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Volume 39—1959

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Associate Editors —U. T. Waterfall, Harley P. Brown, J. Bennett Clark,
John D. Naff, George Gorin, Carl R. Oldroyd, Fred W. Allen,
Ralph W. Birchard, Bryan P. Glass
SECTION A, BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES | Section B, Geology | Section C, Physical Sciences |Section E, Science Education |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation | In Memoriam |Home
Subsection Botany
On the Fungal Flora of Iraqi Soil: II. Central Area
Yousef Al-Doory; 39 (1959); p. *
The Effects of Gibberellic Acid on the Translocation, Metabolism and Toxicity of 2,4-d in Bean Plants
Eddie Basler; 39 (1959); p. *
Identification of a Substituted Chromosome Pair in a Triticum-Agropyron Line
J. S. Bakshi and A. M. Schlehuber; 39 (1959); pp. 16-21
A Technique for Determining Relative Abundance and Distribution of Aquatic Plants
Charles D. Bird; 39 (1959); p. 5
Desynapsis in the Andropogoneae
Robert P. Celarier and K. L. Mehra; 39 (1959); p. *
Genetics of Green-Bug Resistance in Wheat
B. C. Curtis; 39 (1959); p. *
Notes on Oklahoma Plants
George J. Goodman; 39 (1959); p. 1
The Occurrence of Persimmon and Buckeye in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
Arthur F. Halloran; 39 (1959); p. 4-5
The Nature of the Upland Forests of Oklahoma
William T. Penfound and Elroy L. Rice; 39 (1959); p. *
Retrogression and Succession in Tall-Grass Prairie
William T. Penfound and Elroy L. Rice; 39 (1959); p. *
The Microclimate of Devils Canyon in Canadian County, Oklahoma
Elroy L. Rice; 39 (1959); p. *
Some Effects of Plant Regulators on Metabolism in Plants
Lawrence M. Rohrbaugh; 39 (1959); p.*
Progress in Wheat-Grass Breeding
A. M. Schlehuber and E. E. Sebesta; 39 (1959); pp. 6-16
Studies in the Composition and Distribution of the Oklahoma Flora--No. 24
U. T. Waterfall; 39 (1959); pp. 1-3
Subsection Zoology
Summer Food of the Goldeye Hiodon alosoides
John E. Barnett and Carl D. Riggs; 39 (1959); p. *
Age and Growth of the River Carpsucker, Carpiodes carpio Rafinesque of Lake Texoma
J. Carl Bass and Carl D. Riggs; 39 (1959); pp. 50-69
Notes on Control of the Nantucket Pine Moth Rhyacionia frustrana (Comstock)
G. A. Bieberdorf; 39 (1959); pp. 38-39
Variation in Mouth Parts of Tadpoles of Scaphiopus bombifrons Cope
William N. Bragg and Arthur N. Bragg; 39 (1959); p. *
Further Additions to the Known Spider Fauna of Oklahoma
Branley A. Branson; 39 (1959); pp. 49-50
The Recent Gastropoda of Oklahoma. Part I. Historical Review, General Comments and Higher Taxonomic Categories
Branley A. Branson; 39 (1959); pp. 21-37
Opportunities for Animal Behavior Research in Oklahoma
Charles C. Carpenter; 39 (1959); pp. 87-98
Push-Up Behavior in Some Iguanid Lizards
Charles C. Carpenter; 39 (1959); p. *
Social Dominance in a Lizard
Charles C. Carpenter; 39 (1959); p. *
The Morphology of Abnormal Lateral-Line Canals in the Centrarchid Fish Lepomis humilis (Girard)
Milton R. Curd; 39 (1959); pp. 70-75
The Taxonomic Position of an Asiatic Species of Otus (Aves: Strigiformes) as Indicated by the Mallophaga
Robert E. Elbel; 39 (1959); pp. 76-78
Recovery of Rabies Virus from the Mexican Freetail Bat in Oklahoma
Bryan P. Glass; 39 (1959); pp. 83-84
Evaluation of Certain Chemicals as Bird Repellents, a Preliminary Report
Daude N. Griffen and F. M. Baumgarter; 39 (1959); pp. 78-82
A Roosting Aggregation of the Blue Mud-Dauber, Chalybion coeruleum
Harold M. Hefley; 39 (1959); pp. 39-40
Hibernal Notes on Cattle Dung Microseres
W. E. Johnson, Jr.; 39 (1959); p. 40
Studies on the Effects of a Synthetic Estrogen on Chick Embryos
Howard A. Kivett; 39 (1959); pp. 84-85
Further Range Extension by Menidia audens in Oklahoma
Carl D. Riggs and George A. Moore; 39 (1959); p. *
The Spawning Behavior of Gars (Lepisosteus)
Carl D. Riggs and Virgil E. Dowell; 39 (1959); p. *
Seasonal Arthropod Societies in Two Overgrazed Short-Grass Communities
Kurt F. Schaefer and Harold M. Hefley; 39 (1959); pp. 41-44
