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The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission is a state agency created ". . . to encourage, foster, and assist in the development of aeronautics in the state and to encourage the establishment of airports and air navigation facilities." Other mandates include promoting aerospace safety and education.

A predecessor of the Aeronautics Commission came into being in 1931 when the secretary of the Highway Commission was additionally appointed "aircraft officer." The secretary and an advisory committee were charged with enforcement of legislation concerning state regulation of aviation. The Oklahoma Aviation Commission, created in 1945, was activated in 1947 by Gov. Roy Turner, an aviation enthusiast. In 1963 that commission was replaced by the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission under the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. The Aeronautics Commission became an independent state agency in 2002.

The present commission is made up of seven members, six of which are appointed by the governor from congressional districts, with two appointed at-large. Aside from promoting aerospace development, the agency conducts systems planning of the aerospace infrastructure and provides grants for airport development and aerospace education.


BIBLIOGRAPHY: Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission, Annual Report for the Fiscal Year 2002 (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission, 2003). Mukesh Patel, Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission History (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission, 1993).

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