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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 20, No. 4
December, 1942

By Kenneth Kaufman

Page 401

Cowboy Fisherman-Hunter, by L. C. Mersfelder. Lowell Press. $2.50.

This Great Argument: A Study of Milton's "De Doctrina Christiana" as a gloss upon "Paradise Lost," by Maurice Kelley. Princeton University Press. $4.

Oklahoma: A Guide to the Sooner State, edited by John M. Oskison and Angie Debo. University of Oklahoma Press. $2.50.

Apache Prophet, by J. L. Hefley. Oklahoma City University Press.

Through My Window, by Mary W. Nations. Privately printed.

The World Overcoming The World, by E. C. Routh. Broadman Press.

Who Killed Pat Hennessey? by Tom McGee. Times-Journal Company.

Showers for Brides and Babies, by Nina L. and Eudora V. Pond. Medford Publishing Company. $2.

Going to God's Country, by Martha L. Smith. Christopher Publishing House. $1.75.

Piang, The Moro Chieftain, by F. P. Stuart. Julian Messner, Inc. $2.

The Road to Disappearance, by Angie Debo. University of Oklahoma Press. $3.50.

The Firedrake, by Elgin Groseclose. Lippincott. $2.50.

Old M'Donald Had a Farm, by Angus McDonald. Houghton Mifflin. $2.75.

Dust Above the Sage, by Vingle E. Roe. M. S. Mill. $2.

Forward to the Land, by Elmer T. Peterson. University of Oklahoma Press. $2.75.

The Derby Dixienary, by Susan B. Rutherford. Privately printed. $1.

Cow Country, by Edward Everett Dale. University of Oklahoma Press. $2.75.

A History of Oklahoma, by Grant Foreman. University of Oklahoma Press. $3.50.

Tween Us Gals, by Nadine Heiden. Kaleidograph Press. $1.50.

Measure of a Man, by Dora Aydelotte. Appleton-Century. $2.

The Ruby Knot, by Tom McGee. Privately printed. 50c.

Page 402

Public Relations for Higher Education, by Stewart Harrel. University of Oklahoma Press. $3.

The Finished Scholar, by William H. Murray. Dorance and Company. $1.

Ernest Toller: Product of Two Revolutions, by W. A. Willibrand. Co-operative Books. 50c.

Tick O' Tock, by Winnie Belle Sparks. Clover Printing Company.

Marketing, by Floyd L. Vaughan. Farrar & Rinehart. $3.50.

Prairie Born, by Anne Semple. Kaleidograph Press. $1.50.

Red Arrows, by Irene Burns. Privately printed. 50c.

Babylon The Great, by Bruce Corbin. Truth Publishing Company. $1.

A Subject and Limited Author Index to the Reader's Digest, by Carney O. Dean. Motter Bookbinding Company.

Big Foot Wallace, by Stanley Vestal. Houghton Mifflin. $3.

Pack Rat, by Francis Clement Kelley. Bruce Publishing Company. $1.75.

The Saddle and the Plow, by Ross McLaury Taylor. Bobbs-Merrill. $2.50.

Whipping Post and Wagon Trails Farewell, by Rudolph N. Hill. Privately printed. 25c.

Flush Production, by Gerald Forbes. University of Oklahoma Press. $2.75.

Covering the Mexican Front, by Betty Kirk. University of Oklahoma Press. $3.1

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