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Volume 51—1971

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Managing Editor —J. Teague Self
Assistant Editors —Harley P. Brown, John D. Naff, George Odell,
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Biological Sciences
Additions to the Known Fish Fauna of the Main Body of Lake Texoma
Anthony A. Echelle, William L. Shelton, and Charles A. Taber; 51 (1971); pp. 1-2
Diurnal Periodicity of Activities in the Plains Killfish, Fundulus zebrinus kansae
Anthony A. Echelle, Michael M. Stevenson, Alice F. Echelle, and Loren G. Hill; 51 (1971); pp. 3-7
Effects of Pugheadedness on Growth and Survival of Striped Bass, Morone saxatilis (Walbaum), Introduced into Canton Reservoir, Oklahoma
Bobby G. Grinstead; 51 (1971); pp. 8-12
Scale Development and Patterns of Squamation on the Spring Cavefish, Chologaster agassizi (Amblyopsidae)
Loren G. Hill; 51 (1971); pp. 13-14
Fecundity, Age and Growth, and Condition of Channel Catfish in an Oklahoma Reservoir
Ambrose Jearld, Jr. and Bradford E. Brown; 51 (1971); pp. 15-22
Oklahoma Commercial Fisheries Harvest Summary 1961-1969
Gary C. Mensinger; 51 (1971); pp. 23-28
An Occurrence of Threadfin Shad, Dorosoma petenense, in the Arkansas River of Oklahoma
Gary C. Mensinger; 51 (1971); p. 29
Some Observations on the Limnology of a Pond Receiving Animal Wastes
Dale W. Toetz; 51 (1971); pp. 30-35
Condition Factors and Length-Weight Relationships of the Flathead Catfish, Pylodictis olivaris (Rafinesque), in Lake Carl Blackwell
Paul R. Turner and Robert C. Summerfelt; 51 (1971); pp. 36-40
Preliminary Studies on the Effects of Deficiency in Potassium or Magnesium on Concentration of Chlorogenic Acid and Scopolin in Tobacco
G. M. Armstrong, L. M. Rohrbaugh, E. L. Rice, and S. H. Wender; 51 (1971); pp. 41-43
Flowering and Pollen Sterility Responses of Peanut Plants to Foliar Applications of Maleic Hydrazide
Donald J. Banks; 51 (1971); pp. 44-46
Effects of Water Sources and Fertilizers on Peanut Plants in the Greenhouse
Donald J. Banks and Billy G. Jordan; 51 (1971); pp. 47-50
Endosperm Studies in Peanuts
James Michael Kubicek and Donald J. Banks; 51 (1971); p. 51
Translocation of Stem-Injected Glucose-3H and Sucrose-14C in Bean Seedlings as Affected by 2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Treatment
John W. Long, Eddie Basler and Sandra Reisback; 51 (1971); pp. 52-55
Cytological Study of Hybrids of Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers.
S. P. Sengupta and D. E. Weibel; 51 (1971); pp. 56-60
Fine Structure of the Pollen of Anthemis nobilis L. (Anthemideae-Compositae)
John J. Skvarla and B. L. Turner; 51 (1971); pp. 61-62
Fractionation of Oligosaccharides by Polyacrylamide Gel Filtration
Patrick E. Guire; 51 (1971); pp. 63-65
Observations on the Ecology of the Burrowing Owls in Western Oklahoma. A Preliminary Report
Kenneth O. Butts; 51 (1971); pp. 66-74
Cyclophosphamide-induced Immunologic Deficiency in Immature Chickens
F. Seto, J. D. Riddle, and W. G. Henderson; 51 (1971); pp. 75-78
Chromosomes of Oklahoma Mammals. I. Three Species of Squirrels
James N. Thompson, Jr.; 51 (1971); pp. 79-80
Social Sciences
Stillwater Voting Patterns: Spatial and Temporal Dimensions
George Carney and Reid Holland; 51 (1971); pp. 81-83
Socio-Economic Impact of Recent Water Quality Legislation on Confined Animal Feeding Operators
George R. Cross, Ron E. Shaffer, and Daniel D. Badger; 51 (1971); pp. 84-85
An Examination of the Location Behavior of Eastern Oklahoma High School Graduates
David Holland and Luther Tweeten; 51 (1971); pp. 86-87
Trends, Levels and Demands for Public Assistance Funds
Neal Walker and Luther Tweenten; 51 (1971); pp. 88-89
Preliminary Analysis of Factors Explaining Achievement in Oklahoma Elementary and Secondary Education
Fred White, Y. C. Lu, and Luther Tweeten; 51 (1971); pp. 90-92
Physical Sciences
Origin of "Slickspot" Soils of North Central Oklahoma. A Preliminary Report
Daryoush Bakhtar and Fenton Gray; 51 (1971); pp. 93-96
Neutrons as an Energy Source for the Solar Corona
Jafar Hashemi and R. G. Fowler; 51 (1971); pp. 97-99
Electrical Resistivity and Structure of Glasses in the xK2O•(1-x)Na2OזSiO2 System
W. E. Martinsen and T. D. McGee; 51 (1971); pp. 100-101
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Iris brevicaulis Raf. in Oklahoma
Albert P. Blair; 51 (1971); p. 102
Two More Treehoppers (Homoptera, Membracidae) at Black Light, Including a New Species Record for Oklahoma
Clifford J. Dennis; 51 (1971); p. 103
Notes on Oklahoma Plants
Jack W. Stanford; 51 (1971); pp. 104
An Inexpensive Instrument Enclosure for Outdoor Data Collection
J. Curtis Jahoda; 51 (1971); pp. 105
ARTICLES Reports | Notes | Academy Affairs | Home
Biological and Ethnological Observations on the Cofán, Secoya, and Awishiri Indians of Eastern Tropical Ecuador
Charles M. Fugler and Wallace L. Swanson; 51 (1971); pp. 106-119
African Wildlife vs. People, Politics, and Plans
Gorden Matzke; 51 (1971); pp. 120-126
Alexander Fedorovich Kerensky
Virgil D. Medlin; 51 (1971); pp. 127-130
The Danish-German War of 1864 and British Politics
Warren B. Morris, Jr.; 51 (1971); pp. 131-135
Management of Water in Oklahoma
Ralph E. Olson; 51 (1971); pp. 136-139
Consumer Spending in American Cities: A Spatial Examination
John F. Rooney, Jr. and Richard D. Hecock; 51 (1971); pp. 140-145
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