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Volume 7—1927

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Research and Industry
J. H. Cloud; 7 (1927); pp. 14-20
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The Academy and Oklahoma's Future
Bradford Knapp; 7 (1927); pp. 21-23
BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES |Presidential Address |Address | Geological Sciences |Physical Sciences |Social Sciences |Home
An Annotated List of the Coprophagous Scarabaeidae Known to Occur in Oklahoma
W. J. Brown; 7 (1927); pp. 24-28
History of the Distribution of the Mexican Cotton Boll Weevil in Oklahoma
G. A. Bieberdorf; 7 (1927); pp. 29-34
The Relation of the Definite Ova to the Primordial Germ Cells of the Domestic Fowl
A. Richards and J. B. Goldsmith; 7 (1927); pp. 35-39
A Microscopic Study of Beef Tissues
F. J. Beard; 7 (1927); pp. 40-42
Ciliates of the Stomach of the Sheep
R. O. Whitenton; 7 (1927); pp. 43-46
Weight Changes During Gestation and Lactation in Guinea Pigs
W. A. Craft; 7 (1927); pp. 47-51
Some Observations on the Characteristics of Swine Hair
W. A. Craft; 7 (1927); pp. 52-53
Correlation Studies Involving Factors that Influence the Quality of Fleece in the Rambouillet Sheep
A. E. Darlow and W. A. Craft; 7 (1927); pp. 54-56
The Bird Collection of the Okmulgee High School
Edith R. Force; 7 (1927); pp. 57-71
New Nesting Records in Cleveland County in 1925 and 1926
Margaret Morse Nice; 7 (1927); pp. 72-74
The Bird Life on a Forty Acre Tract in Central Oklahoma
Margaret Morse Nice; 7 (1927); pp. 75-93
Some Notes on Oklahoma County's Christmas Bird Censuses for 1925 and 1926
George B. Saunders; 7 (1927); pp. 94-98
Birds of Payne County
Geo. A. Moore; 7 (1927); pp. 98-102
A Biological Survey of Garfield County
J. Clifford Shirley; 7 (1927); pp. 103-104
Partial List of the Angiosperms of Garfield County
J. Clifford Shirley; 7 (1927); pp. 105-109*
*This paper was not listed in the original table of contents.
The Importance of Oklahoma's Wind-Borne Pollinated Plants from a Medical Standpoint, With Special Reference to Hay-Fever and Asthma
Ray M. Balyeat; 7 (1927); pp. 110-119
Lateral Bud Primordia in the Embryo of Gymnocladus dioica
J. N. Martin and H. I. Featherly; 7 (1927); pp. 120-122
Fairy Rings of Lepiota Morgan Pk. in Oklahoma
Robert Stratton; 7 (1927); pp. 123-127
Gyromitra brunnea, Underwood
Robert Stratton; 7 (1927); p. 128
May Water Loss from Plants be Reduced by Foliage Sprays?
Frank B. Cross; 7 (1927); pp. 129-131
The Use of Mercurochrome and Modified Mercurochrome as Biological Stains
Jess D. Herrmann, Westervelt Dennis and Dallas D. Dedrick; 7 (1927); pp. 132-133
Say's Chipmunk, -Eutamias Quadrivittatus Quadrivittatus in Cimmarron County
R. C. Tate and L. B. Nice; 7 (1927); p. 134
A Survey of the Water Molds Occuring in the Soils of North Carolina, Wisconsin and Oklahoma
J. V. Harvey; 7 (1927); p. 135
A New Species of Water Mold from Wisconsin
J. V. Harvey; 7 (1927); p. 136
Fish of the Ponds and Streams of Okmulgee County
Edith R. Force; 7 (1927); p. 137
GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES |Presidential Address | Address |Biological Sciences |Physical Sciences |Social Sciences |Home
A Preliminary Study of the Potential Fertility of Oklahoma Soils
Horace J. Harper and Henry F. Murphy; 7 (1927); pp. 138-148
Physiography in Relation to Past Climates
O. F. Evans; 7 (1927); pp. 149-151
Some Reasons for the Parallel Courses of Streams in Oklahoma
O. F. Evans; 7 (1927); pp. 152-154
Oklahoma's Mineral Production in 1925
John S. Redfield; 7 (1927); pp. 155-157
The Correlation of Coals in Oklahoma and Kansas
C. L. Cooper; 7 (1927); pp. 158-168
On the Origin of Certain Wide Veins
G. E. Anderson; 7 (1927); pp. 168-170
The Correlation of Rocks by Means of Microscopic Fossils
Charles E. Decker; 7 (1927); pp. 171-176
Fossil Vertebrate Fragments from the Permian from Morrison, Oklahoma
A. H. Koschmann; 7 (1927); p. 177
PHYSICAL SCIENCES |Presidential Address |Address |Biological Sciences | Geological Sciences |Social Sciences |Home
On the Concepts of Mass and Force
J. Rud Nielson; 7 (1927); pp. 178-181
The Occurrence and Destruction of Gossypol in Cotton Seed Products
Willis D. Gallup; 7 (1927); pp. 182-187
Some Factors Affecting the Composition of Roughage
R. B. Becker; 7 (1927); pp. 188-197
The Coalescence of an Unfilterable Precipitate of Barium Sulfate
H. M. Trimble; 7 (1927); p. 197
The Problem of Farm Electrification
Edwin Kurtz; 7 (1927); pp. 198-200
SOCIAL SCIENCES |Presidential Address |Address |Biological Sciences | Geological Sciences |Physical Sciences |Home
An Experimental Test of Intellectual Honesty
G. F. Miller; 7 (1927); pp. 201-205
Scholastic Achievements of Subnormal and Supernormal Freshmen
Herbert Patterson; 7 (1927); pp. 206-208
The Social Significance of Oklahoma Farm Tenant Moving
J. T. Sanders; 7 (1927); pp. 209-213
The Relation of the Social, Economic, and Educational Development of Farmers to Their Membership in Organizations
L. D. Howell; 7 (1927); pp. 213-218
Some Economic Conditions of Cotton Farmers in Oklahoma Which Affect Their Attitude Toward Cooperative Marketing
W. W. Fetrow; 7 (1927); pp. 219-223
The Growth of a Small Boy's Linguistic Interests
Sophie R. A. Court; 7 (1927); pp. 224-234
War as a Eugenic Factor
A. Richards; 7 (1927); pp. 234-240