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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 20, No. 3
September, 1942
July 23, 1942

Page 311

The regular quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society was held in the Historical building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, July 23, 1942, with Judge Robert L. Williams, President, presiding.

The Secretary called the roll which showed the following members present: Judge Robert L. Williams, Judge Thomas H. Doyle, Mrs. Jessie R. Moore, Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Mr. Jim Biggerstaff, Hon. George L. Bowman, Judge Robert A. Hefner, Mrs. Frank Korn, Hon. J. B. Milam, Mr. H. L. Muldrow, Judge Baxter Taylor, Mrs. John R. Williams and James W. Moffitt, the Secretary.

The Secretary presented the minutes of the Board meeting held January 29, 1942 and of the Special Called meeting of the Board held February 23, 1942, and upon motion, duly seconded, the reading was dispensed with except as same may later at a subsequent meeting be called up for special consideration.

The President presented the following resolution in regard to the Indian Archives and other such records:

As authorized by Section 7, Chapter 24, Article 16, Oklahoma Session Laws of 1935: "Certified copies of all records, papers, and other documents including excerpts and parts of any newspaper, or file and papers in the archives held by said Society in trust for the United States Government and otherwise; provided that when any such certificates are made for the United States Government or any of its officers (to be) used in evidence in behalf of the United States Government or any of its agencies (then) such certificate shall be made without fee or charge, and the same as to the State of Oklahoma and its agents, but in all other instances fees for such certificate and work shall be paid by the parties applying therefor in such amount as allowed by law to the Secretary of State for such certification, and when such fee is not fixed by law it shall be a reasonable charge and shall be such fee as allowed by law (of the United States) to be charged by the Clerk of the United States District Court for such attestation and certification and searches, etc. made therefor by said Clerk; and all such fees and charges so made and received shall be paid into the depository of the State Treasurer to be held for the use as provided in said section."

Judge Robert A. Hefner moved that this resolution be adopted. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mr. H. L. Muldrow, chairman of the Membership Committee, made a verbal report and recommended that the teachers in all State Educational Colleges, including University and Junior Colleges, and members of Fraternal Organizations, Bar, Medical, Dental, and all such associations, be circularized to arouse an interest in the Historical Society, and moved that not exceeding $150.00 of the private funds of the Society be set aside for this purpose. Hon. J. B. Milam seconded the motion which carried.

Judge Thomas H. Doyle moved that Mrs. Margaret Wright Kerr, pioneer mother of a native born Governor nominee, be elected to honorary life membership in the Society and also George E. Tinker, father of native born Major General Clarence L. Tinker, outstanding hero of the Pacific Midway Battle, be elected to honorary life membership in the Society. Motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

The President presented the following paper for adoption:

Moved and seconded for adoption:

Account of the contributions made by H. M. Johnson, president, and R. A. Vose, vice-president, of the First National Bank and Trust Company of Oklahoma City, and of E. A. Walker of the Tradesmens National Bank, and J. A. Campbell of

Page 312

the Fidelity National Bank and of Dan W. Hogan of the City National Bank, and Ned Holman of the Liberty National Bank, all of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Fred Holman of the First National Bank of Guthrie, Oklahoma, Ewing Halsell of Vinita, J. Garfield Buell of Tulsa, J. B. Milam, principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, of Chelsea, Judge O. H. P. Brewer of Muskogee, J. Fred Darby of the Commercial National Bank of Muskogee, Hubert L. Bolen, Earl Pruet, R. M. Rainey and Streeter Flynn and Ancel Earp of Oklahoma City, and the First National Bank and Trust Company of Muskogee (oldest national bank in Oklahoma and organized by Robert L. Owen in 1890), The Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D. C. and The Phillips Foundation, we have acquired a fine portrait of Senator Robert L. Owen in an elegant bronze frame which we appreciate very much and thank each one of these supporters therefor. Adopted unanimously on motion." Senator Owen presented to the Society a beautiful portrait of his mother, Narcissa C. Owen, and also of Sequoyah, both of which were placed in a like beautiful bronze frame.

Judge Robert A. Hefner moved that the portrait of Senator Robert L. Owen be thankfully accepted, and all parties and agencies thanked therefor. Gen. Charles F. Barrett seconded the motion which carried unanimously.

Hon. George L. Bowman moved that the portraits of Mrs. Narcissa C. Owen and Sequoyah be thankfully accepted. Judge Baxter Taylor seconded the motion which carried unanimously.

On recommendation of the President, Mrs. Frank Korn moved that Father Gregory Gerrer, O. S. B., be elected to honorary life membership in the Society. Motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

The President read the report of the Art, Museum and House Committees, and then a portion of an Oklahoma Supreme Court decision (Kay County Free Fair Association vs. Martin, 122 Pac. 2d-303) in regard to liability of such organizations.

