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Chapter 167

Margin Notes
Chap. 167 Certain settlers upon and occupants of certain New York Indian lands in Kansas may purchase them.
Chap. 167 Value, how ascertained.
Chap. 167 Patents.
Chap. 167 Entries to be made within two years.
Chap. 167 Purchase money to be held in trust for the Indians, etc.
   23 June, 1874,
   c. 472, 18 Stat., 273.
   17 Apr., 1878,
   c. 59, 20 Stat., 36.
Chap. 167 Certain Indians may have patents.

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Chapter 167
    Feb. 19, 1873. | 17 Stat., 466.
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An act to provide for the sale of certain New York Indian lands in Kansas.a

aThe foregoing act is amended by the acts of June 23, 1874, 18 Stat., 273, extending the time for payment to two years, and April 17, 1878, post, p. 173, providing for the proof of the identity of Indian allottees.

The act of September 30, 1890, post, p. 368, makes provision for the sale of these lands, repealing all parts of the above acts inconsistent with its provisions.

By the act of January 28, 1893, post, p. 460, the claims of the New York Indians were referred to the Court of Claims. See 170 U. S., 1, and 173 U. S., 464.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That those persons being heads of families or single persons over twenty-one years of age who have made settlement and improvement upon, and are bona-fide

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claimants of, and occupants of, either in person or by tenants, the lands in Kansas which were allotted to certain New York Indians, and for which certificates of allotment, dated the fourteenth day of September, eighteen hundred and sixty, for three hundred and twenty acres of land each were issued to thirty-two of said Indians, shall be, and hereby are, authorized and permitted to enter and purchase at the proper land-office said lands so occupied by them, in tracts not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres, according to the Government surveys, on paying therefor in lawful money of the United States the appraised value of said tracts respectively, to be ascertained by three disinterested and competent appraisers, to be appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, who shall examine in person each tract and report under oath its value, exclusive of improvements; and patents shall issue to them therefor as in other cases, but no sale shall be made under this act for less than three dollars and seventy-five cents per acre; and the Secretary of the Interior shall prescribe such regulations as may be necessary to carry this act into effect according to the intent thereof, and such entries shall be made within two years from the time such regulations shall be promulgated, and the moneys that shall arise from such sales shall be paid into the Treasury of the United States, in trust for, and to be paid to, said Indians respectively, to whom said certificates were issued, or to their heirs, upon satisfactory proof of their identity to the Secretary of the Interior, at any time within five years from the passage of this act; and in case such proof is not made within the time specified, then the proceeds of such sales, or so much thereof as shall not have been paid under the provisions of this act, shall become a part of the public moneys of the United States: Provided, That any Indian to whom any of said certificates was issued, and who is now occupying the land allotted thereby, shall be entitled to receive a patent therefor.

Approved, February 19, 1873.

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