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A small, incorporated town adjacent to Oklahoma City and Del City in Oklahoma County, Smith Village was created as a rural residential area circa 1949 by Rose Henrietta Smith of Oklahoma City. Inheriting a twenty-acre farm, she subdivided it into lots and created a housing development, Rose Smith Addition. It encompasses three-tenths of a square mile. The town is bounded on the west by Oklahoma City (Bryant Avenue) and on the north, east, and west by Del City (Southeast Fourteenth Street, Brookdale, and Southeast Fifteenth Street).

When Del City attempted to annex the addition in 1952, its residents voted to incorporate. This was accomplished in November 1952. Smith Village's 1960 population stood at 93. As there has been no commercial development, the 2000 population of 40 inhabitants occupy themselves in services, sales, construction, and factory work in the surrounding metropolitan area. A town government is elected on an irregular basis. Del City provides water and sewer services.


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