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Public Law 90-76
August 29, 1967 | [H. R. 2531] 81 Stat. 177

To provide for the disposition of the unclaimed and unpaid share of the Loyal Creek Judgment Fund, and to provide for disposition of estates of intestate members of the Creek Nation of Oklahoma or estates of members of the Creek Nation of Oklahoma dying without heirs.
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Margin Notes
Public Law 90-76 Indians. Creek Nation of Oklahoma. Judgment funds.
Public Law 90-76 25 U. S. C. 781.

Page 1103

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the unclaimed and unpaid share of the funds, and the accrued interest thereon, appropriated by chapter XII of the Third Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1952 (66 Stat. 101, 121), in payment of the judgment entered by the Indian Claims Commission in favor of the Loyal Creek Band or Group of Indians et al., docket numbered 1, and which were authorized to be distributed by section 2(c) of Public Law 202, Eighty-fourth Congress (69 Stat. 432), shall be deposited in the Treasury of the United States to the credit of the Creek Nation of Indians of Oklahoma.

SEC. 2.

Funds that are deposited to the Creek Nation pursuant to this Act, including interest and income therefrom, may be advanced or expended for any purpose that is authorized by the principal chief of the Creek Nation and the Secretary of the Interior.

SEC. 3.

When, upon the final determination of a court having jurisdiction or by decision of the Secretary of the Interior after a period of five years from the death of the decedent, it is determined that a member of the Creek Nation or tribe of Oklahoma or a person of Creek Indian blood has died intestate without heirs, owning trust or restricted Indian lands or an interest therein in Oklahoma, such lands or interests owned, together with all rents and profits occurring therefrom, shall escheat to the Creek Nation of Indians of Oklahoma and be held thereafter in trust for said Indians by the United States.

Approved, August 29, 1967.

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