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Associate Editor —Ralph F. Kampschmidt
Managing Editor —James Lovell
Assistant Editors —Harley P. Brown, George Odell, Maurice Rasmussen,
James G. Caster, Glenn W. Todd, Thomas Wilbanks, Otis C. Dermer,
John D. Naff
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Biological Sciences
Behavioral Components of Social Interactions in the Crayfish Procambarus gracilis (Bundy) (Decapoda: Cambaridae)
William Arthur Hayes II; 55 (1975); pp. 1-5
Pre-Natal Development of the Mouse Incisor
Michael A. Kerley; 55 (1975); pp. 6-10
Diatoms, Including Salt-Water Taxa, From Southwestern Oklahoma
Arthur R. Koch; 55 (1975); pp. 11-13
The Sandhill Crane in Oklahoma
James C. Lewis; 55 (1975); pp. 14-18
Distribution of Lead in the Upper Deep Fork River System of Oklahoma
Jimmie Pigg, Mark S. Coleman, and Bill Roach; 55 (1975); pp. 19-24
The Ecology of Honey Creek, Oklahoma: Spatial and Temporal Distributions of the Macroinvertebrates
William K. Reisen; 55 (1975); pp. 25-31
Effects of Barbiturate Administration on Ovulation and Mating in the Labratory Rat
Barbara Shirley; 55 (1975); pp. 32-37
The Distribution of Copper, Lead, and Zinc in the Sediment and Water of Lake Carl Blackwell
Michael Sias, and Jerry Wilhm; 55 (1975); pp. 38-41
Sociological Sciences
A Group Process and a Specification of Alienation Within a Traditional and a Splinter Group
Ralph Fagan and Richard Dodder; 55 (1975); pp. 42-47
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Notes on the Ecology and Occurrence of the Leech Mooreobdella microstoma (Erpobdellidae) in Tulsa County, Oklahoma
James F. Elder and Roy T. Sawyer; 55 (1975); p. 48
Resistance of Plant Cells to Cycloheximide
Stephen S. Fitter, Larry D. Hunt, and Johns S. Fletcher; 55 (1975); pp. 49-50
Blue Color Anomaly in an Oklahoma Crayfish (Decapoda: Cambaridae)
William Arthur Hayes II and Rollin D. Reimer; 55 (1975); p. 51
Occurrence of the Crayfish Cambarellus puer Hobbs (Decapoda: Cambaridae) in Southeastern Oklahoma
William Arthur Hayes II and Rollin D. Reimer; 55 (1975); p. 52
Notes on Oklahoma Reptiles
C. J. McCoy; 55 (1975); pp. 53-54
A New Locality Record for the Blue Sucker, Cycleptus elongatus (Le Sueur) in Oklahoma
J. Clifford Randolph and Hague L. Lindsay; 55 (1975); pp. 55-56
ARTICLES | Reports | Notes | John Teague Self | Academy Affairs | Home
Functional Aspects of the Notochordal Appendage of the Young-of-the-Year Gar (Lepisosteus)
Charles C. Carpenter; 55 (1975); pp. 57-64
A Qualitative Analysis of Courtship and Reproductive Behavior in the Anabantoid Fish Trichogaster pectoralis (Regan) (Pisces, Anabantoidei)
Henry W. Robison; 55 (1975); pp. 65-71
Solar Energy Farms
Karl H. Bergey; 55 (1975); pp. 72-78
Variational Approximation for the Structure of a Diffusion Flame
Maurice L. Rasmussen; 55 (1975); pp. 79-83
Champlin Refining Company V. Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma: A Case Study of Proration of Petroleum Production in Oklahoma
James G. Caster; 55 (1975); pp. 84-87
Economic Concentration in Agricultural Production and Marketing
Mahmoud M. Badr and Nadia H. Elsheikh; 55 (1975); pp. 88-90
Inflation: A Structural Problem
