Vol. V, Laws     (Compiled from December 22, 1927 to June 29, 1938)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1941.

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Chapter 394
May 15, 1936. | [S. 3372.] 49 Stat., 1274.

An Act To provide funds for cooperation with the public-school district at Hays, Montana, for construction and improvement of public-school buildings to be available for Indian children

Margin Notes
Chap. 394 Hays, Mont. Funds for public-school construction, authorized.
Chap. 394 Provisos. No racial discrimination. Tuition fee, Indian children. Expenditures.
Chap. 394 Reimbursement of appropriation.
Chap. 394 Plans and specifications.
Chap. 394 Supervision and payments.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there is hereby authorized to be appropriated, out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $50,000 for the purpose of cooperating with the Hays Public School District, Hays, Montana, for construction and improvement of grade- and high-school buildings: Provided, That said schools shall be available to both white and Indian children without discrimination, except that tuition may be paid for Indian children attending in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior: Provided further, That expenditures of moneys authorized hereby shall be subject to such further conditions as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior: Provided further, That this appropriation shall be reimbursed in not more than thirty years without interest, either through reducing the annual Federal tuition payments for the education of Indian pupils attending such school, by the acceptance of Indian pupils in such school without cost to the United States; or in such other manner as the Secretary of the Interior may direct: And provided further, That plans and specifications shall be furnished by local or State authorities, without cost to the United States, and upon approval thereof by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, work shall proceed under the direction of local or State officials, payment therefor to be made monthly on the basis of work in place and upon vouchers approved by a responsible official of the Indian Service.

Approved, May 15, 1936.

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