Vol. III, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1913)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1913.

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Deed to William Penn
Agreement, State of Pennsylvania with Six Nations, 1789
Deed to State of Pennsylvania, 1789
Unratified treaty with Tuscarora Nation, 1803
Unratified agreement with Gros Ventres, 1863
Unratified agreement with Shawnees, 1867
Unratified agreement with River Crows, 1868
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July 15, 1682. Pennsylvania Archives, p. 47.

This Indenture, made the ffifteenth day of July, in the years of or Lord, according to English Accompt, one Thousand Six Hundred Eightye Two, Between Idquahon, Ieanottowe, Idquoquequon, Sahoppe for himselfe and Okonikon, Merkekowon Orecton for Nannacussey, Shaurwawghon, Swanpisse, Nahoosey, Tomakhickon, Westkekitt & Tohawsis, Indyan Sachamakers of ye one pte, And William Penn, Esqr, Chief Proprietor of the Province of Pennsylvania of the other pte: Witnesseth that for and in Consideracon of the sumes and particulars of Goods, merchandizes, and vtensills herein after mentioned and expressed, (That is to say,) Three Hundred and ffifty ffathams of Wampam, Twenty white Blankits, Twenty ffathams fo Strawd waters, Sixty ffathams of Duffields, Twenty Kettles, ffower whereof large, Twenty Gunns, Twenty Coates, fforty Shirts, fforty payre of Stockings, fforty Howes, fforty Axes, Two Barrells of Powder, Two Hundred Barres of Lead, Two Hundred Knives, Two Hundred small Glasses, Twelve payre of Shooes, fforty Copper Boxes, fforty Tobacco Tonngs, Two small Barrells of Pipes, fforty payre of Sissors, fforty Combes, Twenty ffower pounds of Red Lead, one Hundred Aules, Two handfulls of ffish-hooks, Two handfulls of needles, fforty pounds of Shott, Tenne Bundles of Beads, Tenne small Saws, Twelve drawing knives, ffower anchers of Tobacco, Two anchers of Rumme, Two anchers of Syder, Two anchers of Beere, And Three Hundred Gilders, by the said William Penn, his Agents or Assigns, to the said Indyan Sachmakers, for the use of them and their People, at and before Sealing and delivery hereof in hand paid and delivered, whereof and wherewith they the said Sachemakers doe hereby acknowledge themselves fully satisfyed, Contented and paid. The said Indyan Sachamakers, (parties to these presents,) As well for and on behalfe of themselves as for and on the behalfe of their Respective Indyans or People for whom they are concerned, Have Granted, Bargained, sold and delivered, And by these presents doe fully, clearly and absolutely Grant, bargayne, sell and deliver vnto the sayd William Penn, his Heirs and Assignes forever, All that or Those Tract or Tracts of Land lyeing and being in the Province of Pennsylvania aforesaid, Beginning at a certaine white oake in the Land now in the tenure of John Wood, and by him called the Gray Stones over against the ffalls of Dellaware River, And soe from thence up by the River side to a corner marked Spruce Tree with the letter P at the ffoot of a mountayne, And from the sayd corner marked Spruce Tree along by the Ledge or ffoot of the mountaines west north west to a corner white oake, marked with the letter P, standing by the Indyan Path that Leads to an Indyan Towne called Playwickey, and near the head of a Creek called Towsissinck, And from thence westward to the Creek called Neshammonys Creek, And along by the sayd Neshammonyes Creek unto the River Dellaware, alias Makeriskhickon; And soe bounded by the sayd mayne River to the Sayd first mentioned white oake in John Wood’s Land; And all those Islands called or knowne by the severall names of Mattinicunk Island, Sepassincks Island, and Orecktons Island, lying or being in the sayd River Dellaware, Togeather alsoe with all and singular Isles, Islands, Rivers, Rivoletts, Creeks, Waters, Ponds, Lakes, Plaines, Hills Mountaynes, Meadows, Marrishes, Swamps, Trees, Woods, Mynes, minerals and Appurtennces whatsoever to the sayd Tract or Tracts of Land belonging or in any wise Apperteyning; And the reverson and reversons, Remaindr. and remaindrs. thereof, And all the Estate, Right, Tytle, Interest, vse, pperty, Clayme and demand whatsoever, as well as them the sayd Indyan

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Sachamakers (Ptyes to these presents) as of all and every other the Indyans concerned therein or in any pte. or Pcel. thereof. To have and to hold the sayd Tract or Tracts of Land, Islands, and all and every other the sayd Granted premises, with their and every of their Appurtennces vnto the sayd William Penn, his Heires and Assigns forever, To the only pper vse & Behoofe of the sayd William Penn, his Heirs and Assignes, forevermore. And the sayd Indyan Sachamakers and their Heirs and successors, and every of them, the sayd Indyan Sachamakers and their Heires and successors, and every of them, the sayd Tract or Tracts of Land, Islands, and all and every other the sayd Granted pmisses, with their and every of their Appurtennces unto the sayd William Penn, his Heires and Assignes forever, against them the sayd Indyan Sachamakers, their Heires and successors, and against all and every Indyan and Indyans and their Heires and successors, Clayming or to Clayme, any Right, Tytle or Estate, into or out of the sayd Granted prmisses, or any pte. or prcel. thereof, shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents; In witness whereof the said Prtyes. to these present Indentures Interchangeably have sett their hands and seals the day and yeare ffirst above written, 1682.

The (x) mark of
The (x) mark of
Deputy Govr. to Wm. Penn, Esqr.

Sealed and Delivered in ye presence of


First day of August, 1682.

Att ye house of Capt. Lasse Cock.

Wee, whose names are underwritten, for our Selves and in name and behalfe of the rest of the within mentioned Shackamachers, in respect of a mistake in the first bargaine betwixt us and the within named Wm. Penn, of the number of tenn gunns more than are mentioned in the within deed when we should then have received, doe now acknowledge the receipt of the saide tenn gunns from the said Wm. Penn; And whereas in the said deed there is certaine mention made of three hundred and fifte fathom Wampum, not expressing the quality thereof, wee yrfore for our Selves, and in behalfe also do declare the same to be one halfe whyt wampum and the other halfe black wampum; And we, Peperappamand, Pyterhay and Eytepamatpetts, Indian Shachamakers, who were the first owners of ye Land called Soepassincks, & of ye island of ye same name, and who did not formerlie Sign and Seal ye within deed, nor were present when the same was done, doe now by signing and sealing hereof Ratefie, approve and confirm ye within named deed and the ye partition of ye Lands within mentioned writen and confirm thereof in all ye points, clauses, and articles of ye same, and doe declare our now sealing hereof to be as valid, effectual and sufficient for ye conveyance of ye whole Lands, and of here within named to ye sd. Wm. Penn, his heirs and assigns, for evermore, as if we had their with the other named Shachamakers signed and sealed in ye same.

The (x) mark of

Sign and Sealed and delivered in prnce of us,


[A duplicate of this is also in the office without the addition of August 1st, 1682, some portions very indistinct. See Smith’s Laws, vol. 11, p. 109.]

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