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Volume 53—1973

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Associate Editor —Florene C. Kelly
Managing Editor —James Lovell
Assistant Editors —Harley P. Brown, John D. Naff, George Odell,
James G. Caster, Glenn W. Todd, Otis C. Dermer, Ralph E. Olson,
H. Aldridge Gillespie, Edward A. Grula, Verdine Trout
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Discovery of Fishes in Oklahoma (1852-1972)
George A. Moore; 53 (1973); pp. 1-26
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Biological Sciences
Effect of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate on Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase
Thomas D. Barela and Dennis W. Darnall; 53 (1973); pp. 27-32
A Checklist of the Cave Fauna of Oklahoma: Amphibia
Jeffrey Howard Black; 53 (1973); pp. 33-37
Evidence for a Central Cholinoceptive Component in Despotic Behavior in the Male Collared Lizard, Crotaphytus collaris
W. H. Gehrmann and Charles C. Carpenter; 53 (1973); pp. 38-40
Effectiveness and Commercial Potential of the Whip-Set Trammel Net in Various Oklahoma Reservoirs
Kim E. Erickson; 53 (1973); pp. 41-44
Incidence of Helminthiasis among the Oayana Indians of Surinam and French Guiana
Charles M. Fulger and Ana Acevedo; 53 (1973); pp. 45-47
Estimation of Black Bass, Micropterus Spp., Population in Eufaula Reservoir, Oklahoma with a Discussion of Techniques
Bobby B. Grinstead and Garland Wright; 53 (1973); pp. 48-52
Alpha-Glyceryl Ethers in Coelenterates
Mary E. Marsh and Leon S. Ciereszko; 53 (1973); pp. 53-56
Influence of Whole-Body Irradiation on Calcium Transport in Rat Small Intestine
J. Thomas Pento and Alexander D. Kenny; 53 (1973); pp. 57-60
B-Antigen Disparity as a Factor in Suppression of Antibody Formation in the Allogenic In Vivo System in Chickens
Frank Seto; 53 (1973); pp. 61-64
Stream Fishes in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
John R. Schenck and Arthur L. Smith; 53 (1973); pp. 65-68
Effect of Puccinia recondita F. sp. tritici on Winter Wheat Forage
Ervin Williams, Jr., and H. C. Young, Jr.; 53 (1973); pp. 69-72
Physical Sciences
Phosphonomycin Analogs: Synthesis of Diethyl Esters of cis- and trans-(2-Methyl-3-Aziridinyl) Phosphates and Derivatives from Phenyl Isocyanate
K. Darrell Berlin and S. Rengaraju; 53 (1973); pp. 73-77
Chemical Profile Analysis of Type 316 Stainless Steel Sheet by Auger Spectroscopy
G. J. Barnes, A. W. Aldag, and R. C. Jerner; 53 (1973); pp. 78-80
Oxidation of a Hafnium Diboride-based Composite
Martin C. Jischke; 53 (1973); pp. 81-87
Periodic Flow Phenomena in Diffusers
Peter M. Moretti; 53 (1973); pp. 88-89
Synthesis of L-Methionine-13CH3S
Mani Thomas, Don L. Morris, Theodore E. Snider, Elizabeth A. Mawdesley, George X. Thyvelikakath, and K. Darrell Berlin; 53 (1973); pp. 90-91
Mass Spectra of Lycoctonine-type Diterpenoid Alkaloids from Delphinium ajacis and Their Derivatives
G. R. Waller, S. D. Sastry, and K. F. Kinneberg; 53 (1973); pp. 92-97
Social Sciences
Interrelationships of Agricultural Pesticide Restrictions, Environmental Quality, and Costs to Society
James W. Richardson; 53 (1973); pp. 98-99
An Aggregate Agricultural Production Function for the U.S.A. in 1965-1969
James W. Richardson; 53 (1973); pp. 100-101
Weighting of Critical Socio-Economic and Physical Factors in Natural Resource Management
Stephen C. Sheppard, Philip L. Cline, and A. Maureen O'Brien; 53 (1973); pp. 102-105
NOTES | Review | Reports | Articles | Academy Affairs | Home
Walkingsticks (Orthoptera: Phasmatidae) of Oklahoma
Don C. Arnold; 53 (1973); pp. 106-108
Observations on a Nutria (Myocaster coypus) Population in Southeastern Oklahoma
Alex G. Dolgos and Gary A. Earls; 53 (1973); pp. 109-110
Occurrence of the Crawfish Orconectes nana macrus Williams (Decapoda, Astacidae) in Oklahoma
William A. Hayes, II; 53 (1973); p. 111
Accidental Contamination with Brown Spider Venom
Kenneth N. Pinkston, D. E. Howell, and G. V. Odell; 53 (1973); pp. 112-113
The Genus Hemicarpha (Cyperaceae) in Oklahoma
Cheryl Ann Lawson; 53 (1973); pp. 114-117
ARTICLES | Review | Reports | Notes | Academy Affairs | Home
Interfacial Shear-stress Distribution at a Finite-Length Fiber Subjected to an Arbitrary Plane-stress Field
Charles W. Bert; 53 (1973); pp. 118-120
Detecting Fatigue Cracks with Acoustic Emission
J. R. Mitchell, D. M. Egle, and F. J. Appl; 53 (1973); pp. 121-126
Siltation in Impoundments
Joakim G. Laguros and Jimmy F. Harp; 53 (1973); pp. 127-129
West v. Kansas Natural Gas Company: Oklahoma's Experiment in Commercial Provincialism
James G. Caster; 53 (1973); pp. 130-133
Sociology of Knowledge and its Application for the Social Sciences
Lawrence McKee Hynson, Jr.; 53 (1973); pp. 134-135
Senator Albert B. Fall and the Treaty of Versailles
Davis D. Joyce; 53 (1973); pp. 136-144
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53 (1973); p. 145
Financial Statement
53 (1973); p. 146
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53 (1973); p. 147-148