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Chapter 203
June 30, 1945 [H.R. 378] |  [Public Law 97] 59 Stat. 265

Authorizing an appropriation to carry out the provisions of the Act of May 3, 1928 45 Stat. 484), and for other purposes.
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Chap. 203 Sioux Indians. Claims for personal property losses.
Post, p. 647.
Chap. 203 Corrections.
Chap. 203 Attorneys' services.
Sec. 2 Distribution of awards.
Sec. 2 Additional appropriation authorized.
Sec. 3 Time limitation.
Sec. 3 Certification of awards.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there is hereby authorized to be appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $101,630 for payment to certain individual Sioux Indians, their heirs, or devisees, in full settlement and satisifaction of their claims against the United States for personal property losses as found and determined by the

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Secretary of the Interior on November 4, 1944, pursuant to the Act of May 3, 1928 (45 Stat. 484): Provided, That the Secretary may make corrections in his findings to eliminate or modify awards where overlapping or duplications exist: Provided further, That the Secretary is authorized and directed to determine what attorney or attorneys have rendered services of value on behalf of the said Indian claimants as a class, and to pay such attorney or attorneys the reasonable value of such services not to exceed, in the aggregate, 10 per centum of the amount appropriated above, which payment shall be in full for all services rendered by such attorney or attorneys to said claimants.

SEC. 2.

The Secretary, or his duly authorized representative, under such rules and regulations as the Secretary may prescribe, is authorized and directed to distribute the amounts awarded to said claimants and to ascertain the heirs or devisees of deceased claimants. In addition, an additional $10,000 is hereby authorized to be appropriated to be available until expended.

SEC. 3.

Every claim or demand for payment of the individual awards made pursuant to said Act of May 3, 1928, shall be forever barred unless such claim or demand shall be filed with the Office of Indian Affairs within ten years after the date of the approval of this Act. The Secretary of the Interior shall cause diligent investigation and inquiry to be made for the purpose of identifying all persons entitled to share in the distribution of any such award, including the heirs or devisees of deceased claimants. As soon as possible after the termination of the time allowed by this section, the Secretary shall certify to the Department of the Treasury the amounts of the individual awards made pursuant to said Act of May 3, 1928, which remain unpaid by reason of no claim or demand having been filed, or by reason of the death of the claimant intestate and without heirs, or by reason of inability to identify any person entitled to receive distribution of the award. All amounts so certified shall revert to the United States and be covered into the surplus fund of the Treasury.

Approved June 30, 1945.

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