The Oklahoma State University Library maintains a set of information repositories and provides access to the data in these repositories. In addition, the library interoperates with other related projects that provide information, and may make use of the data and services of these other organizations in providing the result for a query.
We make no representation, explicit or otherwise, about the completeness, accuracy, or consistency of the data in our repositories, of the integrity of the services we provide, or of those with which we interoperate. Virtually all the data in our repositories originates elsewhere, and we cannot guarantee its correctness, nor do we guarantee that the processing we perform on these data is free from errors. Indeed, some of the collections are known to contain outdated names, mistaken identifications, inaccurate data, erroneous specifications, and so on. While we attempt to provide accurate data and services, and are continually correcting errors upon discovery, individuals concerned with the correctness or accuracy of individual data items are advised to seek independent verification of such data.
While this website is publicly accessible, not all materials here available are in the public domain. The majority of the images, texts, and data are copyrighted to Oklahoma State University or to their original print publishers or authors, and are made available here with permission.
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Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel photo taken from "Down an Old Road" video by Chris Simon. Copyright 2001 Sageland Media, LLC.
Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel. Courtesy of Roman Loranc, photographer. Copyright protected. Permission to publish or reproduce is required from the copyright owner.
Photo of water tower in Tulare California by Karen Neurohr.
Oklahoma Route 66 Sign - LCHS Museum of Pioneer History collection. Photo by Karen Neurohr.
Photo of water tower in Depew, Oklahoma by Karen Neurohr.
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