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Chapter 3581

Margin Notes
Chap. 3581 Oklahoma. Actual settlers may purchase agricultural lands in Comanche County.
    Ante, p. 184, post, 521.
Chap. 3581 Appointment of commission to appraise lands.
Chap. 3581 Compensation.
Chap. 3581 Payments.
Chap. 3581 Interest.
Chap. 3581 Forfeiture.
Chap. 3581 Proceeds.
Chap. 3581 Proviso. Time limit for appointment of commission.
Chap. 3581 Report.

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Chapter 3581
    June 28, 1906. [H. R. 16785.] | [Public, No. 330.] 34 Stat., 550.
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An act giving preference right to actual settlers on pasture reserve numbered three to purchase land leased to them for agricultural purposes in Comanche County, Oklahoma.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That persons who are now in possession of land under leases approved by the Secretary of the Interior on pasture reserve numbered three, open for settlement by act approved June eighth, (fifth) nineteen hundred and six, the same being

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situate in township one north and one south, in range eight west, Indian meridian, Territory of Oklahoma, be given a right to purchase said lands, as follows: That the land so leased shall be appraised by a commission of three persons to be appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, one upon the recommendation of the Kiowa and Comanche Indians through their agent; said commissioners to receive such compensation as the Secretary of the Interior may direct, the same to be paid from the funds received from the sale of said lands, and said appraisement when made to be approved by the Secretary of the Interior; said land to be appraised without regard to any improvements that have been placed thereon, except such as are required by the provisions of said leases, and the said lessee to have the privilege to purchase at its appraised value the amount of land covered by his lease within sixty days after notice of said appraisement, one-fifth of the price of the same to be paid at the time of notice of acceptance of said purchase and the balance of the purchase price to be paid in four equal annual installments, bearing interest at the rate of six per centum per annum; and in case any purchaser fails to make the annual payment when due all rights in and to the land covered by his or her purchase shall at once cease and be forfeited, and any payment theretofore made shall be forfeited. The funds received from said sales to be placed to the credit of the Indians the same as other funds provided for in said act approved June eighth, nineteen hundred and six: Provided, That the Secretary shall appoint said commissioners within thirty days from the passage of this act, and said commissioners shall make said appraisement and file their report within thirty days from the date of their appointments.

Approved, June 28, 1906.

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