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About the Encyclopedia Project

Planning for The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture began in summer 1998. Several advisory groups, including a committee of consulting editors, were impaneled to study a proper course, shape an outline of intellectual content, and review submissions. Financial assistance in 2001-2006 was provided by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities (Division of Preservation and Access, Reference Materials).

Entries were prepared for the Encyclopedia by project staff, by OHS Pubications Division staff, and by more than five hundred university-based scholars and independent historians and scholars.

A two volume print addition of The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture was published in 2009 by the Oklahoma Historical Society.


Encyclopedia Staff:

Editor: Dianna Everett

Assistant Editors: Larry O’Dell, Linda D. Wilson, Jon D. May


Staff Writers:

Cynthia Savage, Thomas Hedglen


About the Oklahoma Historical Society

The Oklahoma Historical Society is both an agency of the State of Oklahoma and a 6,000-member private, nonprofit organization. In addition to publishing scholarly works, the Society publishes the quarterly historical journal The Chronicles of Oklahoma. Address correspondence to Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr., Oklahoma City, OK, 73105.

The online version of The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture has been a joint project of the Oklahoma Historical Society and the Oklahoma State University Library Electronic Publishing Center since 2002.



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