Nadia H. Elsheikh and Mahmoud M. Badr; 55 (1975); pp. 91-93
JOHN TEAGUE SELF | Reports | Notes | Academy Affairs | Home
Biographical Sketch
John Teague Self; 55 (1975); pp. 94-96
The Lipid Composition of Aspidogaster conchicola von Baer, 1826
Horace H. Bailey and Charles O. Rock; 55 (1975); pp. 97-100
Prevalence of Marshallagia marshalli (Orlov, 1933) in Wild Ruminants in Wyoming
R. C. Bergstrom; 55 (1975); pp. 101-102
Raillietina (Raillietina) Selfi Sp. N. (Cestoda: Davaineidae) from the Desert Cottontail in Oklahoma with Notes on the Distribution of Raillietina from North American Mammals
Henry N. Buscher; 55 (1975); pp. 103-107
Parasites of Vertebrates Inhabiting Prairie Dog Towns in Oklahoma, II. Helminths
Henry N. Buscher and Jack D. Tyler; 55 (1975); pp. 108-111
Helminth Population Dynamics in the Cotton Rat, Sigmodon hispidus
James R. Coggins and James S. McDaniel; 55 (1975); pp. 112-118
Efficacy of Levamisole (Tramisol®)1 in Drinking Water Against Some Nematodes of Chickens
L. R. Cruthers, G. H. Al-Khateeb, and M. F. Hansen; 55 (1975); pp. 119-121
Studies on the Population Biology of Proteocephalus ambloplitis (Cestoda) in the Smallmouth Bass
Gerald W. Esch. W. C. Johnson, and James R. Coggins; 55 (1975); pp. 122-127
Bulbous Cranium in a Dwarf Horse Skull
John Keever Greer and James N. Thompson, Jr.; 55 (1975); pp. 128-129
Differentiation of Herpetomonas megaseliae: Population and Physiological Changes
J. Janovy, Jr., P. M. Daggett, S. A. Knight, and J. Gunderson; 55 (1975); pp. 130-135
Ancient Egyptian Model for the Biological Control of Schistosomiasis
Arthur W. Jones; 55 (1975); pp. 136-142
Miscellaneous Mammals (Dasypus novemcinctus, Myocastor coypus, Procyon lotor, and Bassaricus astutus) as Host for Schistosoma haematobium (Iran)
Robert E. Kuntz, Jerry A. Moore, and Tao-Cheng Huang; 55 (1975); pp. 143-146
Host-Parasite Relationships and Immunology of Fasciola hepatica L. in Experimental Animals
Bruce Z. Lang; 55 (1975); pp. 147-149
Isospora herpestei n. sp. (Protozoa, Apicomplexa) and Other New Species of Isospora from Mongooses
Norman D. Levine, Virginia Ivens, and George R. Healy; 55 (1975); pp. 150-153
Trematodes from the Barred Owl, Strix varia in Texas: Brachylaima mcintoshi Harkema, 1939, and Neodiplostomum reflexum Chandler and Rausch, 1947
John W. Little and Sewell H. Hopkins; 55 (1975); pp. 154-156
Caryophyllid Cestode Research at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station, 1963-1966: A Summary
John S. Mackiewicz; 55 (1975); pp. 157-158
Aspects of the Occurrence of Aspidobothrid Parasites (Trematoda: Aspidobothrea) in Oklahoma Naiads (Pelecypoda: Unionidae)
Edward N. Nelson; 55 (1975); pp. 159-162
Nematode Parasites of Oceanica. Oesophagostomum (Conoweberia) selfi Sp. N., (Nematoda: Trichonematidae), from Rattus coxinga Swinhoe
Gerald D. Schmidt and Robert E. Kuntz; 55 (1975); pp. 163-165
Parasites of Vertebrates Inhabiting Prairie Dog Towns in Oklahoma I. Ectoparasites
Jack D. Tyler and Henry N. Buscher; 55 (1975); pp. 166-168
Studies on the Transmission of Helminth Ova by Cockroaches
Phillip L. Young and Bert B. Babero; 55 (1975); pp. 169-174
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