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Chapter 205
Section 2

Margin Notes
Chap. 205 Confederated Ote and Missouri Indian lands, Nebr. and Kans. Adjustment of sales.
    See note to 1881, c. 128, ante, p.190.
Chap. 205 Consent of Indians.
Chap. 205 Regulations.
Chap. 205 Rebates on purchases.
Chap. 205 Proviso. Maximum.
Sec. 2 Records of rebates.
Sec. 2 Notice of amounts due.
Sec. 2 Resale on default of payments due.
Sec. 2 Payment of rebates, etc.

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Chapter 205
    Mar. 3, 1893. | 27 Stat., 568.
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An act to provide for the adjustment of certain sales of lands in the late reservation of the confederated Otoe and Missouria tribes of Indians in the States of Nebraska and Kansas.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to revise and adjust on principles of equity the sales of lands in the late reservation of the confederated Otoe and Missouria tribes of Indians in the States of Nebraska and Kansas, provided by the act of Congress approved March third, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, to be appraised and sold in the manner specified in said act, and which were sold at public sales at the land office at Beatrice, Nebraska, in May and December, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, and in his discretion, the consent of the Indians having first been obtained, in such manner and under such regulations as the Secretary of the Interior shall prescribe and approve, to allow to the purchasers of said lands at said public sales, their heirs and legal representatives, rebates of the amounts, respectively, paid, or agreed to be paid, by said purchasers: Provided, That such rebates shall in no case exceed the price for which said tracts of land were severally sold in excess of the appraised value thereof, as shown by the appraisement made by the commissioners appointed and designated under said act.

SEC. 2

As soon as practicable after such adjustments, such rebates, if any shall be allowed, shall be severally indorsed on the certificates and receipts of purchase, and on the records of the General Land Office, and the Secretary of the Interior shall cause notice to be given to said purchasers, severally, of the amounts of the deferred payments found to be due and unpaid on their respective purchases under such adjustments. And in default of the payment in cash of the amounts thus found to be severally due within one year from the date of the issuance of such notice, with interest thereon from the date of such adjustments, the entries of any of said purchases so in default shall be canceled and the lands shall be resold at no less than the appraised price, and in no case less than two dollars and fifty cents per acre, as provided in said act; and where lands have been fully paid for and rebate of the purchase money has been allowed by the Secretary of the Interior, he shall pay said money, within three months, to said purchaser, his heirs or legal representatives, out of any money in the Treasury derived from the fund received from the sale of said lands; the same to be paid on the requisition of the Secretary of the Interior.

Approved, March 3, 1893.

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