Biology and Seasonal Development of the Red-Necked Peanutworm, Stegasta bosqueella (Chambers) (Gelechiidae) Lepidoptera
R. R. Walton; 39 (1959); p. *
Notes on the Biology and Distribution of Trichobius in Northwest Oklahoma, (Diptera, Streblidae)
Victor H. Zeve; 39 (1959); pp. 44-49
Subsection Microbiology
Demonstration of Staphylococcal-Free Coagulase and Clumping Factor (Bound Coagulase) in Soft Agar
Samih Y. Alami and Florene C. Kelly; 39 (1959); p. *
Method for Identifying Intermediates in the Microbial Utilization of Steroids
Vincent Altieri and Norman N. Durham; 39 (1959); pp. 98-99
The Use of Fluorescent Microscopy in the Demonstration of Herpes Simplex Virus within Fetal Tissues of Rabbits
Joseph Z. Biegeleisen, Jr. and L. Vernon Scott; 39 (1959); p. *
Neoplasia in Baby Chick Following Inoculation of the Chick Embryo with Rous Sarcoma Virus
Bernard A. Brown and L. Vernon Scott; 39 (1959); p. *
Cultural Development in Nocardia corallina
Olen R. Brown and J. B. Clark; 39 (1959); p. *
The Nitrogen and Amino Acid Composition of Three Species of Anoplocephalid Cestodes: Moniezia expansa, Thysanosoma actinioides and Cittetaenia perplexa
James Wayne Campbell; 39 (1959); p. *
Effect of Various Substances on the Respiration of Histoplasma capsulatum
George C. Cozad, Howard W. Larsh and William R. Romig; 39 (1959); pp. 99-106
Induced Sensitivity to Irradiation Effects
Janice Frady and J. B. Clark; 39 (1959); p. *
Photoreactivation in Nocardia corallina
Norman L. Goodman and J. B. Clark; 39 (1959); p. *
Nutritional Control of Cell Division in a Species of Erwinia
E. A. Grula; 39 (1959); pp. 106-109
Observations on Relapsing Fever Organisms
Cluff E. Hopla; 39 (1959); p. *
Fluorescent Antibody Technics in Vital Diagnosis
Vester Lewis, Jr., L. Vernon Scott and Joseph Z. Biegeleisen, Jr.; 39 (1959); p. *
Unknown Growth Factors Required in the Nutrition of M. lysodeikticus
Kenneth Luk and E. A. Grula; 39 (1959); pp. 109-112
Succinoxidase System in Aerobacter aerogenes
Margie D. Perry and Norman N. Durham; 39 (1959); pp. 112-113
Free Amino Acid Analyses in Plerocercoid Larvae and Closely Associated Host Tissues
J. Teague Self and Fred A. Hopper; 39 (1959); p. *
Serological Studies with Herpes Simplex Virus Antigens
Lona Akins Souda, Vester Lewis, Jr., Francis G. Felton and L. Vernon Scott; 39 (1959); p. *
Variation of Staphylococcal Clumping Factor (Bound Coagulase) in Stored Cultures
Edith E. Steward and Florene C. Kelly; 39 (1959); p. *
Preliminary Studies on the Growth and Nutrition of Tritrichomonas augusta (Alexeieff)
Donald W. Twohy; 39 (1959); p. *
The Absorption of Carbohydrates and the Synthesis of Lipid in Hymenolepis diminuta
McWilson Warren and Jack W. Daugherty; 39 (1959); p. *
SECTION B, GEOLOGY | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section C, Physical Sciences |Section E, Science Education |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation | In Memoriam |Home
An Isopachous and Paleogeologic Study of Pre-Desmoinesian Rocks in Northwestern Oklahoma
M. E. Boler; 39 (1959); p. 114
Flow Around Bends in Stream Channels
Gladys Braden; 39 (1959); pp. 115-117
Problems in Geologic Mapping in Western Arkansas
William B. Brent; 39 (1959); pp. 118-119
Notes on Recent Observations of Tide Spring, Near Broadway, Virginia
W. B. Brent; 39 (1959); pp. 119-120
The Problem of the Welden, Sycamore and Lower Caney in the Eastern Arbuckle Mountains
Steve C. Champlin; 39 (1959); pp. 120-124
Comparison of Features of the Geology of the Earth and the Moon
P. A. Chenoweth; 39 (1959); p. *
Rhyolites of Oklahoma
R. Denison; 39 (1959); pp. 124-126
Pleistocene Geology of the South Canadian River
Robert O. Fay; 39 (1959); p. *
A Fifth Report on the Accumulation of Recent Alluvium in the Deep Fork of the North Canadian River Valley, in Lincoln County, Oklahoma
Horace J. Harper and L. W. Reed; 39 (1959); pp. 126-130
Pliocene Horses from McKee Ranch, Harper County, Oklahoma
David B. Kitts; 39 (1959); p. *
Some Relations of the Shape of Quartz Sand Grains to Their Crystallographic Orientation
