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Volume 9—1929

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Recent Developments in Chemical Education
O. M. Smith; 9 (1929); pp. 10-19
BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES | Presidential Address | Geological Sciences |Physical Sciences |Social Sciences |Home
A Comparison of Autumnal Society of Prairie Invertebrates and of Coincident Weather Conditions in 1927 and 1928
Martha W. Shackleford and Mary J. Brown; 9 (1929); pp. 20-23
Some Effects of Wind Injury to Growing Plants
H. H. Finnell; 9 (1929); pp. 24-27
The Influence of Environment on Inheritance of Two Characters in Drosophila
Mildred Hoge Richards; 9 (1929); pp. 28-30
Inheritance of Hay Fever
Ray M. Balyeat; 9 (1929); pp. 31-34
Bryophytes of Eastern Oklahoma
Aaron J. Sharp; 9 (1929); pp. 35-38
Phenological Notes for 1928 on Middle Western Spring Flowers
Lois Gould; 9 (1929); pp. 39-42
Lateness of the Spring of 1928 as Determined by Comparison of First Blooming Dates
Lois Gould; 9 (1929); pp. 43-46
Phosphorous in Plants
James E. Webster; 9 (1929); pp. 47-49
A Comparison of Pollen Spectra of Old and Young Bogs in the Erie Basin
Phyllis Draper; 9 (1929); pp. 50-53
Diurnal Variations in the Vernal Invertebrate Population of a Central Oklahoma Prairie
Vera G. Davidson and Martha W. Shackleford; 9 (1929); pp. 54-59
Notes on the Morphology of Cambarincola macrodonta Ellis
William H. Bayliff; 9 (1929); pp. 60-66
The Birds of Tulsa County, Oklahoma and Vicinity
Edith R. Force; 9 (1929); pp. 67-72
Some Additions to the Payne County Bird List
George A. Moore; 9 (1929); p. 73
GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES | Presidential Address | Biological Sciences |Physical Sciences |Social Sciences |Home
The Criner Hills
J. A. Stone; 9 (1929); pp. 74-75
Sub-division of the Bokchito Formation in Love County, Oklahoma
John S. Redfield; 9 (1929); pp. 76-77
Accomplishments of the Oklahoma Geological Survey During the Past Year
C. L. Cooper; 9 (1929); pp. 78-82
A General Relief Map of Oklahoma
C. J. Bollinger; 9 (1929); p. 83
Modern Methods of Local Weather Forecasting
O. F. Evans; 9 (1929); pp. 84-86
Ouachita vs. Kiamichi
Chas N. Gould; 9 (1929); pp. 87-89
Fossil Bones and Artifacts at Frederick
Chas N. Gould; 9 (1929); pp. 90-92
The Polar Front in the Interpretation and Prediction of Oklahoma's Weather
C. W. Thornthwaite; 9 (1929); pp. 93-99
The Construction of a Geologic Model
Don B. Gould; 9 (1929); pp. 100-103
Regional Changes in Cotton Acreage in Oklahoma Between 1910 and 1920
Robert Leevern Britton; 9 (1929); pp. 104-105
Some Laboratory Data Relative to Drainage, Flow, and Recovery of Crude Oil in Sands and Sandstones
W. F. Cloud; 9 (1929); pp. 106-108
Superficial Versus Deep-Seated Density Anomalies in the Northern Great Plains
F. A. Melton; 9 (1929); pp. 109-116
Preliminary Discussion of Geothermal Gradients in Oklahoma Oil Fields
John A. McCutchin; 9 (1929); pp. 117-118
"Natural Mounds" of Northeastern Texas, Southern Arkansas, and Northern Louisiana
Frank A. Melton; 9 (1929); pp. 119-130
PHYSICAL SCIENCES | Presidential Address |Biological Sciences | Geological Sciences |Social Sciences |Home
The Determination of Molecular Weights of Nonvolatile Petroleum Oils
John M. Devine; 9 (1929); pp. 131-137
The Preparation of Very Clean Mercury
Duane Roller; 9 (1929); pp. 138-139
Flood Control Investigations and Incident Possibilities of Rural Electrification with Special Reference to the Washita River Valley
N. E. Wolford; 9 (1929); pp. 140-146
SOCIAL SCIENCES | Presidential Address |Biological Sciences | Geological Sciences |Physical Sciences |Home
A Study of the Inter-Relations of Speed, Accuracy and Difficulty
Laurence S. McLeod; 9 (1929); pp. 147-149
A Statistical Study of the Tenure of Oklahoma Public School Administrators
Herbert Patterson; 9 (1929); pp. 150-151
The County Plan of Public Welfare
J. J. Rhyne; 9 (1929); pp. 152-154
A Grooved Club and Other Artifacts from a Cave Seventy Miles Northeast of El Paso, Texas
Lois Gould; 9 (1929); pp. 155-159
Principles to be Applied in the Improvement of Secondary School Curricula
Guy A. Lackey; 9 (1929); pp. 160-164
Relation of Bodily Tension to Electrical Resistance
M. M. White; 9 (1929); pp. 165-171