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Volume 11—1931

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The Science of Medicine
LeRoy Long, M. D.; 11 (1931); pp. 10-12
BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES | Presidents Address | Geological Sciences |Physical Sciences |Social Sciences |Home
Autumnal Herb Societies of an Oklahoma Prairie in 1927, 1928, and 1930
Martha W. Shackleford; 11 (1931); pp. 13-14
Spermatogenesis and Seasonal Changes in the Testes of Acris gryllus
Celeste Whaley Taft; 11 (1931); pp. 14-15
A Preliminary Note on the Oestrous Cycle in the Sheep
L. E. Hawkins and A. E. Darlow; 11 (1931); pp. 15-18
The Germ Cells in the Developing Gonad of the Trout
George C. Moore; 11 (1931); pp. 18-22
Studies on the Crustacea of Oklahoma: Notes on the Cladoceran Fauna
J. G. Mackin; 11 (1931); pp. 22-28
Green Gunpowder Tea as a Source of Vitamin C
Estelle Rockley; 11 (1931); pp. 29-30
A Study of the Effect of Coca-Cola on the Basal Metabolism of College Women and Adolescent Girls
Louise Parkinson; 11 (1931); pp. 30-32
Observations on the Flora of Delaware County, Oklahoma
Marion Sherwood Lahman; 11 (1931); pp. 32-35
On Drug and Serum-Fastness in a Strain of Trypanosoma Equiperdum Using Albino Rats as Hosts
T. C. Carter; 11 (1931); pp. 35-37
Studies on the Phosphorus Content of Certain Oklahoma Waters and Notes on the Development of Artificial Ponds
Horace J. Harper; 11 (1931); pp. 37-40
GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES | Presidents Address | Biological Sciences |Physical Sciences |Social Sciences |Home
A Laboratory Progress Report on Oklahoma Clay Studies
L. F. Sheerar; 11 (1931); pp. 41-49
Questions Concerning the Relation of Petroliferous Provinces to the Scheme of Sedimentation
A. E. Lauer; 11 (1931); p. 50
A Method for Determining the Distance and Height of Objects by Use of a Camera
C. W. Thornthwaite; 11 (1931); pp. 50-51
The "Big" and "Oswego Limes" in the Area of Tulsa
Frank C. Greene; 11 (1931); pp. 52-53
Gypsum in the Fayetteville Shale
Albert W. Giles and A. M. Jones; 11 (1931); pp. 53-60
"Fused" Ammonium Fluoride and Bifluoride in the Analysis of Quartz and Silicates
A. C. Shead and G. Frederick Smith; 11 (1931); pp. 60-61
The Distribution and Trend of Negro Population in Central Oklahoma
C. J. Bollinger; 11 (1931); pp. 61-63
PHYSICAL SCIENCES | Presidents Address |Biological Sciences | Geological Sciences |Social Sciences |Home
The Photoelectric Sensitivity of Thin Films of Solid Mercury
Carl S. Woodward and Duane Roller; 11 (1931); pp. 64-66
The Relative Optical Reflectivities of Solid and Liquid Mercury
Wayne Webb and Duane Roller; 11 (1931); pp. 66-69
A "Removable" Yellow Ink
John Gordon Allen; 11 (1931); pp. 69-70
The Retardation of Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion
Aubrey Clay; 11 (1931); pp. 70-72
Notes on the Teaching of Liberal Arts Mathematics
Paul C. Overstreet; 11 (1931); pp. 72-73
Physical Problems in the Separation of Oil and Gas
C. H. Keplinger; 11 (1931); pp. 74-76
Relations Between the Hall Effect and Resistance in Sputtered Gold Films
F. W. Warburton and J. W. Todd; 11 (1931); pp. 76-78
SOCIAL SCIENCES | Presidents Address |Biological Sciences | Geological Sciences |Physical Sciences |Home
Some Psychological Concepts Underlying Measurement
Richard E. Hyde; 11 (1931); pp. 79-81
Population Increase According to Farm Tenure Status
Otis Durant Duncan; 11 (1931); pp. 81-82
Mobility of Public School Administrators in Oklahoma, 1917-1930
Herbert Patterson; 11 (1931); pp. 82-83