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Behavioral Sciences
Testing the Persuasiveness of the Oklahoma Academy of Science Statement on Science, Religion, and Teaching Evolution
Robert D. Mather and Charles M. Mather; 89 (2009); pp. 1-10
Biological Sciences
Habitat Associations of Aquatic Turtle Communities in Eastern Oklahoma
J. Daren Riedle, Paul A. Shipman, Stanley F. Fox, and David M. Leslie, Jr.; 89 (2009); pp. 11-22
Prothonotary Warbler (Protonotaria citrea) Post-flood Response in Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma
Michele L. Diggs and Douglas R. Wood; 89 (2009); pp.23-30
Analysis of the Endophyte Communities of Geographically Isolated Specimens of Gingko biloba
Keith A. Carter and Michael T. Dunn; 89 (2009); pp. 31-38
Distribution, Life History, Aspects, and Conservation Status of the Mena Crayfish, Orconectes (Procericambarus) menae (Decapoda: Cambaridae)
Henry W. Robinson, Bettry G. Crump, Chris T. McAllister, Christa Brummett, and Elizabeth A. Bergey; 89 (2009); pp. 39-48
Viruses in Oklahoma Euphorbia marginata
Jennifer Hackett, Vijay Muthukumar, Granham B. Wiley, Michael W. Palmer, Bruce A. Poe, and Ulrich Melcher; 89 (2009); pp. 49-54
A Contribution to the Tardigrade Fauna of Oklahoma
Harry A. Meyer; 89 (2009); pp. 55-58
A Herpetofaunal Survey of the Boehler Seeps Preserve, with Reports of New County Records and Recommendations for Conservation Efforts
Tim Patton and Jared Wood; 89 (2009); pp. 63-74
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Biological Sciences
Recent Notable Odonate Records from the Red Slough Wetlands, Oklahoma
W. David Arbour and Berlin Heck; 89 (2009); pp. 75-76
Identificaiton and Enantiomeric Separation of (+)- and (-)-(E)-3-[5- (2,4Diaminopyrimidin-5-ylmethyl)-2,3-dimethoxyphenyl]-1-(1-propyl-1H-phthalazin-2-yl) propenone by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
Richard A. Bunce, Christina R. Bourne, Philip C. Bourne, Esther W. Barrow, William W. Barrow, and K. Darrel Berlin; 89 (2009); pp. 77-80
ABSTRACTS of papers presented at the 2009 Technical Meeting and of symposium winners at the 2008 Biochemistry Symposium Oklahoma State University
89 (2009); pp. 81-90
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89 (2009); p. 93-105