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Chapter 19
March 2, 1945 [S. 35] |  [Public Law 14] 59 Stat. 10

Authorizing the construction, repair, and preservation of certain public works on rivers and harbors, and for other purposes.
Section 2

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Chap. 19 Rivers and harbors, improvements.
Chap. 19 Policy of Congress.
Sec. 2 11
Projects authorized.
Sec. 2 12
Sec. 2 Post-war appropriation and construction.
Post, p. 556.
Sec. 2 Penstocks.
Sec. 2 22
Columbia River. Replacement of Indian fishing grounds.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That in connection with the exercise of jurisdiction over the rivers of the Nation through the construction of works of improvement, for navigation or flood control, as herein authorized, it is hereby declared to be the policy of the Congress to recognize the interests and rights of the States in determining the development of the watersheds within their borders and likewise their interests and rights in water utilization and control, as herein authorized to preserve and protect to the fullest possible extent established and potential uses, for all purposes, of the waters of the Nation's rivers; to facilitate the consideration of projects on a basis of comprehensive and coordinated development; and to limit the authorization and construction of navigation works to those in which a substantial benefit to navigation will be realized therefrom and which can be operated consistently with appropriate and economic use of the waters of such rivers by other users.

SEC. 2.

The following works of improvement of rivers, harbors, and other waterways are hereby adopted and authorized in the interest of national security and the stabilization of employment, and shall be prosecuted as speedily as may be consistent with budgetary requirements, under the direction of the Secretary of War and supervision of the Chief of Engineers, in accordance with the plans in the respective reports hereinafter designated and subject to the conditions set forth therein: Provided, That no project herein authorized shall be appropriated for or constructed until six months after the termination of the present wars in which the United States is engaged unless the construction of such project has been recommended by an authorized

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defense agency and approved by the President as being necessary or desirable in the interest of the national defense and security, and the President has notified the Congress to that effect: Provided further, That penstocks or other similar facilities adapted to possible future use in the development of hydroelectric power shall be installed in any dam herein authorized when approved by the Secretary of War upon the recommendation of the Chief of Engineers and of the Federal Power Commission, and such recommendations shall be based upon consideration of the proper utilization and conservation in the public interest of the resources of the region:

Columbia River at Bonneville, Oregon: The Secretary of War is hereby authorized, under such terms and conditions as he may deem advisable, to acquire lands and provide facilities in the States of Oregon and Washington to replace Indian fishing grounds submerged or destroyed as a result of the construction of Bonneville Dam: Provided, That not to exceed $50,000 may be expended for this purpose from funds heretofore or hereafter appropriated for maintenance and improvement of existing river and harbor works: Provided further, That such lands and facilities shall be transferred to the Secretary of the Interior for the use and benefit of the Indians, and shall be subject to the same conditions, safeguards, and protections as the treaty fishing grounds submerged or destroyed;

Approved, March 2, 1945.

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