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Volume 4—1924

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Dr. Lowery Lamon Lewis
C. E. Sanborn; 4 (1924); p. 13-16
An Apterous Mutation in Bruchus
J. K. Breitenbecher; 4 (1924); p. 17
The Heredity Differences in the Number of Eggs Obtained from the White and Red Allelomorphs in Bruchus
J. K. Breitenbecher; 4 (1924); p. 17
Abnormal Sex Ratios and Normal Sex Ratios in Bruchus
J. K. Breitenbecher and Geo. H. Pritchard; 4 (1924); pp. 17-18
The Viscid Substance Covering the Leaves and Stem of Martynia
A. C. Shead; 4 (1924); p. 18
Life History Notes- Scaphiopus- the Spadefoot Toad
A. I. Ortenburger; 4 (1924); pp. 19-20
The Action of Adrenalin Chloride on the Respiratory Center
L. B. Nice and Alma J. Neill; 4 (1924); pp. 20-21
The Taeniatus Group of Whipsnakes
A. I. Ortenburger; 4 (1924); p. 21
Notes on the Gila Monster (abstract)
Roberta Deam Ortenbuger; 4 (1924); p. 22
The Effect of Certain Bases on the Action of Enzymes
Harold Hulpieu; 4 (1924); pp. 22-26
Regeneration of the Anal Fin of Xiphophorus helleri
J. M. Essenburg; 4 (1924); pp. 26-28
A List of Woodpeckers Found in Oklahoma Prior to 1924
E. D. Crabb; 4 (1924); pp. 28-29
A White Crow
R. O. Whitenton; 4 (1924); pp. 29-30
Some Observations on the Extension in Range of Certain Birds in the Oklahoma Panhandle
R. C. Tate; 4 (1924); pp. 30-33
Favorite Foods of Some Oklahoma Birds
R. C. Tate; 4 (1924); pp. 33-35
The Preservation of Wildlife
L. A. Turley; 4 (1924); pp. 35-42
The Weight of an Adult "Coyote"
E. D. Crabb; 4 (1924); p. 43
The Fresh-Water Mussel Fauna of Eastern Oklahoma
F. B. Isely; 4 (1924); pp. 43-118
Pre-Paleozoic Topography of Oklahoma (Abstract)
V. E. Monnett; 4 (1924); p. 119
Note on Permanent Labels for Thin Rock Sections Mounted on Glass Slides
A. C. Shead; 4 (1924); p. 120
A Summary of Oil Production in Oklahoma by Years
Bess Mills-Bullard; 4 (1924); pp. 121- 123
A Preliminary List Giving the Distribution of Proboscidia in Oklahoma
Charles E. Decker; 4 (1924); pp. 123-124
The Occurrence of Bison occidentalis in Oklahoma
E. D. Crabb; 4 (1924); p. 124
On the Intensity of Sound
J. H. Cloud; 4 (1924); pp. 125-128
The Calibration of a Wave-Meter for Very Short Wave-Lengths
E. B. Ferrell; 4 (1924); pp. 128-134
Qualitative Illustrations of Some Astronomical Phenomena
Oscar Ingold; 4 (1924); pp. 134-135
A Proposed Course in Laboratory Physics for Oklahoma High Schools
Duane E. Roller; 4 (1924); pp. 136-138
An Experiment in Curriculum Construction
Ellsworth Collings; 4 (1924); pp. 139-143
Some Correlation Between Mental Ability, and Age and Grades for College Freshmen
S. L. Reed; 4 (1924); pp. 143-146
The Speech Developement of a Little Girl
Margaret Morse Nice; 4 (1924); pp. 147-168
Executive Responsibility in Oklahoma
Miriam E. Oatman-Blachly; 4 (1924); pp. 169-172