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Volume 29—1948

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The Present Status of the Mental Health Problem
L. S. McLeod; 29 (1948); pp. 1-6
SECTION A, BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES | Section B, Geological Sciences | Section C, Physical Sciences | Section D, Social Sciences | President's Address | Home
A Preliminary Study of the Effects of Certain Insecticides Upon Wildlife in North Central Oklahoma
F. M. Baumgartner; 29 (1948); pp. 6-10
Parental Care in a Centipede
A. N. Bragg; 29 (1948); pp. 10-11
A Sexual Difference in Dermal Secretion in Spadefoot Toads
A. N. Bragg; 29 (1948); pp. 11-12
The Ascorbic Acid Content of East Texas Home Canned and Commercially Canned Tomatoes and Blackberries
M. J. Hawes and H. B. Burton; 29 (1948); pp. 12-15
Some Ecological Effects of Substances Produced by the Characeae
I. L. Ophel; 29 (1948); pp. 15-17
Asexual Reproduction in the Genus Basicladia, Hoffman and Tilden
D. V. Leake; 29 (1948); pp. 17-20
Notes on Oklahoma Plants
G. J. Goodman and U.T. Waterfall; 29 (1948); pp. 20-21
Notes on Oklahoma Flora
G. T. Robbins; 29 (1948); pp. 22-24
Salientian Collections in Oklahoma, 1948
A. N. Bragg and H. Dundee; 29 (1948); pp. 24-25
The Effect of Nutrition Instruction Upon the Food Consumption of the Crippled Children in the Oklahoma Hospital for Crippled Children
V. I. Parman and H. B. Burton; 29 (1948); pp. 26-27
Food Preferences and Food Consumption of College Students
M. E. Kloos and H. B. Burton; 29 (1948); pp. 27-29
The Recent Meeting of the International Zoological Congress
R. O. Whitenton; 29 (1948); pp. 29-30
A Case of DDT Storage in Human Fat
D. E. Howell; 29 (1948); pp. 31-32
Life Cycle Studies on the Pecan Nut Casebearer, Acrobasis caryae Grote
G. A. Bieberdorf; 29 (1948); pp. 32-35
Notes on Certain Oklahoma Birds
J. C. Howell; 29 (1948); pp. 35-37
The Fruiting of Cotton in Relation to Insect Control
F. A. Fenton and J. T. Tippit; 29 (1948); pp. 37-38
SECTION B, GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section C, Physical Sciences | Section D, Social Sciences | President's Address | Home
Some Geological Problems of Northeastern Oklahoma
L. M. Wright; 29 (1948); pp. 39-41
Large Smoky Quartz Crystals from the Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma
T. R. Polk; 29 (1948); pp. 41-42
The Structure of the Verden Sandstone
O. F. Evans; 29 (1948); pp. 42-43
Test Drilling the Rush Springs Sandstone
L. V. Davis; 29 (1948); p. 43
Test Pumping of Ground Water in Oklahoma
E. W. Reed; 29 (1948); pp. 43-44
Seismograph Shooting and Water Wells
S. L. Schoff; 29 (1948); p. 44
The Petrographic Character of Some Tourmaline and Zircon Detritals
E. L. Lucas; 29 (1948); pp. 44-45
The Relation of Initial Production to True Resistance in the Southeast Newcastle Field, Cleveland and McClain Counties, Oklahoma
V. E. Spradlin; 29 (1948); pp. 45-49
Relation of Electric Log Resistivities in Limestone to Oil Production
W. P. Milne; 29 (1948); pp. 50-56
Further Studies on the Recent Accumulation of Alluvium in the Flood Plains of Deep Fork of the North Canadian River, Lincoln County, Oklahoma
H. J. Harper and W. L. Garman; 29 (1948); pp. 56-59
Transportation of Sediments on the Continental Shelf
O. F. Evans; 29 (1948); pp. 59-60
Oil in the Gulf of Mexico
