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Chapter 200

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Chap. 200 Potawatomi Indians. Patent to, confirmed.
   Vol. 2, p. 825.
   Vol. 2, p. 972.
Chap. 200 Proviso.

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Chapter 200
    June 14, 1878. | 20 Stat., 542.
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An act to legalize certain patents issued to members of the Pottawatomie tribe of Indians.a

aClaims of the Potawatomi are referred to the Court of Claims by the following acts: March 3, 1885, chapter 341 (23 Stat., 372); March 19, 1890, chapter 39 (post, p. 348); March 3, 1891, chapter 543 (post, p. 408); and a further claim by the same act, (post, p. 414).

Provisions relative to the Citizens Band will be found in the act of March 3, 1891, chapter 543, ratifying an agreement with that band, and in the acts of August 15, 1894, chapter 290 (post, p. 520), and May 31, 1900, chapter 598 (post, p. 701).

Payments are authorized to be made to the Potawatomi in Kansas by joint resolution of April 6, 1892 (post, p. 457), and the sale of the Kansas lands is provided by the act of February 28, 1899, chapter 222 (post, p. 680), repealing sections 10 and 11 of the act of March 2, 1895, chapter 188 (28 Stat., 909).

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the patents issued April fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, to certain Pottawatomic Indians in the State of Kansas, under the third article of the treaty between the United States and the Pottawatomie tribe of Indians, of November fifteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, and the sixth and eighth articles of the treaty between the United States and said tribe of Indians, concluded February twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, be, and the same are hereby declared to be, valid and in full force and effect to the same extent as they would have been had said patentees become naturalized citizens of the United States prior to the issuing of said patents: Provided, That this act shall only apply to patents for lands for which conveyances have been made in good faith by the patentees subsequent to the issuing of their patents.

Approved, June 14, 1878.

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