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Chapter 1120
September 30, 1950 [H.R. 5372] |  [Public Law 870] 64 Stat. 1093

To authorize the negotiation and ratification of separate settlement contracts with the Sioux Indians of Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota and of Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota and North Dakota for Indian lands and rights acquired by the United States for the Oahe Dam and Reservoir, Missouri River development, and for other related purposes.
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Chap. 1120 Sioux Indians. Settlement contracts.
Chap. 1120 1094
Sec. 3 Appraisal schedule.
Sec. 3 1095
Sec. 5 Submittal of contracts to Congress.
Sec. 5 Ratification.
Sec. 6 Oahe Dam.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Chief of Engineers, Department of the Army, jointly with the Secretary of the Interior, representing the United States of America, are hereby authorized and directed to negotiate contracts containing the provisions outlined herein separately with the Sioux Indians of the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota and with the Sioux Indians of the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota and North Dakota, through representatives of the two tribes appointed for this purpose by their tribal councils.

SEC. 2.

The contracts made pursuant to section 1 of this Act shall—

(a) convey to the United States the title to all tribal, allotted, assigned, and inherited lands or interests therein belonging to the Indians of each tribe required by the United States for the reservoir to be created by the construction of the dam across the Missouri River in South Dakota, to be known as Oahe Dam, including such lands along the margin of said reservoir as may be required by the Chief of Engineers, United States Army, for the protection, development, and use of said reservoir: Provided, That the date on which the contract is signed by Chief of Engineers, United States Army, and the Secretary of the Interior shall be the date of taking by the United States for purposes of determining the ownership of the Indian tribal, allotted, and assigned lands conveyed thereby to the United States, subject to the determinations and the payments to be made as hereinafter provided for;

(b) provide for the payment of—

(1) just compensation for lands and improvements and interests therein, conveyed pursuant to subsection (a);

(2) costs of relocating and reestablishing the tribe and the members of each tribe who reside upon such lands so that their economic, social, religious, and community life can be reestablished and protected: Provided, That such costs of relocating and reestablishing the tribe and the members of each tribe who reside upon such lands shall not result in double compensation for lands and properties to the tribe and members of each tribe; and

(3) costs of relocating and reestablishing Indian cemeteries, tribal monuments, and shrines located upon such lands;

(c) provide that just compensation for the lands of individual members of such tribes, who reject the appraisal covering their individual property, shall be judicially determined in proceedings instituted for such purpose by the Department of the Army in the United States district court for the district in which the lands are situated;

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(d) provide a schedule of dates for the orderly removal of the Indians and their personal property situated within the taking area of the Oahe Reservoir within the respective reservations: Provided, That the Chief of Engineers shall have primary and final responsibility in negotiating concerning the matters set out in the foregoing paragraphs (a) and (b) hereof;

(e) provide for the final and complete settlement of all claims by the Indians and tribes described in section 1 of this Act against the United States arising because of construction of the Oahe project.

SEC. 3.

To assist the negotiators in arriving at the amount of just compensation as provided herein in section 2 (b)(1), the Secretary of the Interior or his duly authorized representative and the Chief of Engineers, Department of the Army, or his duly authorized representative shall cause to be prepared an appraisal schedule on an individual tract basis of the tribal, allotted, and assigned lands, including heirship interests therein, located within the taking areas of the respective reservations. In the preparation thereof, they shall determine the fair market value of the lands, giving full and proper weight to the following elements of appraisal: Improvements, severance damage, standing timber, mineral rights, and the uses to which the lands are reasonably adapted. They shall transmit the schedules to the representatives of the tribes appointed to negotiate a contract, which schedules shall be used as a basis for determining the amount fo just compensation to be included in the contracts for the elements of damages set out in section 2 hereof.

SEC. 4.

The specification in sections 2 and 3 hereof of certain provisions to be included in each contract shall not operate to preclude the inclusion in such contracts of other provisions beneficial to the Indians who are parties to such contracts.

SEC. 5.

(a) The contracts negotiated and approved pursuant to this Act shall be submitted to the Congress within eighteen months from and after the date of enactment of this Act.

(b) No such contract shall take effect until it shall have been ratified by Act of Congress and ratified in writing by three-quarters of the adult members of the two respective tribes designated in section 1 hereof, separately, within nine months from the date of the Act ratifying each said contract: Provided, That in the event the negotiating parties designated by section 1 of this Act are unable to agree on any item or provision in the proposed contracts, said items or provisions shall be reported separately to the Congress as an appendix to each contract, and shall set out the provisions in dispute as proposed by the advocates thereof for consideration and determination by the Congress.

SEC. 6.

Nothing in this Act shall be construed to restrict the orderly prosecution of the construction or delay the completion of the Oahe Dam to provide protection from floods on the Missouri River.

Approved, September 30, 1950.

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