magazine. Oklahoma Today provides its readers the best of Oklahoma's people, places, travel, culture, food, and outdoors in an attractive and engaging publication that enhances The Oklahoma Experience.
Western History Digital Collections
The Western History Collection is a special collection within the University of Oklahoma Libraries system. Its purpose is to enhance the University Libraries general collection on the history of the American West; to support the research and teaching programs of the University of Oklahoma; and to provide opportunities for research through the acquisition, preservation, and access of materials relating to the development of the Trans-Mississippi West and Native American cultures.

American Indian Materials

From Warrior to Saint: The Journey of David Pendleton Oakerhater
This National Endowment for the Humanities We the People project tells the story of Making Medicine, a Cheyenne warrior turned missionary who was the first Oklahoman to become a saint in the Episcopal Church. It includes letters and photographs from the Burnham Collection at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral in Oklahoma City, a biography, and an essay on the Indian assimilation movement. Digitized by Oklahoma State University with funding from the Oklahoma Humanities Council.
Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties (Kappler's)
Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler, this historically significant, seven volume compilation contains U.S. treaties, laws and executive orders pertaining to Native American Indian tribes. The volumes cover U.S. Government treaties with Native Americans from 1778-1883 (Volume II) and U.S. laws and executive orders concerning Native Americans from 1871-1970 (Volumes I, III-VII). The information contained in Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties is in high demand by Native peoples, researchers, journalists, attorneys, legislators, teachers and others of both Native and non-Native origins. Digitized by Oklahoma State University.
Indian Claims Commission Decisions
In cooperation with the University of Tulsa Law Library and the National Indian Law Library, the Electronic Publishing Center at the Oklahoma State University Library digitized all 43 volumes of this collection of legal decisions interpreting treaties and determining the rights of Indian tribes.
Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project
This Project is a cooperative effort among the University of Oklahoma Law Center and the National Indian Law Library(NILL), and Native American tribes providing access to the Constitutions, Tribal Codes, and other legal documents. Tribal constitutions and codes are the heart of self-government for over 500 federally recognized tribes, and are the lifeblood of Indian sovereignty. The University of Oklahoma Law Center Library and the National Indian Law Library work with tribes whose government documents appear on this web site; these tribal documents are either placed online with the permission of the tribes, or they are U.S. Government documents, rightfully in the public domain.

Oklahoma Law

Oklahoma State Courts Network
This comprehensive electronic library of Oklahoma law includes free, searchable access to Oklahoma statutes, case law, Constitution, administrative code, Attorney General's Opinions, court rules and legal forms. It also provides access to the dockets of the district, appeals and Supreme courts. There are links to free online versions of federal statutes and case law.

Oklahoma Science and Technology

Bulletin of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society
In cooperation with the Oklahoma Ornithological Society, the Oklahoma State University Electronic Publishing Center digitized the first thirty-seven volumes of this collection, which details the history of birds in Oklahoma.
Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science
The official organ of the Oklahoma Academy of Science represents a wealth of scholarly activity unique to our state. Scientists have used this vehicle to publish quality scholarly articles for almost a century. Currently, full text articles are available for 1976-2005. Tables of contents are available for the years 1921-1975. Digitized by Oklahoma State University.
The Proceedings of the 27th Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference
In cooperation with the Southern Forest Tree Improvement Committee, Oklahoma State University was pleased to host the 27th Biennial Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference (SFTIC). Brought to you by the Oklahoma State University Department of Forestry and the OSU Electronic Publishing Center.
Publications of the Oklahoma Biological Survey
Published between 1929-1933 and continuing in 2005, these volumes represent scholarly publishing unique to the state of Oklahoma. Brought to you by the Oklahoma Biological Survey and Oklahoma State University.

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