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Chapter 240
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Margin Notes
Chap. 240 Establishment of Indian schools in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota.
Chap. 240 Cost for each school.
Chap. 240 Proviso. Limitation.
Sec. 2 Secretary of Interior may select, etc., land for schools.
Sec. 2 Limit.
Sec. 2 Withdrawal from entry, etc.
Sec. 2 Condemnation, etc. if necessary.
Sec. 2 Buildings, etc.
Sec. 2 Proviso. Sites.
Sec. 2 In Minnesota.
Sec. 2 In Michigan.
Sec. 2 In Wisconsin.
Sec. 3 Appropriation.
Sec. 3 Purposes, etc.

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Chapter 240
    Feb. 16, 1891. | 26 Stat., 764.
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An act for the construction and completion of suitable school buildings for Indian industrial schools in Wisconsin and other States.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior be, and is hereby, authorized and directed to cause one Indian industrial or training school to be established in each of the States of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota, at a cost not exceeding thirty thousand dollars for each school, said schools to be as near as practicable moulded on the plan of the Indian school at Carlisle, Pennsylvania: Provided, however, That no such school shall be established on any Indian reservation whereon Indians are located under an agent.

SEC. 2

That the Secretary of the Interior may select any part or portion of the non-mineral public domain of the United States in either of said States, which he may deem necessary and suitable, not exceeding six hundred and forty acres, and may, by appropriate order in that behalf made and recorded in the General Land Office, perpetually withdraw such land from sale and entry and dedicate the same to use as a site for such industrial or training school; and if such portion of the public domain is not found available or suitably located, then the Secretary of the Interior may secure title by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise of a tract of land not less than two hundred acres for each of said schools, and upon the site thus selected, acquired, or purchased the Secretary of the Interior shall cause to be erected such buildings and improvements as may in his judgment be best adapted to the purpose in view: Provided, That the site for said buildings in the various States shall be as follows:

In Minnesota, on the Pipestone Reservation;

In Michigan, in the county of Isabella;

In Wisconsin, near some railroad from which all the reservations may be conveniently reached.

SEC. 3

That the sum of seventy-five thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be expended by the Secretary of the Interior for the purchase of necessary ground and the erection thereon of buildings, and for such other purposes as he may deem proper in the execution of the provisions of this act, to establish in each of such States a school for the industrial and general education of Indian youth, and at the places in said States herein designated or which may hereafter be designated by the Secretary of the Interior in conformity with the provisions of this act.

Approved, February 16, 1891.

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