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Volume 40—1960

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Associate Editors —U. T. Waterfall, Harley P. Brown, J. Bennett Clark,
John D. Naff, George Gorin, Carl R. Oldroyd, Fred W. Allen,
Ralph W. Birchard, Bryan P. Glass
SECTION A, BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES | Section B, Geology | Section C, Physical Sciences |Section D, Social Sciences | Section E, Science Education |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation | In Memoriam |Home
Subsection Botany
The Willows of Oklahoma
Don Ahshapanek; 40 (1960); p. *
Distribution Records of Oklahoma Mosses
Charles D. Bird; 40 (1960); pp. 1-2
Comparative Embryology of Four Standard Varieties of Triticum vulgare
Elmer R. Brown; 40 (1960); p. *
Vegetational Succession in Subalpine Ponds in the Rockies
Paul Buck; 40 (1960); pp. 2-6
Interesting Plant Collections from Tulsa County, Oklahoma
Maxine B. Clark; 40 (1960); pp. 7-8
Notes on Oklahoma Plants
George J. Goodman; 40 (1960); pp. 8-9
The Life of Volvox aureus Ehrenberg
Imy V. Holt; 40 (1960); p. *
Cytohistological Studies of the Ovule and Anther Primordia, with Particular Emphasis on Mitotic Behavior in Triticum and Agropyron Hybrids
John P. Huckaby; 40 (1960); p. *
Sulfhydryls in Chromatin
Beal B. Hyde; 40 (1960); p. *
Limnobium, an Additional Genus to the Flora of Oklahoma
K. R. Langdon; 40 (1960); p. 9
Effects of Environment on Selected Morphological Characters in the Dichanthium annulatum Complex
K. L. Mehra, R. P. Celarier and J. R. Harlan; 40 (1960); pp. 10-14
Cyclic Plant Succession in the Tall Grass Prairie?
William T. Penfound; 40 (1960); p. *
Studies in the Composition and Distribution of the Oklahoma Flora - No. 25
U. T. Waterfall; 40 (1960); pp. 15-16
Some Ecological Aspects of Shinnery Oak in Western Oklahoma
Varley E. Wiedeman; 40 (1960); p. *
Subsection Zoology
Mammals Associated with Prehistoric People of Oklahoma
Don C. Ahshapanek and Robert D. Burns; 40 (1960); pp. 16-19
Some Preliminary Studies of "Stress" in the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox)
Russell Allen, L. G. Gumbreck, and M. R. Shetlar; 40 (1960); pp. 19-21
Spectrophotometric Evidence for Some Sequences of the Glycolytic Pathway in the Snail Physa gyrina
Calvin G. Beames, Jr.; 40 (1960); p. *
A Technique for Screening Chemicals to Determine their Repellency to Honey Bees
G. A. Bieberdorf; 40 (1960); pp. 22-24
The Recent Gastropoda of Oklahoma. Part II, Fresh Water Species, Distribution, Ecology and Taxonomy
Branley A. Branson; 40 (1960); p. *
Oklahoma Riffle Beetles (Coleoptera: Dryopoidea) II. Additional County Records
Harley P. Brown; 40 (1960); pp. 25-26
Ecology of the Mammals on an Island in the Canadian River in McClain County
Robert D. Burns and Gene W. Bowers; 40 (1960); p. *
Effects of Partial Labyrinthectomy of the Posterior Semicircular Canal in the Kangaroo Rat
Robert D. Burns, David W. Brown and Hollis K. Leathers; 40 (1960); p. *
Dominance Shifts in the Tree Lizards (Urosaurus ornatus)Physa gyrina
Charles C. Carpenter and Gene Grubitz, III; 40 (1960); p. *
Time-Motion Study of a Lizard
Charles C. Carpenter and Gene Grubitz, III; 40 (1960); p. *
Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of Oklahoma
B. J. Copeland; 40 (1960); p. *
Hormonal Involvement in the Molting Process of Ornithodorus turicata
Beverly L. Cox; 40 (1960); p. *
On the Food and Feeding Habits of the Catfish Schilbeodes exilis (Nelson) in Oklahoma
Milton R. Curd; 40 (1960); pp. 26-29
Preliminary Observations of Possible Chemical Factors in the Behavior of the Opossum
W. Marvin Davis; 40 (1960); p. *
Primary Productivity of Oklahoma Reservoirs and Ponds
Troy C. Dorris, B. J. Copeland, Don Emerson, Jeffrey Collins, and Jerry Wall; 40 (1960); p. *
The Acute Lethal Response of the Chick Embryo to X-Radiation
