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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 20, No. 2
June, 1942

By J. L. Rader

Page 177


The following Oklahoma county histories have been written as masters' theses at the University of Oklahoma: David Washington Pierce, A History of Alfalfa County (1926); Marjorie Bennett Everhart, A History of Blaine County (1929); Charles Brooks Lewis, The Development of Cimarron County (1940); Claude Southward, A History of Comanche County (1929); Floyd William Pratt, A History of Garfield County (1929); Esther Cornelia Bellows, A History of Garvin County (1932); Mary Hewett Bailey, A History of Grady County (1937); Bailey Spencer Ethridge, A History of Greater Greer County (1937); Carlos Morrison Montandon, A History of Jefferson County (1939); Maurice V. Van Meter, A History of Murray County (1938); Gordon M. Harrel, A History of Pontotoc County (1927); Bruce Gilbert Carter, A History of Seminole County (1932); Carl Faubion Craghead, A History of Washington County (1929); Vester Montgomery, A History of Washita County (1929); Minnie May Smith, (Canadian County) A Geographic Study of a Rural Landscape (1930); Marion Crosby Bates, The Mobility of School Population in the City of El Reno and Rural Communities of Canadian County (1939); Mabel Erroll Boggess, Sixty Juvenile Delinquents in Cleveland County (1940); Zelma Lois Curnutt, Public Welfare in Harmon County (1938); Jennett Smith Crosby, Jackson County School Survey (1925); Margaret Edwards, Child Welfare Service in Kay County (1939); Spencer Berry, A Social Analysis of Okmulgee County (1941); E. Hatfield, Economic Survey of Osage County (1936); Mary Springer Hopps, Social Factors Contributing to the Dependency of Children in Stephens County (1941); Hurshal H. Risinger, Social and Economic Study of Texas County (1937); Ralph Emerson Randels, History of Grazing and Crop-growing in Woodward County, 1893-1907 (1938).

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