Mrs. Jessie R. Moore moved that we return the Woodruff collection and pictures, and that the Secretary be directed to notify Mr. Leonard Woodruff, the original owner, and the referee in bankruptcy, Geo. F. Clark of McAlester, Oklahoma, and also the trustee in bankruptcy in such action. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mrs. Frank Korn moved that notices be sent to all persons (except the D.A.R.) having property in the museum as loans that do not have any historical significance for Oklahoma, requesting them to remove them from the building. Motion was seconded and carried.

Hon. J. B. Milam, member of the committee on the Sequoyah Home, gave a verbal report, mentioning especially the interest taken and exemplified as to the Home by the Lions Club of Sallisaw.

Judge Baxter Taylor discussed the tentative proposal as to the donation of busts of the Ex-Governors of Oklahoma, made by Dr. J. B. Jenkins, and it was moved that a committee be appointed to investigate and report to the Board, which was seconded and carried. Judge Taylor was so appointed.

Mr. Jim Biggerstaff moved that a pamphlet be printed setting forth the exhibits of the Society, and that a committee of not more than three be appointed as to the matter and make a report at the next meeting of the Board. Motion was seconded and carried.

The Chair appointed Mr. Jim Biggerstaff, Judge Baxter Taylor and Judge Robert A. Hefner on this committee.

Judge Thomas H. Doyle on his request was excused as to the remainder of the meeting, and on motion and second, unanimously carried, he was thanked for being present.

Page 313

Mrs. A. W. White, President of the 89ers Association, with Mrs. W. M. Bottoms and Mrs. Edith Barrows Russell, discussed with the Board as to exhibit of the 89ers Association.

The President requested that a written report relative thereto be filed with the Secretary for future consideration.

The mending of the File of Travis F. Hensley El Reno papers (donated by his son, Claude Hensley) by Mrs. Gail Johnson was discussed, and authorization given for her employment to mend same within available fund.

Hon. J. B. Milam moved that the matter be left in the hands of the President and Secretary. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Baxter Taylor moved that this Board tender thanks to Judge Robert L. Williams for securing the painting of Senator Robert L. Owen, and of his mother and of Sequoyah. The motion was seconded and Judge Baxter Taylor put the motion which was unanimously carried.

The Secretary read the list of applicants for membership.

Life: Wm. C. Gillespie, Tulsa and Mrs. Hoyetta North White, Oklahoma City.

Annual: Mrs. L. S. Cannon, Ponca City; Ben W. Carter, Durant; Alice Frances Cline, Durant; John Tilghman Cline, Durant; Mrs. O. J. Cook, Oklahoma City; G. E. Davison, Arnett; Mrs. Eloise W. Dugger, Sayre; Mrs. Andrew Durfey, Tulsa; Esther C. Finerty, Detroit, Michigan; Mrs. Samuel Flournay, Oklahoma City; Mrs. W. E. Foltz, Fort Gibson; Dr. S. H. Gapp, Bethlehem, Penna.: Byron Hoffman, Miami; Mrs. John Kinder, Manitou; Dr. Abraham E. Knepler, Bridgeport, Conn.; Ed McDonald, Kansas City, Mo.; Charles B. Rogers, Tulsa; Mrs. Cleo Dawson Smith, Lexington, Ky.; Maurice M. Thomas, Oklahoma City; Vern E. Thompson, Joplin, Mo., Mrs. Maryetta Van Arsdale, Oklahoma City and Mrs. J. C. Weaver, Oklahoma City.

Mr. Jim Biggerstaff moved that each be elected and received as members of the Society in the class as indicated in the list, which motion having been seconded was unanimously carried.

The President transmitted to the Society the Transcript in the United States appellate courts of the record of "Brewer-Elliott Oil & Gas Co. v. United States," donation of Eugene P. Ledbetter, son of the late W. A. Ledbetter who was a member of the Board of Directors for many years.

The President also presented to the Society transcript of the Records of the Seminole Nation vs. United States, No. 348 and No. 830, United States Supreme Court.

The Rev. J. T. Peery diary was discussed and Judge Robert A. Hefner moved that the President be authorized to have copy of this diary made for the Society at expense of its private fund. Motion was seconded and carried.

The President presented the J. C. Denton papers and the W. V. McClure papers for the archives of the Society.

Mrs. Jessie R. Moore presented the George Hunt papers for consideration of the publication committee.

Upon motion of Hon. George L. Bowman the meeting stood adjourned subject to call.

Robert L. Williams, President.

James W. Moffitt, Secretary.

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