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Industry & Business

Aero Commander

Aviation Manufacturing


Automotive Manufacturing

Bama Companies

Banking Industry

Barde, Fred

Bass, Henry B.

Benham Engineering

Boardman Co.

Brick Manufacturing

Broom Factories


Colonial Bakery

Cotton Gins

Cottonseed Industry

Daily Oklahoman

Ditch Witch

Edwards, Walter

Electric Cooperatives

Electrical Power

Flintco (Tulsa Rig, Reel and Manufacturing Co.)

Frankoma Pottery

Fred Jones Manufacturing Co.

Frontiers of Science Foundation of Oklahoma, Inc.

Gaylord, Edward K.

General Motors Assembly Plant

Glass Manufacturing

Goff, Fred

Goldman, Sylvan

Gould, Chester

Grain Elevators

Grand River Dam Authority

Greer, Frank H.

Griffin Foods

Hall, Lola

Harlow, Rex

Harlow, Victor

Harlow's Weekly


Hartz, James

Harvey, Paul

Health Care Industry

Industrial Workers of the World

Jansky, Karl


John Zink Company

Journal Record

Klein Iron and Foundry

Kroutil, John


Labor, Organized

Lorton, Eugene

Lowrance Electronics, Inc.

Lyons, Sidney


Manhattan Construction Co.


Mauldin, Bill

May Brothers Department Stores

Mayo Brothers

McMaster's Oklahoma Magazine

Meat Packing Industry

Mid-Continent Refinery Strike

Miller, Paul

Milling Industry

Nuclear Power



Oklahoma Academy of Science

Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission

Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology

Oklahoma Economy

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. (OG&E)

Oklahoma Health Center

Oklahoma Highways Publications

Oklahoma Industrial Development Department

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Oklahoma National Stockyards

Oklahoma Publishing Company (OPUBCO)

Oklahoma Press Assn.

Oklahoma Rural News

Oklahoma State Federation of Labor

Oklahoma Today


Outdoor Oklahoma

Penn Square Bank

Printing and Publishing Industry

Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO)


Retail and Wholesale Trade

Samuel R. Noble Foundation

Shawnee Mills

Shirley Trading Co.

Snow, Clyde


Southwestern Bell

Strikes, Labor

Sturm's Oklahoma Magazine

Telephone Industry



Trade Days

Tulsa Oil and Gas Journal

Tulsa Rig, Reel and Manufacturing Co.(Flintco)

Tulsa Tribune

Tulsa World

Twin-Territorial Federation of Labor

University of Oklahoma Press

Walton, Sam

Wewoka Trading Co.


World's Fairs

Zink, John Smith

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