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Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1929.

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Acts of the Sixty-Third Congress—Second Session, 1914
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Chapter 141
July 16, 1914. | [H. R. 15279.] 38 Stat., 454.

An Act Making appropriations for the legislative, executive, and judicial expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, and for other purposes.

Margin Notes
Chap. 141 Legislative, executive, and judicial appropriations.
Chap. 141 Interior Department.
Chap. 141 Secretary.
Chap. 141 Clerk to sign tribal deeds.
Chap. 141 Indian Office.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, in full compensation for the service of the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, for the objects hereinafter expressed, namely:


OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY: * * * Clerk to sign, under the direction of the Secretary, in his name and for him, his approval of all tribal deeds to allottees and deeds for town lots made and executed according to law for any of the Five Civilized Tribes of Indians in the Indian Territory, $1,200.

INDIAN OFFICE: Commissioner, $5,000; assistant commissioner, $3,500; second assistant commissioner who shall also perform the duties of chief clerk, $2,750; financial clerk, $2,250; chiefs of divisions—one $2,250, one $2,000; law clerk, $2,000; assistant chief of division, $2,000; private secretary, $1,800; clerks—twenty of class four, thirty-one of class three, thirty-eight. of class two, two at $1,500 each, sixty-eight of class one, including one stenographer, thirty-two at $1,000 each, including one stenographer; thirty-four clerks at $900 each; messenger; four assistant messengers; four messenger boys, at $360 each; expert accountant, $2,000; forester, $3,600; draftsman,

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$1,400; irrigation engineer, $2,000; examiner of irrigation accounts, $1,800; draftsman, $1,200, two clerks, at $720 each; in all, $328,150.

Approved, July 1 6, 1914.

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