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Public Law 86-249
September 9, 1959 | [H. R. 7645] 73 Stat. 479

To provide for the construction, alteration, and acquisition of public buildings of the Federal Government, and for other purposes.
Section 13

Margin Notes
Public Law Public Buildings Act of 1959.
Sec. 13 483
Sec. 13 Definitions.

Page 888

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the "Public Buildings Act of 1959".

SEC. 13.

As used in this Act—

(1) The term "public building" means any building, whether for single or multitenant occupancy, its grounds, approaches, and appurtenances, which is generally suitable for office or storage space or both for the use of one or more Federal agencies or mixed ownership corporations, and shall include: (i) Federal office buildings, (ii) post office, (iii) customhouses, (iv) courthouses, (v) appraisers stores, (vi) border inspection facilities, (vii) warehouses, (viii) record centers, (ix) relocation facilities, and (x) similar Federal facilities, and (xi) any other buildings or construction projects the inclusion of which the President may deem, from time to time hereafter, to be justified in the public interest; but shall not include any such buildings and construction projects: (A) on the public domain (including that reserved for national forests and other purposes), (B) on properties of the United States in foreign countries, (C) on Indian and native Eskimo properties held in trust by the United States, (D) on lands used in connection with Federal programs for agricultural, recreational, and conservation purposes, including research in connection therewith, (E) on or used in connection with river, harbor, flood control, reclamation or power projects, or for chemical manufacturing or development projects, or for nuclear production, research, or development projects, (F) on or used in connection with housing and residential projects, (G) on military installations (including fort, camp, post, naval training station, airfield, proving ground, military supply depot, military school, or any similar facility of the Department of Defense), (H) on Veterans' Administration installations used for hospital or domiciliary purposes, and (I) the exclusion of which the President may deem, from time to time hereafter, to be justified in the public interest.

Approved, September 9, 1959.

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