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Chapter 1348
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Chap. 1348 Southern Ute Reservation, Colo. Lease, etc., of lands in, to the P. F. U. Rubber Co.
Chap. 1348 Description.
    34 Stat., 89.
Chap. 1348 Lands excepted.
Chap. 1348 Terms of lease.
Chap. 1348 Lands to be used as an experimental farm.
Chap. 1348 Rent.
Chap. 1348 Minimum price.
Chap. 1348 Use of proceeds.
Chap. 1348 Employment of Indian labor.
Sec. 2 Cancellation of lease.
Sec. 2 Sale of land to rubber company.
Sec. 2 Minimum price.
Sec. 3 Removal of timber, stone, etc., prohibited.
Sec. 3 Exception.
Sec. 3 Proviso. Mineral deposits reserved.
    34 Stat., 90.
Sec. 4 Right to sell, etc., restricted.
Sec. 4 Forfeiture.

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Chapter 1348
    Mar. 27, 1906. [H. R. 16381.] | [Public, No. 69.] 34 Stat., 88.
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An act leasing and demising certain lands in La Plata County, Colorado, to the P. F. U. Rubber Company.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following-described tract of land, situated in the county of La Plata, in the State of Colorado, to wit, the fractional section three U; lots one, two, and three of fractional section four U; east half and east half of west half of section nine U; west half and west half of east half of section ten U; south-west quarter of southwest quarter of section eleven U; west half of

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west half of section fourteen; all of sections fifteen and sixteen; east half of northeast quarter and south half of section seventeen; east half of southwest quarter, southeast quarter, and north half of section twenty; north half of northeast quarter, southwest quarter of northeast quarter, northwest quarter of southeast quarter, and west half of section twenty-one; west half of section twenty-eight; southeast quarter of section twenty-nine; all of section thirty-two, and west half of section thirty-three, containing five thousand four hundred and ten and fifty-five one-hundredths acres, more or less, all in township thirty-four north, range eleven west, New Mexico principal meridian, Colorado, excepting therefrom lands covered by any valid subsisting right, be, and is hereby, set apart and withdrawn from entry or settlement under any of the land laws of the United States. And the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized, directed, and empowered to lease and demise to the P. F. U. Rubber Company, a Michigan corporation, and its successors and assigns, for and during the full period of ten years from and after the approval of this act, for its and their sole and exclusive use, for the purpose, however, of an experimental farm on which to plant, improve, and harvest the plant known as the pinguay weed, or similar rubber producing plants or shrubs, with permission to the said P. F. U. Rubber Company, its successors and assigns, to erect and construct thereon such buildings, machinery, and fences, and to construct and make such ditches, flumes, canals, roads, telegraph, telephone, and power transmission lines, tracks, and trails over the said lands and over and upon the public lands adjacent thereto, as may be necessary or proper for the uses and purposes herein set forth, subject, however, to the power and right in the Secretary of the Interior to require the removal, change of location, character, or nature of any of the said structures or improvements, and with full power, right, and authority to gather and collect said plants, shrubs, and weeds, and remove the same, and also to make any beneficial use of said lands not inconsistent with the limitations and conditions herein contained, in furtherance only, however, of the uses and purposes of said experimental farm. The said lease to be in consideration of such annual rental therefor as the Secretary of the Interior may, in his discretion deem best, at not less than three cents an acre, the amount thereof for the term of said lease to be fixed and determined prior to the execution thereof, and the compensation thereunder to be received to be held by the Secretary of the Interior for the use and benefit of the Southern Ute Indians. And it shall be further stipulated in said lease that said P. F. U. Rubber Company shall, in so far as it may be reasonably practicable so to do, employ and prefer in the work and labor to be done on said premises suitable and competent Indians, without limiting the rights of the said P. F. U. Rubber Company to employ such other labor as may at any time be necessary or expedient to carry on said operations.

SEC. 2

That the President of the United States may at any time during said period of ten years, at his discretion, terminate and cancel this lease by revoking the same and the annulling thereof in case the said experiment proposed or the use to be made of said lands shall be unsatisfactory to the Secretary of the Interior; or the President may, in his discretion, convey all of said lands, or any part thereof, by patenting the same to said rubber company, its successors and assigns, in fee and absolutely without restrictions, upon payment to the United States of America of at such price as the Secretary of the Interior may fix not less than one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre therefor, for the sole and exclusive use and benefit, however, of the Southern Ute Indians.

SEC. 3

That nothing herein contained shall grant or convey or be held to grant or convey to said company, its successors or assigns,

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during such time as it or they may hold said lands under the lease hereby authorized, any right, license, or privilege to take or remove from said premises, or any part thereof, any growing timber, stone, clay, ore, metals, or minerals of any kind or nature whatsoever, save and except such timber and stone as may be necessary for the immediate use of said company, its successors and assigns, in the building, erection, or maintenance of such fences, flumes, ditches, roads, telephone, telegraph, and power transmission lines, buildings, and machinery: Provided, however, That no patent shall issue for the said land or any part thereof until the Secretary of the Interior shall ascertain by such examination, prospecting, and mineral tests as he may deem necessary and proper the existence of any valuable and merchantable deposits of coal or other mineral upon such premises; and any such merchantable deposits of coal or other mineral so determined, together with the right of ingress or egress, shall be excluded from said patent. The right of entry and egress for the purposes of such examinations and tests shall further be reserved in said lease.

SEC. 4

That the rights and privileges hereby granted shall not be sold, assigned, transferred, or conveyed to any person or persons, firm, or corporation whatsoever, save and except upon the express permission in writing of the Secretary of the Interior. And in case of any violation of this provision the lease and privileges hereby granted shall at once and forever cease and determine.

Approved, March 27, 1906.

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