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Anchor D Ranch

Bar X Ranch

Barbed Wire, Drift Fences and Roundup

Big V Ranch


Braum's Dairy

Cattle Drives

Cattle Industry

Cattlemen's Protective Association Of Indian Territory

Cherokee Stockman's Protective and Detective Assn.

Cherokee Strip Livestock Assn.

Cheyenne and Arapaho Cattle Co.

Chisolm Trail

Cow-calf Operations

Dairy Industry

Drift Fences

Drummond Ranch


Great Western Trail

Halsell, William and Ewing

Hazford Rupert 81st

Hitch Ranch

Hog Industry

Hook Nine Ranch

Horse Industry

Hoots Ranch (formerly 3D Ranch)

Johnson, Montford T.

Jones and Plummer Trail

Jones, Wilson Nathaniel

Mayes, Samuel Houston

Meyer Ranch

Miller Brothers 101 Ranch

Muskogee and Seminole Livestock Assn.

Neff, Boss Sebastian

Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association


Pecan Grove Ranch

Penner Ranch

Poultry Industry

Prairie Cattle Company

Ranch Farming

Ranch Rodeos


Ranching, American Indian

Red Fork Ranch


Seven BC (7BC) Ranch

Seven Hundred (700) Ranch

Severs, Frederick Ballard

Shawnee Trail

Sheep Industry

Skinner, Nathaniel

Stuart Ranch

Telle, Alinton

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Assn.

Texas Fever Programs

Three D (3D) Ranch Now Hoots Ranch

Turner, Clarence W.

UF Ranch


Zink Ranch

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