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Chapter 469
Section 4766

Margin Notes
Sec. 4766 Pensions to be paid only to pensioners in person.
    Substitute for R. S. 4766; R. S. 4765.
Sec. 4766 Assignment, etc., not recognized.
Sec. 4766 Pensioners under disabilities and in foreign countries, how paid.
Sec. 4766 Insane or imprisoned pensioners payment may be made to wife or guardian of children.
Sec. 4766 Indian pensioners may be paid in standard silver.
Sec. 4766 Payments in cash, when may be made.
    R. S. 4784.
Sec. 4766 Commissioner of Pensions may examine agencies or medical boards or surgeons.

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Chapter 469
    Aug. 3, 1882. | 22 Stat., 373.
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An act to amend section forty seven hundred and sixty six, title fifty seven, of the Revised Statutes of the United States.

Be it enacted, &c., That section forty-seven hundred and sixty-six, title fifty seven, of the Revised Statutes of the United States is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

SEC. 4766

“Hereafter no pension shall be paid to any person other than the pensioner entitled thereto, nor otherwise than according to the provisions of this title;

And no warrant, power of attorney, or other paper executed or purporting to be executed by any pensioner to any attorney, claim agent, broker, or other person shall be recognized by any agent for the payment of pensions, nor shall any pension be paid thereon;

But the payment to persons laboring under legal disabilities may be made to the guardians of such persons in the manner herein prescribed, and pensions payable to persons in foreign countries may be made according to the provisions of existing laws:

Provided, That in case of an insane invalid pensioner having no guardian, but having a wife or children dependent upon him (the wife being a woman of good character), the Commissioner of Pensions is hereby authorized, in his discretion, to cause the pension to be paid to the wife, upon her properly-executed voucher, or in case there is no wife, to the guardian of the children, upon the properly-executed voucher of such guardian, and in like manner to cause the pension of invalid pensioners who are or may hereafter be imprisoned as punishment for offenses against the laws to be paid while so imprisoned to their wives or the guardians of their children.

And pensions to Indian pensioners residing in the Indian Territory may be paid in person by the pension agent, upon a suitable voucher, at some convenient point in said Territory, which, together with the form and manner of identification of the pensioners, may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior; such payments to be made in standard silver, at least once in each current year.

And payments in person shall be made to the pensioner, in cash, by the pension agent whenever in the discretion of the Commissioner of Pensions such personal payments shall be by him deemed necessary or proper to secure to the pensioner his rights; and the necessary and actual expenses of such pension agent in making such payment shall be paid by the Secretary of the Interior upon properly-executed vouchers, out of the contingent fund appropriated for the use of the Pension Office.

The Commissioner of Pensions may, when in his judgment it shall be deemed necessary or proper, visit in person, for the purpose of examination and inspection, or may send any one or more of the officers of his bureau for that purpose, any of the pension agencies or medical examining boards or surgeons; and the necessary and actual expenses of such visits shall be paid by the Secretary of the Interior, upon properly executed vouchers, out of the contingent fund of said bureau. [August 8, 1882.]

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