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Chapter 73
March 21, 1950 [S. 3159] |  [Private Law 464] 64 Stat. 29

Granting the consent and approval of Congress to a compact entered into by the States of Idaho and Wyoming relating to the waters of the Snake River.

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Chap. 73 Snake River compact. Consent and approval of Congress.
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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the consent and approval of Congress is hereby given to an interstate compact relating to the waters of the Snake River, signed (after negotiations in which a representative of the United States duly appointed by the President participated) by the Commissioners for the States of Idaho and Wyoming on October 10, 1949, at Cheyenne, Wyoming, and thereafter ratified by the legislatures of each of the States aforesaid as provided for by Public Law 580, Eightieth Congress, approved June 3, 1948 (62 Stat. 294), which compact reads as follows:


The States of Idaho and Wyoming, parties signatory to this compact, have resolved to conclude a compact as authorized by the Act of June 3, 1948 (62 Stat. 294), and after negotiations participated in by the following named State commissioners:


Mark R. Kulp, Boise
N.V. Sharp, Filer
Charles H. Welteroth, Jerome
Roy Marquess, Paul
Ival V. Goslin, Aberdeen
R. Willis Walker, Rexburg
Alex O. Coleman, St. Anthony
Leonard E. Graham, Rigby
Charles E. Anderson, Idaho Falls
A.K. Van Orden, Blackfoot


L.C. Bishop, Cheyenne
E.B. Hitchcock, Rock Springs
J.G. Imeson, Jackson
David P. Miller, Rock Springs
Carl Robinson, Afton
Ciril D. Cranney, Afton
Clifford P. Hansen, Jackson
Clifford S. Wilson, Driggs, Idaho
Lloyd Van Deburg, Jackson

and by R.J. Newell, representative of the United States of America, have agreed upon the following articles, to-wit:


A. Nothing in this compact shall be deemed:

1. To affect adversely any rights to the use of the waters of the Snake River, including its tributaries entering downstream from the Wyoming-Idaho state line, owned by or for Indians, Indian tribes and their reservations. The water required to satisfy these

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rights shall be charged against the allocation made to the State in which the Indians and their lands are located.

2. To impair or affect any rights or powers of the United States, its agencies or instrumentalities, in and to the use of the waters of the Snake River nor its capacity to acquire rights in and to the use of said waters.

3. To apply to any waters within the Yellowstone National Park or Grand Teton National Park.

4. To subject any property of the United States, its agencies or instrumentalities to taxation by either State or subdivisions thereof, nor to create an obligation on the part of the United States, its agents or instrumentalities, by reason of the acquisition, construction or operation of any property or works of whatsoever kind, to make any payments to any State or political subdivisions thereof, State agency, municipality or entity whatsoever in reimbursement for the loss of taxes.

5. To subject any works of the United States used in connection with the control or use of waters which are the subject of this compact to the laws of any State to an extent other than the extent to which these laws would apply without regard to this compact.

B. Notwithstanding the provisions of A of this article, any beneficial uses hereafter made by the United States, or those acting by or under its authority, within either State, of the waters allocated by this compact shall be within the allocations hereinabove made for use in that State and shall be taken into account in determining the extent of use within that State.

Approved, March 21, 1950.

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