Richard A. Goff; 40 (1960); p. *
A Preliminary Report on the Invertebrate Animals of Wild Woman Cave
Richard C. Harrel; 40 (1960); pp. 29-34
New Records of Oklahoma Trichoptera
Robert Hoffman; 40 (1960); p. *
Observations on the Siphonoptera of Oklahoma
Cluff E. Hopla; 40 (1960); p. *
Respiration Rates in Planarians
Marie M. Jenkins; 40 (1960); p. 35-40
Mammalian Population Dynamics of a Grazed Prairie
James A. Jewell and Robert D. Burns; 40 (1960); p. *
Foods of Some Oklahoma Rodents in the Field
Thoma L. Linton and Robert D. Burns; 40 (1960); p. *
New County Records and Range Extensions for Oklahoma Reptiles
Clarence J. McCoy, Jr.; 40 (1960); p. 41-43
The Eubranchiopoda and Pericaridea of Oklahoma
Clarence J. McCoy, Jr. ; 40 (1960); p. *
Mammals of Oklahoma County
Carl J. Mitchell and Robert D. Burns; 40 (1960); p. *
The Demonstration of Sucrase, Maltase, and Lactase in Salivary Glands of Laboratory Rodents
Lorraine C. Peissner; 40 (1960); p. *
Further Observations on the Threadfin Shad, Signalosa petenensis, in Lake Texoma
Carl D. Riggs and George A. Moore; 40 (1960); p. *
Growth of Young Gar, Lepisosteus, in Aquaria
Carl D. Riggs and George A. Moore; 40 (1960); pp. 44-46
The Food of the Mississippi Silversides, Menidia audens in Lake Texoma
Richard P. Saunders and Carl D. Riggs; 40 (1960); p. *
The Nutritional Adequacy of the Diet of Young Indian Children of Oklahoma
Elizabeth K. Witter and Helen B. Burton; 40 (1960); pp. 47-52
Additional Records on Ectoparasitic Insects on Bats in Oklahoma
Victor H. Zeve; 40 (1960); pp. 52-56
Subsection Microbiology
Fat Bodies in Nocardia corrallina
Clifton Aldridge and J. B. Clark; 40 (1960); p. *
Fluorescent Antibody Studies with Rous Sarcoma Virus
Bernard A. Brown and L. Vernon Scott; 40 (1960); p. *
Studies on the Life Cycle of Nocardia corallina
Olen Brown and J. B. Clark; 40 (1960); pp. 56-58
The Effect of Certain Metabolic Inhibitors on the Sporulation Process of Clostridium roseum
R. E. Collier; 40 (1960); p. *
A Study of Variants of Nocardia corallina
George Counts and J. B. Clark; 40 (1960); pp. 58-59
The Glucose-6-Phosphate and Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Systems in Aerobacter aerogenes
Norman N. Durham; 59-60 (1960); p. 59-60
Photoprotection in Nocardia corallina
Janice Ely and J. B. Clark; 59-60 (1960); p. *
A Preliminary Study of Nocardia asteroides
Norman Goodman; 40 (1960); p. 60-61
Cell Division in a Species of Erwinia
E. A. Grula; 40 (1960); p. *
Studies on the Nutrition of Micrococcus lysodeikticus
E. A. Grula and Ester Chu; 40 (1960); p. *
The Bacterial Flora of Wood Exposed to Sea Water and Its Possible Relationship to Teredo Colonization
Virginia Harden; 40 (1960); p. *
Antagonistic Relationships Observed During the Oxidation of Aromatic Compounds By Microorganisms
J. S. Hubbard and Norman N. Durham; 40 (1960); p. *
Mixed populations of Staphylococcus aureus in individual patients and carriers
Auldon Hutton and Florence C. Kelly; 40 (1960); p. *
Experimental Herpes simplex Virus Infections in the Rabbit
Vester Lewis, Jr. and L. Vernon Scott; 40 (1960); p. *
Growth of Herpes simplex Virus In Vitro
Lona Souda and L. Vernon Scott; 40 (1960); p. *
Development of Phage Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus
Billy West, Florence C. Kelly and Charles A. Clough; 40 (1960); p. *
SECTION B, GEOLOGY | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section C, Physical Sciences |Section D, Social Sciences | Section E, Science Education |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation |In Memoriam |Home
Silurian-Devonian Unconformity in Northeastern Oklahoma
Thomas W. Amsden; 40 (1960); p. *
Why Streams Meander
Gladys E. Braden; 40 (1960); p. *
Some Relations Between Topography and Primary Structures in the Basic Rocks of the Raggedy Mountains, Southwestern Oklahoma
