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Civil War, 1861-1865

Cabin Creek, Battle of

Camp Napoleon Council

Camp Nichols

Camp Pike

Choctaw-Chickasaw Regiment of Mounted Rifles

Chustenahlah, Battle of

Chusto Talasa, Battle of

Civil War Era

Civil War Refugees

Cooper, Douglas

Cowskin Prairie Council

Drew, John

First and Second Union Brigades

First Cherokee Mounted Rifles

First Indian Calvary Brigade (CSA)

Folsom, Sampson

Fort Davis

Fort McCulloch

Fort Smith Council

Fort Wayne, Battle of

Free Companies

Honey Springs, Battle of

Indian Expedition (1862)

Indian Home Guard

Indian Territory Military District (CSA)

Locust Grove, Battle of

McIntosh, Chilly

McIntosh, Daniel

Middle Boggy, Battle of

Pea Ridge, Battle of

Pegg, Thomas

Perryville, Battle of

Pike, Albert

Pin Indians

Quantrill's Raiders

Ross, William P.

Round Mountain, Battle of

Second Indian Cavalry Brigade

Territory of Oklahoma

Tonkawa Massacre

Walker, Tandy

Watie, Stand

Watie's Regiment

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