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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 19, No. 1
March, 1941

January 23, 1941.

Page 104

The regular quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society convened in the Historical building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, January 23, 1941, with Judge Robert L. Williams, President, presiding.

The Secretary called the roll, which showed the following members present: Judge Robert L. Williams, Judge Thomas H. Doyle, Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Hon. George L. Bowman, Dr. E. E. Dale, Judge Thomas A. Edwards, Judge Robert A. Hefner, Mrs. Frank Korn, Col. A. N. Leecraft, Mr. J. B. Milam, Hon. W. J. Peterson, Judge Baxter Taylor, Mrs. John R. Williams, and James W. Moffitt, the Secretary.

On motion duly seconded, the absent members were excused from attendance on account of the inclement weather and sickness.

The Secretary reported that no petition was filed by January 1, 1941 for election of successors to the five Board members whose terms expired at this time.

Col. A. N. Leecraft moved that the five members, whose terms had expired, i.e., Judge Thomas A. Edwards, Cordell; Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour, Edmond; Mrs. Jessie E. Moore, Oklahoma City; Dr. James H. Gardner, Tulsa; and Mr. J. B. Milam, Chelsea; be declared as re-elected for the ensuing term of five years. Motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

The President reported the death of Mrs. Roberta C. Lawson, one of the members of the Board of Directors, and all members present arose and stood in reverence to her memory.

The repairs made on the roof of the home of the caretaker at the Sequoyah Shrine was reported, and also that the payment of $60.00 had been taken care of by a private fund specifically collected for such purpose.

Gen. Charles F. Barrett moved that a budget committee of three members be appointed to confer with the Legislature regarding the budget for the Oklahoma Historical Society. Motion was seconded and carried.

The Chair appointed Hon. George L. Bowman, Mr. J. B. Milam and Judge Robert A. Hefner to act in this capacity.

The Secretary presented the following list of applicants for annual membership in the Historical Society:

Mrs. Lillian D. Adkins, Oklahoma City; Charles Andrew Anderson, Pipestone, Minn.; J. W. Batchelor, Durant; Mrs. Corwin Boake, Gotebo; L. W. Brophy, Muskogee; Russell Clark, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Mary E. Frost, Healdton; Wallace Goodman, Durant; Hon. Wm. Gulager, Muskogee; Mrs. Oscar C. Hadley, Miami; Dr. Hyman Joseph Harkavy, Bartlesville; A. Max Holcomb, Eufaula; Dr. Forney Hutchinson, Shawnee; Matthew John Kane, Pawhuska; Mrs. Hazel Lloyd, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Sam Maddux, Lawton; Anna Messick, Atoka; Clyde Green Pitman, Tecumseh; Mrs. Donnelley Reid, Oklahoma City; Mrs. P. B. Rice, Antlers; Mrs. R. P. Shelton, Atlanta, Ga.; Robert T. Stinson, Durant; Colon Valentine, Oklahoma City; Luther Elgin Warren, Tulsa; Leslie C. Williams, Oklahoma City; George Duncan Wilson, Enid and Albert Daniel Wright, Chandler.

Page 105

Hon. W. J. Peterson moved that these persons be elected to annual membership in the Historical Society. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Robert A. Hefner and Hon. George L. Bowman asked to be excused from attendance further at this meeting on account of other engagements, which was granted.

Mrs. John R. Williams transmitted for Alfaretta Jennings a copy of an address delivered by Quanah Parker, Chief of the Comanches, regarding taxing the Indians and other matters, which was accepted and the Secretary was instructed to file it in the archives, and thank Miss Jennings for this donation.

The Secretary presented the minutes of the Board meeting held October 24, 1940 and the minutes of the called meeting held November 15, 1940, and upon motion duly seconded the reading of these minutes was passed subject to be called for consideration upon request.

Judge Thomas H. Doyle moved that the President be authorized to fix the date of the annual meeting scheduled to be held at Lawton, or on account of an emergency, to designate some other place for holding the annual meeting. Motion was seconded and Judge Doyle put the motion, which carried.

Hon. W. J. Peterson moved that the President be authorized and given full power to change the place of holding the annual meeting, and fix the date of the meeting. Upon receiving a second, Mr. Peterson put the motion which was carried.

The request of the Association of Oklahoma Artists for permission to hang their pictures in the art gallery of the Historical building was discussed and a decision was passed for the time being.

A letter from Dr. Grant Foreman was read, requesting that filing cases be purchased to take care of the cards made in indexing the Indian-Pioneer biographies, which have been assembled under the Indian-Pioneer history project.

Mr. J. B. Milam moved that one case be purchased out of the present funds available. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mr. J. B. Milam discussed the advisability of securing for the State the Cherokee Female Seminary grounds, the Union Mission grounds and the grounds of the Dwight Mission, and moved that the President be authorized to act fully for the Board and to take such action in the matter as may be advisable. Motion was seconded and carried.

Col. A. N. Leecraft moved that the meeting of the Board of Directors, which would regularly be held in April of this year, on account of the annual meeting, be dispensed with. Motion was seconded and carried.

Hon. W. J. Peterson moved that the meeting stand adjourned, subject to the call of the President.

Robert L. Williams, President,

James W. Moffitt,

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