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Public Law 85-91
July 10, 1957 | [H. R. 6692] 71 Stat. 283

To authorize the transfer of the Coyote Valley Indian Rancheria to the Secretary of the Army, and for other purposes.
Section 2

Margin Notes
Public Law 85-91 Coyote Valley Indian Rancheria. Transfer of land.
Public Law 85-91 284
Public Law 85-91 Appraised value.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following described land which was acquired by the United States pursuant to the Acts of June 21, 1906 (34 Stat. 325, 333), and April 30, 1908 (35 Stat. 70, 76), for the use of landless Indians in California, together with the improvements thereon, is hereby transferred from the Secretary of the Interior to the Secretary of the Army for use in connection with the Coyote Valley Dam of the Russian River Basin project, California:

All that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and being in the County of Mendocino, State of California, and bounded and particularly described as follows, to wit: That portion of lot numbered 149 of the Yokayo Rancho, described as follows: Beginning at the northwest corner of lot 149 of the Yokayo Rancho, said point being in the center of channel of the East Fork of the Russian River; thence south along the west line of said lot 32.69/100 chains; thence east 28 chains; thence north and parallel with the west line of said lot 149 38.49/100 chains to the center of the county road leading from Ukiah to Lake County; thence south 56 degrees west 1.44/100 chains; thence south 86 degrees west 1.14/100 chains; thence north 83 degrees west 3.79/100 chains to a point in the center of said road; thence north, and leaving said road 2.12/100 chains to the center of the channel of the East Fort of Russian River; thence westerly through the center of the channel of said East Fork of Russian River to the point of beginning, lying in the northwest corner of said lot 149 of the Yokayo Rancho, containing approximately 100 acres.

The appraised value of such land and improvements, which is hereby determined to be $54,000, shall be transferred from the appropriation available to the Corps of Engineers for the construction of the Coyote Valley Dam of the Russian River Basin project, California, to the Secretary of the Interior for distribution among the Indians who have assignments on the land. Such sum shall be distributed by paying to each assignee the appraised value of the land assigned to him and the appraised value of the improvements thereon. The remainder of the sum, representing the value of the unassigned portion of the land, shall be distributed equally among the assignees. The payment or distribution of the proceeds from any sale or condemnation pursuant to this Act shall not be subject to any lien, except for debts owed to the United States or to Indian organizations indebted to the United States, and shall not be taxable.

SEC. 2.

All reimbursable indebtedness charged by the United States against the land described above or the improvements thereon is hereby canceled.

Approved, July 10, 1957.

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