Vol. III, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1913)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1913.

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Chapter 2292
Section 2

Margin Notes
Chap. 2292 Colorado. Granted desert lands in Southern Ute Reservation.
    28 Stat., 422.
    34 Stat., 1057.
    20 Stat., 434.
    31 Stat., 1188.
Chap. 2292 Proviso. Payment.
Chap. 2292 In trust for Indians.
    21 Stat., 203; vol. 1, 185.
Sec. 2 Lands reserved.

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Chapter 2292
    Mar. 1, 1907. [H. R. 24134.] | [Public, No. 161.] 34 Stat., 1056.
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An act providing for the granting and patenting to the State of Colorado, desert lands formerly in the Southern Ute Indian Reservation in Colorado.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the provisions of section four of “An act makiing appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, and for other purposes,” approved August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, and the acts amendatory thereof, approved June eleventh, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, and March third, nineteen hundred and one, respectively, be, and are hereby, extended over and shall apply to the desert lands included within the limits of the former Southern Ute Indian Reservation in Colorado not included in any forest reservation: Provided, That before a patent shall issue for any of the lands aforesaid under the terms of the said act approved August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, and amendments thereto, the State of Colorado shall pay into the Treasury of the United States the sum of one dollar and

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twenty-five cents per acre for the lands so patented, and the money so paid shall be subject to the provisions of section three of the act of June fifteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty, entitled “An act to accept and ratify the agreements submitted by the confederated bands of Ute Indians in Colorado for the sale of their reservation in said State, and for other purposes, and to make the necessary appropriation for carrying out same.”

SEC. 2

That no lands shall be included in any tract to be segregated under the provisions of this act on which the United States Government has valuable improvements or which have been reserved for Indian schools or farm purposes.

Approved, March 1, 1907.

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