E. L. Lucas; 39 (1959); pp. 130-133
Lithologic Basis for Correlation of Mississippian Rocks in the Subsurface between Kansas and Northcentral Oklahoma
R. H. McDuffie; 39 (1959); pp. 133-135
Geologic History of the Gnetales
L. R. Wilson; 39 (1959); p. *
SECTION C, PHYSICAL SCIENCES |Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geology |Section E, Science Education |Section F, Geography | Section G, Cnservation |In Memoriam |Home
Experimental Measurements of Optical Excitation Function
Charles J. Bronco; 39 (1959); p. *
Colorimetric Determination of Mercapto Compounds with Silver Dithizonate
J. E. Buckley, R. K. Kunke, J. M. Katyal and George Gorin; 39 (1959); p. *
Quantitative Electrolytic Reduction of Cystine to Cysteine
C. W. Clary and George Gorin; 39 (1959); p. *
Catalytic Reduction of the Enzymatic Oxidation Product of 3-Hydroxyanthranilic Acid
Richard H. Decker, L. M. Henderson and R. J. Suhadolnik; 39 (1959); p. *
Di-Metallic Polyphosphates Placed in Producing Zones of Oil Wells During Fracturing Minimize Scale Deposits
Aleck B. Featherston; 39 (1959); pp. 136-141
The in vivo Conversion of 3-Hydroxyanthranilic Acid to Acetate
R. K. Gholson and L. M. Henderson; 39 (1959); p. *
Synthesis of Sulfur-35 and Phosphorus-32 Labeled O-2-(Ethylthio) Ethyl O, O-Diethyl Phosphorothioate
Ernest M. Hodnett, Thomas E. Moore and John E. Lothers, Jr.; 39 (1959); pp. 141-142
Dichroism of Infrared Absorption Bands of Single Crystals of Long-Chain Normal Paraffins
R. F. Holland and J. Rud Nielsen; 39 (1959); p. *
Degradation of DL-Serine-1-C14 and DL-Serine-3-C14 by the Kuhn-Roth Method
Carl Kennedy and R. J. Suhadolnik; 39 (1959); p. *
Vibrational Spectra of Some Halogenated Ethanes
Peter Klaboe and J. Rud Nielsen; 39 (1959); p. *
Chromatographic Studies of the Physiological Porphyria of the Fox Squirrel
Delbert Lacefield and Earl G. Larsen; 39 (1959); p. *
An Attempt at Determining the Liquid-Junction Electromotive Force by Means of Contact Potential Measurements
Marvin M. Mueller; 39 (1959); p. *
A New Parallel Infrared Band of Oriented, Highly Crystalline Polyethylene
J. Rud Nielsen and R. F. Holland; 39 (1959); p. *
K-Meson Interactions in Nuclear Emulsions
Zack Osborne; 39 (1959); p. *
Dependence of Shock Velocity on Boundary Conditions in Plasma-Driven Shock Tubes
Drady Paxton and Herbert Hughes; 39 (1959); p. *
A Study of Line Intensities in the Spectrum of Procyon
Leon W. Schroeder; 39 (1959); p. *
Vitamin K in Phosphorylation
Arthur W. Schulz; 39 (1959); p. *
Light Scattering by Dislocations in Ionic Crystals
W. A. Sibley; 39 (1959); pp. 142-144
The Statistics of the Electrical Microfield in a Plasma
Otto Theimer; 39 (1959); p. *
Further Studies on the Biosynthesis of Gliotoxin
Jack Winstead and R. J. Suhadolnik; 39 (1959); p. *
SECTION E, SCIENCE EDUCATION | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geology |Section C, Physical Sciences |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation |In Memoriam | Home
Preliminary Report on Survey of Southwestern Oklahoma's High School Science Programs
F. W. Allen; 39 (1959); p. *
Comparative Salaries of Oklahoma and Non-Oklahoma Science Teachers
H. H. Bliss; 39 (1959); p. *
Coordinating Science Instruction within the System: Development of the Science Leader-Teacher
H. H. Bliss; 39 (1959); pp. 145-147
Film Depicting an Example of Coordination of Science Instruction within the System
H. H. Bliss; 39 (1959); p. *
Classroom-Tested Laboratory Techniques that Help in Achieving Problem-Solving Objectives in General Sciences
Vivla Johnson; 39 (1959); p. *
The Plans of Scientifically-Talented High School Girls in Oklahoma
M. W. Shackleford; 39 (1959); pp. 147-152
SECTION F, GEOGRAPHY |Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geology |Section C, Physical Sciences |Section E, Science Education | Section G, Conservation |In Memoriam |Home
The Field of Urban Geography
Ralph E. Birchard; 39 (1959); pp. 153-154
The Year Without a Summer
C. J. Bollinger; 39 (1959); pp. 155-159
The Philippines--an Example of Creeping Malthusianism?
