Vol. VII, Laws     (Compiled from February 10, 1939 to January 13, 1971)

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Vol. 4—1939

Blackfeet Reservation, Montana—Order of Restoration
Townsite of Wadsworth, Nevada—Order of Restoration
Executive Order—Transfer of Jurisdiction Over Certain Lands From the Secretary of Agriculture to the      Secretary of the Interior
Washoe Tribe of Indians, Nevada—Lands Proclaimed as Reservation
Lands Proclaimed to be an Indian Reservation for use of Sokaogon Chippewa Community
Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana—Order of Restoration Amended
Temporary Withdrawal of Lands Modifying New Mexico Grazing District No. 2, and Departmental      Withdrawal of July 8, 1931
Modification and Order Establishing Grazing District No. 7 in the State of New Mexico
Executive Order—Extension of Trust Periods on Indian Lands Expiring During Calender Year 1940
Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, California—Indian Reservation Proclaimed
Carson National Forest—Order of Segregation

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VOLUME 4—1939
June 30, 1939


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VOLUME 4—1939 3432

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By virtue of authority contained in Section 7 of the Act of June 18, 1934 (48 Stat. 984), the lands described below, acquired by purchase under the provisions of Section 5 of that Act, are hereby proclaimed to be an Indian reservation for the use and benefit of the Sokaogon Chippewa Community:

T. 35 N., R. 12 E., 4th P. M.
E ½ SW ¼, SE ¼ Section 20.
SW ¼, NE ¼ SE ¼, W ½ SE ¼ Section 21.
Government lots 1 and 2, Section 22.
SW ¼ NW ¼, Section 26.

Government lot 2, Section 27, except that part bounded and described as follows: Commencing at a point on the east and west quarter line of Section 27, T. 35 N., R. 12 E., which is 76 rods and 16 links west of the quarter post between Sections 26 and 27 in said township, and running thence west along said quarter line 479 feet to the meander line on the lake; and thence north 45° east, or along the meander line of said lake 841.5 feet to a point in the meander line; thence south 32° east 475 feet; thence south 62° west 379.5 feet to place of beginning.

Government lot 3, Section 27, subject to a right of way of State Trunk Highway No. 55 and excepting the following described parcel: Commencing at the NW ¼ SE ¼ of said section; thence south 67.5 feet to western edge of State Aid Highway 55; thence southwesterly along said highway 148 feet; thence north 32°30' west to north line of said NW ¼ SE ¼; thence east to place of beginning.

Government lots 4 and 5, Section 27, excepting the right of way of a public road over and across said lots and a certain portion of Lot 5 described as follows: Commencing at the southwest corner of said Government lot 5; thence east on the south line of said Government lot 5 a distance of 7 rods; thence north parallel with the west line of said section to the high water mark of Swamp Creek or the outlet of Rice Lake; thence westerly along the high water mark of Swamp Creek or the outlet of Rice Lake to the section line between Sections 27 and 28; thence north along said section line to the place of beginning.

Government lots 6 and 7, Section 27.

NE ¼ SE ¼ Section 27, excepting therefrom a tract of land described as follows: Commencing at the northwest corner of

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the NE ¼ SE ¼ of said Section 27; thence running south 67.5 feet to the western edge of State Highway No. 55; thence in a northeasterly direction along the edge of said highway 172.4 feet to the east and west quarter line of said Section 27; thence westerly along said quarter line 152 feet to the place of beginning.

Government lots 1, 2 and the east 70 rods of Government lot 3, Section 28.

Government lots 4 and 5, Section 28, except that portion of lot 5 described as follows: Commencing on the southeast corner of Section 28; thence running west 18 rods; thence north 18 rods; thence east 18 rods; thence south 18 rods to place of beginning.

N ½ NE ¼, SW ¼ NE ¼, W ½ SE ¼ and SW ¼ Section 28.

Government lot 2, Section 29.

All of the said lands being within Forest County, Wisconsin, containing a total of 1,437.60 acres, more or less.

Assistant Secretary of the Interior.

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