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Volume 50—1970

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Associate Editor —Florene C. Kelly
Managing Editor —J. Teague Self
Assistant Editors —Harley P. Brown, Edward A. Grula, James G. Caster,
M. Abdel-Hady, Otis C. Dermer, John D. Naff, Robert V. Garner,
Verdine Trout, Bryan P. Glass, George Waller, U. T. Waterfall
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Physical Sciences
Casting Mold Influence on Concrete Strength
Luke M. Snell and Aldridge Gillespie; 50 (1970); pp. 1-4
Streamflow Simulation Techniques
Richard N. Devries; 50 (1970); pp. 5-9
Subsurface Drainage Mapping by Airborne Infrared Imagery Techniques
M. Abdel-Hardy, M. A. Abdel-Hafez and Harlan H. Karbs; 50 (1970); pp. 10-18
A Remote On-Line Analog Data Acquisition-Digital Processing System for a Low Resolution Combination Mass Spectrometer-Gas Chromatograph
G. R. Waller, H-Y. Li, K. Kinneberg, R. Saunders, D. Simpson and L. Mills; 50 (1970); pp. 19-26
Design and Evaluation of an Active Vibration Absorber
L. S. Hatcher, Jr. and D. M. Egle; 50 (1970); pp. 27-36
Dense Fluid Viscosity. A Generalization from Molecular Theory
Charles J. Vadovic and Kenneth E. Starling; 50 (1970); pp. 37-39
Empirical Virial Equation: Use of Theoretical Temperature Dependence
B. H. Vernick and Kenneth E. Starling; 50 (1970); pp. 40-44
Biological Sciences
Antibody Production in Chick Embryo Hosts by Allogenic Donor Cells
Frank Seto; 50 (1970); pp. 45-48
A Comparison of Macroscopic and Microscopic Indicators of Pollution
James D. Gallup, James, M. Robertson, and Leale E. Streebin; 50 (1970); pp. 49-56
Aromatic Aldehydes in the Crossosomataceae
Sir Francis M. Cardillo and Paul E. Richardson; 50 (1970); pp. 57-60
Length-Weight Relationships, Age Composition, Growth and Condition Factors of Carp in Lake Carl Blackwell
Paul E. Mauck and Robert C. Summerfelt; 50 (1970); pp. 61-68
Fish Population of the Stilling Basin below Canton Reservoir
Byron B. Moser and Don Hicks; 50 (1970); pp. 69-74
Resistance of the Plains Killfish Fundulus kansae (Cyprinodontidae) to Combined Stress of Temperature and Salinity
Loren G. Hill and Dale R. Carlson; 50 (1970); pp. 75-78
Food Habits of Young-of-the-Year Striped Bass, Roccus saxatilis (Walbaum), in Canton Reservoir
Richard Gomez; 50 (1970); pp. 79-83
Age and Growth of Walleye, Stizostedion vitreum vitreum (Mitchill), in Canton Reservoir, Oklahoma
Steven A. Lewis; 50 (1970); pp. 84-86
Distribution and Abundance of the Zooplankton of Canton Reservoir, Oklahoma
Joseph T. Yacovino; 50 (1970); pp. 87-90
Comparison of Creel Survey Statistics for Parties Using Different Types and Methods of Fishing in the Oklahoma State Lake Creel Survey
Bradford E. Brown; 50 (1970); pp. 91-97
Distribution of Calanoid Copepods (Calanoida, Copepoda) in Oklahoma
Andrew Robertson; 50 (1970); pp. 98-103
The Genus Tilia in Oklahoma
Cheryl A. Lawson; 50 (1970); pp. 104-105
Some Further Observations on Protein Fractions Isolated from Wheat Leaves Subjected to Moisture Stress
Glenn W. Todd, Patsy Vick and Sing-Dao Tsai; 50 (1970); pp. 106-109
Vertebrates in a Prairie Dog Town
Jack D. Tyler; 50 (1970); pp. 110-113
Social Sciences
A Geographic Analysis of Football Player Production in Oklahoma and Texas
John F. Rooney, Jr.; 50 (1970); pp. 114-120
Conservation Attitudes: The Spatial Dimension
Richard D. Hecock; 50 (1970); pp. 121-123
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Notes on Oklahoma Plants
George J. Goodman; 50 (1970); p. 124
The Nature Conservancy's First Oklahoma Preserve
Harriett G. Barclay; 50 (1970); p. 125
Western Distribution of Platanus occidentalis L. (Platanaceae) in Oklahoma
Robert Pearce; 50 (1970); p. 126
Unusual Forms of Boreal Toads Bufo boreas boreas (Amphibia: Bufonidae) in Glacier National Park, Montana
Jeffrey Howard Black;50 (1970); pp. 127-128
Theoretical Indices of Seasonal Isolation and Annual Heat Balance in Latitude 40° N During Eight 12-Year Suntide Cycles
Clyde J. Bollinger; 50 (1970); pp. 129-130
ARTICLES | Reports | Notes | Academy Affairs | Home
Consequences of a Six-Component Quark in SU (3) Space
D. S. Carlstone; 50 (1970); pp. 131-135
Space-Dependent Fast Reactor Stability
Dahsoong Yu; 50 (1970); pp. 136-139
New Fortran IV Programs for Electronic Data Processing of Geophysical and Water Quality Data in Hydrogeological Investigations
Douglas C. Kent; 50 (1970); pp. 140-144
An Atmosphere-Oriented Ecosystem Simulation Model
Amos Eddy and William Parton; 50 (1970); pp. 145-150
The Idea of an Inexhaustible Supply of Ground Water on the Texas High Plains: The Obstacle of a Myth to Water Conservation
Donald E. Green; 50 (1970); pp. 151-154
Petroleum Pollution Abatement
Sam F. Shakely; 50 (1970); pp. 155-158
Micro-Landscape Models in Geomorphic Instruction
James M. Goodman and David R. Harrow; 50 (1970); pp. 159-161
Catholicism and Bonapartism: Catholics and the Coup d' Etat of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte
Anita May; 50 (1970); pp. 162-164
Some Problems in Historical Research Relative to the Perez-Hezeta-Bodega Expeditions of 1774 and 1775
James G. Caster; 50 (1970); pp. 165-168
Disaster at Aboukir: Brueys' or Napoleon's Fault?
Virgil Medlin; 50 (1970); pp. 169-175
John Quincy Adams, Slavery and the Gag Rule
Jere W. Roberson; 50 (1970); pp. 176-180
The Crawford Faction and the Vice-Presidential Question in 1824: A Campaign Dilemma
William G. Morgan; 50 (1970); pp. 181-183
Economic Abuse of the Laity: A Primary Cause of the Reformation
Gary Graham; 50 (1970); pp. 184-186
Some Aspects of the Origins of the New Left
William B. Morris, Jr.; 50 (1970); pp. 187-190
A Brief Survey of American Political Extremism from Post World War I to 1960
John H. George; 50 (1970); pp. 191-194
Vanishing Variants of the Passing Scene?
Arthur H. Doerr; 50 (1970); pp. 195-196
Leadership in an Ad Hoc Catalytic Lobbying Association
Gibson Gray; 50 (1970); pp. 197-204
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