Arthur H. Doerr; 39 (1959); pp. 160-162
Historical Geography--a Tool for Teaching and Research in Geography
Arthur D. Earick; 39 (1959); p. *
The Correlation Between a Natural Geographic Region and its Cultural Landscape--a Study: the North Canadian Watershed in Oklahoma
Ronald R. Friedman; 39 (1959); pp. 162-171
Geographic Criteria for Zoning
Robert Mayfield; 39 (1959); pp. *
Irrigation in Oklahoma
John W. Morris and Arthur H. Doerr; 39 (1959); p. *
The Status of Soil Mapping in Oklahoma
Ralph E. Olson; 39 (1959); pp. 171-176
Zonal and Sector Theories of Internal Urban Structure Applied to Tulsa
Kenneth Riley; 39 (1959); pp. 176-177
Geography and Behavioral Science, a Geographic Approach to the Study of Human Behavior
James H. Stine; 39 (1959); p. *
Shopping Center Parking Problems
Stephen M. Sutherland; 39 (1959); pp. 179-182
The Air Age in the Ethiopian Empire, 1955-56
Gordon Schilz; 39 (1959); pp. 177-178**
SECTION G, CONSERVATION |Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geology |Section C, Physical Sciences |Section E, Science Education | Section F, Geography |In Memoriam | Home
Notes on the Return of Tagged White Bass
Harry Bishop; 39 (1959); pp. 195-197
Commercial Fisheries Catch in Oklahoma, 1957
Ronald E. Elkin, Jr.; 39 (1959); pp. 183-190
Cotton Rats, Sigmodon hispidus, as Food of Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus
William R. Heard; 39 (1959); pp. 200-201
Stomach Contents of American Mergansers, Mergus merganser Linnaeus, Caught in Gill Nets Set in Lake Carl Blackwell, Oklahoma
William R. Heard and Milton R. Curd; 39 (1959); pp. 197-200
Fish Population Estimates in Crystal Kake, Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Alfred Houser; 39 (1959); pp. 191-195
Effects of Rodents and Rabbits on Estimates of Forage Disappearance
Clay Y. Mcculloch, Jr.; 39 (1959); pp. 202-204
Fish Populations of Five Southern Oklahoma Lakes Two Years after Rehabilitation
O'Reilly Sandoz; 39 (1959); p. *
A Proposed Santa Fe Trail National Area
A. M. Stebler; 39 (1959); pp. 204-214
National Wildlife Week in 1959: a Challenge to Conservationists and Educators
George M. Sutton; 39 (1959); p. *
A Record of Hawks and Owls Trapped at the State Game Farm
G. B. Wint; 39 (1959); p. *
A Record of Hybridism - Bobwhite X Scale Quail
G. B. Wint; 39 (1959); p. *
Tagging Game Birds for Field Identification
G. B. Wint; 39 (1959); p. *
IN MEMORIAM | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geology |Section C, Physical Sciences | Section E, Science Education | Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation | Home
Ralph Allen Brant; 39 (1959); p. 215-216
Charles E. Decker; 39 (1959); p. 216-217
Roy La Mont Ginter; 39 (1959); p. 217-218
William Schriever; 39 (1959); p. 218
* Papers not published in this volume
** Submitted for publication in December, 1957