Hugh E. Hunter; 40 (1960); p. *
Aelurodon cf. mortifer (Cook), an Addition to the Pliocene Durham Local Fauna, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma
David B. Kitts; 40 (1960); p. *
Geology of Crystal Mountains, Arkansas
William D. Pitt; 40 (1960); p. *
SECTION C, PHYSICAL SCIENCES | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geology |Section D, Social Sciences | Section E, Science Education |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation |In Memoriam | Home
The Influence of Thyroxine and Estradiol Upon Reduced Diphosphopyridine Nucleotide Oxidation Mechanisms in Rat Uterus
Arley T. Bever, Carol M. Sokatch and J. Hill Anglin; 40 (1960); p. *
Determination of Sulfur in Proteins by the Schöniger Method
L. G. Butler and George Gorin; 40 (1960); p. *
Metabolism of 3-Hydroxyanthranilic Acid by Rat Kidney
R. H. Decker, R. J. Suhadolnik and L. M. Henderson; 40 (1960); p. *
Isolation of Crystalline Urease
George Gorin, M. F. Butler, J. H. Katyal and J. E. Buckley; 40 (1960); pp. 62-70
Exchange of Tritium Between Tritiated Water and the Alpha-Hydrogen Atoms of Malonic Acid
Ernest M. Hodnett and William R. Andrews; 40 (1960); pp. 71-73
Methylene Wagging and Twisting Fundamentals in Crystalline Polyethylene
R. F. Holland and J. Rud Nielsen; 40 (1960); p. *
The Inhibition of the Synthesis In Vitro of Ascorbic Acid in Vitamin E Deficiency
Abbas Kitabchi, Rauwell Caputto, Mary P. Carpenter, Robert H. Feinberg, Paul B. McCay and R. E. Trucco; 40 (1960); p. *
Vibrational Spectra of 1,2-Difluoroethane
P. Klaboe and J. Rud Nielsen; 40 (1960); p. *
Evidence Concerning the Intermediate Steps in Photophosphorylation
Yeong Shienh Lin, Marilyn Turner and Arthur R. Schultz; 40 (1960); p. *
Paramagnetism of Vanadium Crystals
C. R. Quade; 40 (1960); p. *
A Senior Experiment on Thermal Conductivity
R. J. Russell and E. E. Kohnke; 40 (1960); pp. 74-80
Use of the Metabolite Overloading Technique in Studying Tryptophan Metabolism
D. C. Saunders, F. R. Leach and L. M. Henderson; 40 (1960); p. *
Distribution of Carbon-14 in Organic Compounds Labeled with Carbon-14 Dioxide in an Electric Field
R. J. Suhadolnik; 40 (1960); p. *
The Conversion of Various µ-Methoxy and µ-Acetoxy Ketones to Saturated Ketones Using Calcium in Liquid Ammonia
Leon H. Zalkow and Carl Djerassi; 40 (1960); p. *
SECTION D, SOCIAL SCIENCES | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geology |Section C, Physical Sciences | Section E, Science Education |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation | In Memoriam |Home
An Exploratory Study of Remedial Mathematics
Roy Gladstone, Roy Deal and John E. Drevdhal; 40 (1960); pp. 81-85
The Relationship Between Self-Concept and Others-Concept in Mental Retardates with I.Q.'s Between 50 and 75
Roy Gladstone, and R. O. McAfee; 40 (1960); pp. 85-88
The De Mundo Nostro Sublunari of William Gilbert
Sister Suzanne Kelley, O.S.B.; 40 (1960); pp. 88-91
An Attempt to Employ Electroconvulsive Shock as an Unconditioned Stimulus in a Classical Conditioning Experiment
Neil D. Kent, William Hawkins and William Sharpe; 40 (1960); pp. 91-93
Ceramic Typologies in the Valley of Mexico
William J. Mayer-Oakes; 40 (1960); pp. 93-98
Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Company
Ruth H. McCoy; 40 (1960); p. *
Werner's Influence on American Geology
Alexander M. Ospovat; 40 (1960); pp. 98-103
James Hutton: Uniformitarianism Versus Evolution
Leroy E. Page; 40 (1960); pp. 103-105
Stephen Gray
Duane D. H. Roller; 40 (1960); p. *
A Medieval Treatise on Graphing
Thomas M. Smith; 40 (1960); pp. 106-108
SECTION E, SCIENCE EDUCATION | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geology |Section C, Physical Sciences | Section D, Social Sciences |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation | In Memoriam | Home
