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Chapter 1271
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Margin Notes
Chap. 1271 Round Valley Indian Reservation, Cal. Agricultural lands to be allotted in severalty to Indians.
    Ante, p. 33.
Chap. 1271 Provisos. Quantities to be allotted.
Chap. 1271 Reservation for agency, school, and mission.
Chap. 1271 Grazing and timber lands.
Chap. 1271 Commission to select.
Sec. 2 Appraisement of agricultural lands.
    17 Stat., 634.
Sec. 2 Report.
Sec. 2 Payment.
Sec. 2 Title to vest in the United States.
Sec. 2 Removal of occupants.
Sec. 3 Survey, remainder of grazing and timber lands.
Sec. 3 Appraisement by commission.
Sec. 3 Sale of lands.
Sec. 3 Persons owning improvements to have preference.
Sec. 3 Payment for improvements.
Sec. 4 Proceeds of sale to be placed to credit of Indians.
Sec. 4 Interest.
Sec. 4 Proviso. Use of principal.
Sec. 5 Appropriation for expenses.
Sec. 6 Repeal.

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Chapter 1271
    Oct. 1, 1890. | 26 Stat., 658.
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An act to provide for the reduction of the Round Valley Indian Reservation, in the State of California, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States be, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to cause the agricultural lands in the Round Valley Indian Reservation, in the State of California, to be surveyed into ten-acre tracts, and to allot the same in severalty to the Indians belonging thereon, under the provisions of the act of Congress approved February eighth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, entitled “An act to provide for the allotment of lands in severalty to Indians on the various reservations, and to extend the protection of the laws of the United States and the Territories; over the Indians, and for other purposes:”, Provided, That he may cause said agricultural lands to be allotted in such quantities and to such classes as he may deem expedient and for the best interests of said Indians: And provided further, That a sufficient quantity of said agricultural lands shall be reserved for agency, school, and mission purposes. In addition to the allotments of agricultural lands to said Indians in severalty, there shall be reserved a reasonable amount of grazing and timber lands for their use, to be used by said Indians in common, or the President may at any time, in his discretion, cause the same to be allotted in severalty under the provisions of said act of February eighth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, in such quantities and to such classes as he may deem expedient. Said grazing and timber lands shall be selected by a commission of three disinterested persons to be selected by the President.

SEC. 2

That said commission shall appraise the value of any and all tracts of agricultural lands within the Round Valley Indian Reservation, with the improvements thereon, which have become the property of individuals by purchase from the State of California or from persons deriving title from said State, and shall also appraise the value of

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all improvements made by private persons or firms, before the third day of March, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, upon any of the lands included in the reservation as established under the act of Congress approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, other than those actually disposed of by said State of California, and within the lands selected and retained for the Indians, under the provisions of this act, and shall report the same to the Secretary of the Interior, who shall cause payment to be made for such appraised lands and the improvements thereon, and also for such improvements as may be located upon the lands selected for the Indians in common, or upon any of the unappraised agricultural lands within the reservation, as hereby established, to the proper owners thereof, out of the money hereinafter appropriated. Upon payment of the appraised value of such appraised lands and improvements, or upon tender of payment, the title to said lands shall become vested in the United States, and all persons to whom such payment or tender of payment shall be made, and all persons claiming through or under them, shall immediately remove from the reservation as herein established, and upon failure to remove within a period of sixty days after said payment or tender of payment, the military forces of the United States, if necessary, may be employed to effect their removal.

SEC. 3

That the remainder of the grazing and timber lands included in the reservation as at present existing shall be surveyed into tracts of six hundred and forty acres each, and the boundary lines of the reserved lands shall be run and properly marked. Upon the completion of said surveys the said remainder of the grazing and timber lands shall be appraised in tracts of six hundred and forty acres each by a commission of three disinterested persons, to be appointed by the President, which commission shall also appraise all improvements placed upon said tracts before the third day of March, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and determine the ownership thereof. The said appraisements shall be subject to approval by the Secretary of the Interior. The said lands when surveyed and appraised shall be sold at the proper land-office of the United States, by the register thereof, at public sale, after due notice, to the highest bidder, at a price not less than the appraised value, and not less than one dollar and a quarter per acre. Each purchaser at such sale shall pay the full purchase price at the time of purchase. Any person or persons having appraised improvements upon any of said tracts shall have preference right to purchase the tract or tracts upon which said improvements are located at the appraised value thereof. Upon failure of any such person or persons to purchase a tract upon which his or their improvements are located, said tract and improvements shall be sold at not less than the appraised value, and an amount equal to the appraised value of the improvements shall be paid to the owner or owners of such improvements.

SEC. 4

That the funds arising from the sale of said reservation lands, after paying the expenses of survey, appraisement, and sale, and re-imbursing the United States for payment of lands and improvements, as provided in section two of this act, shall be placed in the Treasury of the United States to the credit of said Indians, and the same shall draw such rate of interest as is now or may be hereafter provided by law, which income shall be annually expended for the benefit of said Indians, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior: Provided, That an amount not exceeding one-tenth of the principal sum may be also expended for their benefit during any fiscal year, if deemed necessary by the Secretary of the Interior.

SEC. 5

That the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, be, and the same hereby is, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated,

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for the payment of the expenses of the survey, appraisement, and sale of said lands, and for the appraisement of lands, and improvements, and payment of the same.

SEC. 6

That all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed.

Approved, October 1, 1890.

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