D. A. McGee, T. Seale, and J. C. Finley; 29 (1948); pp. 60-61
SECTION C, PHYSICAL SCIENCES | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geological Sciences | Section D, Social Sciences | President's Address | Home
Some Recent Contributions of the Electron Microscope to Microbiology
A. Eisenstark; 29 (1948); p. 62
Luminous Jets from Pulsed Gas Discharges
R. J. Lee; 29 (1948); pp. 62-64
The Purification and Quantitative Estimation of Quercetin by Paper Partition Chromatography
T. B. Gage, C. D. Douglass and S. H. Wender; 29 (1948); pp. 64-67
The Ultraviolet Spectrum of Naringin by Use of the Beckman Model DU Spectrophotometer
C. D. Douglass, T. B. Gage and S. H. Wender; 29 (1948); pp. 67-70
Chromatographic Adsorption Studies on Certain Flavones
T. B. Gage, C. Gallemore and S. H. Wender; 29 (1948); pp. 71-73
Metallic Bromides as Catalysts for the Friedel-Crafts Ketone Synthesis
O. C. Dermer, P. T. Mori, and S. Suguitan; 29 (1948); pp. 74-78
A Precision-Type Reciprocating Stirrer for Laboratory Use
C. Starkey and F. Blankenship; 29 (1948); pp. 78-81
Design for a Multi-Tubular Furnace for Pyrolitic Decompositions
A. C. Shead; 29 (1948); pp. 81-82
Macroscopic Space Charge in Electrolytes During Electrolysis
C. A. Reed and W. Shriever; 29 (1948); p. 83
S. P. Massie; 29 (1948); p. 84
The Relation Between So Called Crude and True Carotene of Native Grass Hay
W. D. Gallup and M. E. Gibson; 29 (1948); pp. 84-85
Nitrogen Balance with Steers on Oil-Meal Rations
W. D. Gallup, H. M. Briggs and E. E. Hatfield; 29 (1948); pp. 85-87
SECTION D, SOCIAL SCIENCES | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section B, Geological Sciences | Section C, Physical Sciences | President's Address | Home
Our Jovian Rainfall Cycle
C. J. Bollinger; 29 (1948); pp. 88-93
Significance of the Evaporation-Transpiration Factor in Oklahoma
D. C. Winslow; 29 (1948); pp. 93-94
Studies in the Climate of Oklahoma
A. F. Bennett; 29 (1948); pp. 94-97
The Climatic Factor in Wheat Farming on the Southern Great Plains
R. C. Fite; 29 (1948); pp. 97-98
The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation: A Western Canadian Social Movement
M. A. Waggoner; 29 (1948); pp. 98-103
The Exchange of Agricultural Plants and International Cooperation
N. Klose; 29 (1948); p. 104
A Decade of Public Assistance in Oklahoma, 1937-1947
J. J. Rhyne, 29 (1948); pp. 105-106
Santayana's Interpretation of the Triumph of Christianity
E. S. Tanner; 29 (1948); pp. 106-108
Design and Construction of a Research Memory Drum
T. J. Baker and G. R. Stone; 29 (1948); pp. 108-113
A Comparison of the Methods of Scoring the Rorschach Method: Beck, Hertz, Klopfer
L. H. Rook; 29 (1948); pp. 113-117
The Program in Personnel Work at the University of Oklahoma
J. M. Latimer; 29 (1948); pp. 118-120
How Much Do You Know About Hypnotism?
J. C. Chambers; 29 (1948); pp. 120-123
Validity of a Learning Ability Test
R. L. Beck; 29 (1948); pp. 124-129
The Effects of Various Patterns of Verbal Incentives Upon Response Repetition
G. R. Stone and F. Yerrington; 29 (1948); pp. 129-131
Some Psychological Dimensions of Academic Administrators
R. L. Hobson; 29 (1948); p. 131
Tide-Flow Method of Cultivation as Employed by the Carolina Rice Industry
J. E. Pearson; 29 (1948); pp. 131-133
J. W. Morris; 29 (1948); pp. 133-135
The Statistical Interpretation of Mineral Data
C. R. Thomas; 29 (1948); pp. 136-143