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Volume 8
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Volume 8
Number 1 December, 2007
Phenology and New County Records of Odonata of Northeastern Oklahoma
By Brenda D. Smith-Patten, Michael A. Patten, Mark J. Dreiling, and John Fisher
pp. 1-13

Mussels of the Mountain Fork River, Arkansas and Oklahoma
By Daniel E. Spooner and Caryn C. Vaughn
pp. 14-18

Volume 7
Number 1 December 11, 2006
Mollusks of the 1849-50 Creek Boundary Survey
By Charles M. Mather and John S. Tomer
pp. 1-10

Avifauna of the Four Canyon Preserve, Ellis County, Oklahoma
By Michael A. Patten, Dan L. Reinking, and Donald H. Wolfe
pp. 11-20

Nesting Documentation for the White-Tailed Ptamigan in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico
By Donald H. Wolfe
pp. 21-23

Vascular Plants Utilized by the Plains Apache in Southwestern Oklahoma
By Julia Jordan, Wayne Elisens, and Richard Thomas
pp. 24-33

Woody Plant Species Composition of a Fagus Grandifolia Ehrh. (American Beech) Forest Along Beech Creek, Leflore County, Oklahoma
By Bruce W. Hoagland
pp. 34-39

Volume 6
Number 1 October 3, 2005
The Vascular Plant Type Specimens in the Robert Bebb Herbarium of the University of Oklahoma
By Wayne Elisens, Amy Buthod, and Priscilla Crawford
pp. 1-14

Vascular Flora of the Deep Fork River in Okmulgee, Creek and Okfuskee Counties, Oklahoma
By Bruce W. Hoagland and Forrest L. Johnson
pp. 15-30

Inventory of Tetrapod Vertebrates of Chickasaw National Recreation Area
By Jeff Kelly, Joel Strong, Jesse Bahm, and Adrienne L. Cooper
pp. 31-52

Volume 5
Number 1 December 30, 1933
Howard Atwood Kelly
By A.I. Ortenburger and Roberta D.Ortenburger
pp. 9-13

Volume 5
Number 2 December 30, 1933
The Decapod Crustaceans of Oklahoma
By E.P. Creaser and A.I. Ortenburger
pp. 14-47

Volume 5
Number 3 December 30, 1933
The Ecology of the Western Oklahoma Salt Plains
By A.I. Ortenburger and R.D. Bird
pp. 48-64

Volume 5
Number 4 December 30, 1933
Notes on the Occurrence of Mammals in the Regions Adjacent to the Salt Plains of Northwestern Oklahoma
By H.H.T Jackson and H.E. Warfel
pp. 65-72

pp. 74-87

Volume 4
Number 1 July 15, 1932
Oklahoma Spiders
By Nathan Banks, N.M. Newport, and R.D. Bird
pp. 7-49

Volume 4
Number 2 July 15, 1932
Dragonflies of Oklahoma
By Ralph D. Bird
pp. 50-57

Volume 3
Number 1 April 15, 1931

The Birds of Oklahoma Revised Edition
By Margaret Morse Nice
I. Introduction
pp. 21-52
II. The Birds of Oklahoma
III. Bibliography

pp. 53-215
IV. Index
pp. 217-224

Volume 3
Number 2 June 15, 1931
Comparative Studies of the Animal Communities of Oak-Hickory Forests in Missouri and Oklahoma
By Mary Jane Brown
pp. 231-261

Volume 3
Number 3 September 1, 1931
Desmids of Oklahoma
By Clarence E. Taft
pp. 273-323

Volume 3
Number 4 December 15, 1931
Notes on a Small Collection of Crane-flies from Oklahoma, with Descriptions of New Species: Tipulidae-Diptera
By J. Speed Rogers
pp. 331-338

A Collection of Thysanoptera from Western Oklahoma
By J.R. Watson
pp. 339-345

Volume 2
Number 1 June 18, 1930
Records and New Species of Coleoptera from Oklahoma
By Melville H. Hatch and A.I. Ortenburger
pp. 7-14

Records and New Species of Coleoptera from Oklahoma and Western Arkansas with Subsidiary Studies
By Melville H. Hatch
pp. 15-26

The Collection and Preparation of Coleoptera
By Melville H. Hatch
pp. 27-31

Volume 2
Number 2 June 28, 1930
A Preliminary List of the Ferns and Seed Plants of Oklahoma
By R.E. Jeffs and Elbert L. Little, Jr.
pp. 39-93

Index of Latin Names
pp. 94-101

Volume 2
Number 3 November, 1930
The Woodpeckers of Oklahoma
By Edward Drane Crabb
pp. 111-158

Illustrations Plates I-IV

Volume 2
Number 4 December 15, 1930
Notes on Some Reptiles and Amphibians from Western Oklahoma
By A.I. Ortenburger and Beryl Freeman
pp. 175-188

Notes on a Collection of Birds from Western Oklahoma
By A.I. Ortenburger and Elbert L. Little, Jr.
pp. 187-194

A List of the Birds of the Campus of the University of Oklahoma
By Margaret Morse Nice
pp. 195-207

A Key to the Lizards and Snakes of Oklahoma
A.I. Ortenburger
- A Key to the Snakes of Oklahoma
pp. 211-225
- A Key to the Lizards of Oklahoma
pp. 227-235
- Glossary
pp. 234-237
- List of Illustrations
pp. 238-239

Volume 1
Number 1 March 16, 1929
The Tentative Program of the University of Oklahoma Biological Survey
By A. Richards
pp. 7-13

Volume 1
Number 2 March 16, 1929
Further Notes on the Fishes of Oklahoma With Descriptions of New Species of Cyprinidae
By Carl L. Hubbs and A.I. Ortenburger
pp. 15-43

Volume 1
Number 3 March 16, 1929
Fishes Collected in Oklahoma and Arkansas in 1927
Carl L. Hubbs and A.I. Ortenburger
pp. 45-112

Illustrations Plates I-XIII