Subject Matter Preparation of Oklahoma Teachers of Chemistry and Physics
H. H. Bliss; 40 (1960); pp. 109-115
Experiments with Euglena
R. L. Brandenburg; 40 (1960); p. *
Student Report on an Electricity and Radio Course Taught at the Professional Level
Stanley N. Burris and J. Stephen DeCanio; 40 (1960); p. *
Science Improvement Through Research Participation
O. K. Crosser; 40 (1960); p. *
The Junior Academy of Science - Program and Prospects
R. C. Fite; 40 (1960); p. *
What the Traveling Science Teacher Program has to Offer
R. C. Fite; 40 (1960); p. *
Student Report on the College Mathematics Course
Linda Gayle Goodner, Willim Bruce Payne and C. Byrne Hatfield; 40 (1960); p. *
Coordination of Class Projects, Science Fair Exhibits, and Junior Academy Reports
Myra Baldwin Lamb; 40 (1960); p. *
Musings about Museums
William J. Mayer-Oakes; 40 (1960); p. 116-119
Student Report on the Chemistry Courses in a Study-In-Depth Summer Program for Selected High School Students
Linda Beth Smith, Andy Reese, J. Thomas Renfrow, Don Gibbs and William Stovall; 40 (1960); p. *
SECTION F, GEOGRAPHY | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geology |Section C, Physical Sciences | Section D, Social Sciences |Section E, Science Education | Section G, Conservation |In Memoriam |Home
Military Recruiting Patterns in Oklahoma
David A. Beckner; 40 (1960); p. *
Urban Places of the Central African Copper Belt
Ralph E. Birchard; 40 (1960); p. *
Cultural Relationships to Coastline Form in the Caribbean
Arthur H. Doerr; 40 (1960); p. *
The Trinidad Valley: An Example of Mid-Latitude Horticulture in the Tropics
Arthur H. Doerr; 40 (1960); p. *
Rainfall Regimes in Oklahoma
Joseph R. Castelli; 40 (1960); p. *
Mount Rainier National Park: A Study in Recreational Use of Wild Lands
Arthur D. Earick; 40 (1960); p. *
Methods of Studying Ribbon Development in Urban Areas
Ronald R. Friedman; 40 (1960); p. *
The Distribution of Indians in Oklahoma
John W. Morris; 40 (1960); p. *
Oklahoma City: The New Land Rush
Kenneth L. Morris; 40 (1960); p. *
Source Materials for the Study of Oklahoma's Climate
Ralph E. Olson; 40 (1960); p. *
Differentials in Size, Numbers and Spacing of Market-Oriented Production Elements: A Tertiary Sector Example
James H. Stine; 40 (1960); p. *
Elizabethan London: A Study in Historical Geography
Stephen M. M. Sutherland; 40 (1960); p. *
SECTION G, CONSERVATION | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geology |Section C, Physical Sciences | Section D, Social Sciences |Section E, Science Education | Section F, Geography | In Memoriam | Home
Notes on Wintering Populations of the American Bald Eagle on the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
Arthur F. Halloran; 40 (1960); pp. 120-121
The Effect of Homing on Channel Catfish Population Estimates in Large Reservoirs
Alfred Houser; 40 (1960); pp. 121-133
The Life-Form Concept Applied to Prairie Chicken Habitat in Oklahoma
Robert E. Jones; 40 (1960); pp. 134-136
Fish Populations of Four Ponds and Two Lakes Two Years After Rehabilitation by Rotenone Treatment
O'Reilly Sandoz; 40 (1960); pp. 137-143**
Suggestions for Conducting Pre-Impoundment Fishery Surveys
O'Reilly Sandoz; 40 (1960); pp. 144-147
Notes Regarding Population in the Cotton Rat (Sigmodon hispidus)
A. M. Stebler; 40 (1960); p. *
A Two-Year Summary of Commercial Fishery Catches in Oklahoma
George H. Wallen; 40 (1960); p. *
A Record of Hawks and Owls Trapped at the Oklahoma State Game Farm
G. B. Wint; 40 (1960); pp. 148-150
A Record of Hybridism: Bobwhite X Scale Quail
G. B. Wint; 40 (1960); pp. 151-152
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William E. Baker; 40 (1960); p. 153
Robert P. Celarier; 40 (1960); p. 154
Otis King; 40 (1960); p. 154-155
* Papers not published in this volume
** Submitted for publication in December, 1958