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Chapter 63
Sections 2

Margin Notes
Chap. 63 Brothertown Indians. Full title of certain lands to.
Chap. 63 See proviso to treaty of 1831.
   Vol, 2, p 319.
   Vol. 2. p. 377.
Sec. 2 Patents to be issued to trustees.
Sec. 2 Lands may be sold.
Sec. 2 At public auction.
Sec. 2 Advertisement.
Sec. 2 Distribution of proceeds.

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Chapter 63
    April 20, 1878. | 20 Stat., 513.
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An act to authorize the issue of a patent of certain lands in the Brothertown reservation in the State of Wisconsin, to the persons selected by the Brothertown Indians.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commissioner of the General Land Office be, and he is hereby, authorized to give full title to the Brothertown Indians of all the township of land, containing twenty-three thousand and forty acres of land lying on the east side of Winnebago Lake, in the State of Wisconsin, which, by the provision of a treaty made with the Menomonee Indians, on the seventeenth day of February, eighteen hundred and thirty-one, and ratified on the ninth day of July eighteen hundred and thirty-two, was reserved for the use of the Brothertown Indians, and

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which, by a subsequent treaty with the Menomonees, bearing date October twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, and ratified the thirteenth day of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-three, was further secured to the Brothertown Indians, the right to have the same partitioned, divided and held by them separately and severally in fee simple.

SEC. 2

That for such purpose, the Commissioner of the General Land Office is hereby fully directed, empowered, and authorized to make and issue a patent of all the lands contained in said township which are now unpatented to Laton Dick, senior, Lucius S. Fowler, David Fowler, and Orrin G. Johnson, residents of Brothertown, Calumet County, and State of Wisconsin, and members of the Brothertown tribe, in trust for the Brothertown Indians: Provided, however, That said lands, or any part thereof, shall be sold by said trustees whenever a majority of said Brothertown tribe shall petition for the same:a such sale to be made at public auction and to the highest and best bidder in cash therefor, after first giving sixty days’ notice of such sale by advertisement in some newspaper published in Calumet County, State of Wisconsin; such advertisement to state the time and place of sale, the terms of sale, and a description of the land to be sold. And the said trustees shall distribute and pay over the proceeds arising from such sale or sales to the Brothertown Indians, according to the former usages, customs, and regulations of said tribe.

aTrustees filed petition of March 23, 1879, in General Land Office for patent for said lands.

Approved, April 20, 1878.

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