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Volume 54—1974

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Associate Editor —Florene C. Kelly
Managing Editor —James Lovell
Assistant Editors —Harley P. Brown, John D. Naff, George Odell,
James G. Caster, Glenn W. Todd, Otis C. Dermer, Ralph E. Olson,
H. Aldridge Gillespie, Edward A. Grula, Verdine Trout
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Biological Sciences
Macroscopic Structure of the Nutria Brain
Larry W. Dickerson and William J. Dobson; 54 (1974); pp. 1-7
Water Quality of Lake Thunderbird, June-November 1973
Ted J. Hillmer, Jr.; 54 (1974); pp. 8-11
Flight Speeds of the Cave Bat
Gustav A. Engbretson; 54 (1974); pp. 12-13
Species Composition and Relative Biomass of Algal Communities on Leaf Detritus in a Spring-Fed Stream
A. R. Koch and P. G. Risser; 54 (1974); pp. 14-19
Status of Prairie Dogs and Black-Footed Ferrets in Oklahoma
James C. Lewis and Frederick D. Hassien; 54 (1974); pp. 20-24
Preliminary Observations on Mourning Doves Wintering in Southwestern Oklahoma
John A. Morrison and James C. Lewis; 54 (1974); pp. 25-33
Effect of a Macrocyclic Diterpene from Tobacco on Tetrahymena pyriformis (GL)
Donald L. Perkins and Leon S. Ciereszko; 54 (1974); pp. 34-35
Environmental and Economical Impacts of Methods of Brush Control on Western Oklahoma Rangeland
James W. Richardson and Daniel D. Badger; 54 (1974); pp. 36-39
Effect of Paired Stimuli on Extinction of a Conditioned Avoidance Response
Larry D. Walker; 54 (1974); pp. 40-43
Clinical and Experimental Ocular Histoplasmosis
M. E. Woolsey, Marcel Binstock, and M. J. McDonald; 54 (1974); pp. 44-47
Physical Sciences
Solid-State Distribution Analysis Using the Electron Microprobe
Loyd V. Allen, Jr., Victor A. Yanchick, Melvin a. Milkov, and Dale D. Maness; 54 (1974); pp. 48-51
Thermographic Detection of Local Heating During Cyclic Loading
J. A. Charles, F. J. Appl, and J. E. Francis; 54 (1974); pp. 52-59
Role of Environmental Parameters in Urban Pollution Prediction Models
Jimmy F. Harp, Joakim G. Laguros, and George W. Reid; 54 (1974); pp. 60-61
Distribution of Copper, Lead, and Zinc in Selected Components of a Pond Ecosystem
Harold E. Namminga, Jerry E. Scott, and Starling L. Burks; 54 (1974); pp. 62-64
Determination of Ideal Gas Thermodynamic Property Relations by Multiproperty Analysis
Iraj Khajavi Noori and Kenneth E. Starling; 54 (1974); pp. 65-72
Computer Analysis for Data from Competitive Protein-Binding Assays
J. Thomas Pento, Jerome W. Walker, and Richard L. Estes; 54 (1974); pp. 73-79
Solubilization of Nonpolar Gases by Pharmaceutical Suspension Systems
Walter F. Stanaszek, Bernard Ecanow, and Robert S. Levinson; 54 (1974); pp. 80-82
Particle-Size Distribution of Ammonium Diuranate Precipitate
Timothy J. Steeper and John C. Zink; 54 (1974); pp. 83-87
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Notes on Plethodon ouachitae in Oklahoma
Jeffrey Howard Black; 54 (1974); pp. 88-89
Oklahoma Cicadidae (Homoptera)
W. A. Drew, F. L. Spangler, and D. Molnar; 54 (1974); pp. 90-97
Notes on Oklahoma Plants
George J. Goodman; 54 (1974); pp. 98-99
Classical Theories of Social Change
Lawrence McKee Hynson Jr.; 54 (1974); pp. 100-101
Superficial Third Eye of a Channel Catfish
Kenneth N. Randolph; 54 (1974); pp. 102-103
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Taxation of Pollution
Mahmoud M. Badr; 54 (1974); pp. 104-107
Trend Analysis of Marketing Patterns of Farm Products
Mahmoud M. Badr; 54 (1974); pp. 108-109
Energy Requirements and Impacts of Oil Shortage
Mahmoud M. Badr and Nadia Elsheikh; 54 (1974); pp. 110-112
Cities Services Gas Co. V. Peerless Oil & Gas Co.: A Case Study in State Regulation of Interstate Commerce
James G. Caster; 54 (1974); pp. 113-116
Procedure for Predicting the Distribution of Impurity in Heat-Treated Metals
Daniel R. Neskora, Kenneth E. Starling, and R. Craig Jerner; 54 (1974); pp. 117-120
Fishes in the Kiamichi River, Oklahoma
Jimmie Pigg and Loren G. Hill; 54 (1974); pp. 121-130
Evaluation of an Oklahoma Weather Modification Project
Emmett J. Pybus and William L. Hughes; 54 (1974); pp. 131-138
Threatened Fishes of Oklahoma
Hemry W. Robison, George A. Moore,and Rudolph J. Miller; 54 (1974); pp. 139-146
Oklahoma State Government Expenditures by Functional Categories, Fiscal 1973
Jack L. Robinson, Robert L. Sandmeyer, Ansel M. Sharp, and Larkin Warner; 54 (1974); pp. 147-155
Modern Methods of Equation of State Development
Kenneth E. Starling; 54 (1974); pp. 156-162
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Book Review
54 (1974); p. 163
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54 (1974); p. 163
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54 (1974); p. 164
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54 (1974); p. 165
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54 (1974); p. 167-168