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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 18, No. 3
September, 1940
JULY 25, 1940

Page 303

The regular quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical society was held in the Historical building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, July 25, 1940, at 10:00 A.M., with Judge Robert L. Williams, President, presiding.

The Secretary called the roll, which showed the following members present:

Judge Robert L. Williams, Judge Thomas H. Doyle, General Charles F. Barrett, Judge Harry Campbell, Judge Thomas A. Edwards, Dr. Grant Foreman, Col. A. N. Leecraft, Hon. W. J. Peterson, Judge William P. Thompson, Mrs. John R. Williams and James W. Moffitt, the Secretary.

The Secretary presented reasons for absence from the following members:

Mr. Jasper Sipes, Mrs. Jessie E. Moore, Gen. William S. Key, Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour, Dr. E. E. Dale, Mr. George H. Evans, Judge Samuel W. Hayes, Judge Robert A. Hefner, Mrs. Frank Korn, Mrs. Roberta C. Lawson, Hon. John B. Meserve and Judge Baxter Taylor, and upon motion duly seconded same were accepted.

The Secretary presented the minutes of the Board meeting held January 25, 1940.

Judge Thomas A. Edwards moved that the reading of the minutes be dispensed with except as same may be called up for special consideration. Motion was seconded and carried.

The President reported the progress made in preparing quarters for the Colonial exhibits of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Dr. Grant Foreman reported on the various WPA projects sponsored by the Oklahoma Historical Society. (Written report to be supplied and filed in the Archives.)

Dr. Grant Foreman read the following resolution:

WHEREAS, On March 3, 1925, by Act of Congress, authority was given to the department of state for the collection, editing, and arranging for publication of the territorial papers in the National Archives and an appropriation was made for the same. And afterwards, on February 23, 1929, an additional Act of Congress appropriated the sum of $25,000 to take care of said work, also on June 28, 1937, the appropriation was increased to $250,000, and,

WHEREAS, pursuant to said authority, the department of state Inaugurated the work in 1926 and up to date there have been collected and published volumes of said territorial records as follows: Vol. 1, General Preliminary Printing; Vol. 2, Northwest Territory, 694 pages; Vol. 3, Northwest Territory, continued, 588 pages; Vol. 4, Territory South of the River Ohio, 517 pages; Vol. 5, Territory of Mississippi, 815 pages; Vol. 6, Territory of Mississippi, continued, 893 pages; Vol. 7, Territory of Indiana, 784 pages; Vol. 8, Territory of Indiana, 496 pages, and,

WHEREAS, it appears that it is not intended to publish any of the material relating to the country west of the Mississippi River embraced in what is now Oklahoma. And,

Page 304

WHEREAS, the Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society recognize the publication of the territorial papers of the United States as an important contribution and aid to the study of American History.

WHEREAS, in the National Archives and the archives of the various branches of Government in Washington are many unpublished manuscripts and papers that touch on the history of the area that is now comprised in Oklahoma from the date of the Louisiana Purchase running through subsequent years.

Therefore be it Resolved by this Board in regular meeting assembled, that it express the hope that the department of state will extend the publication of the territorial papers to include the papers touching the country west of the Mississippi River.

And be it further Resolved that the Secretary of this Society be directed to furnish copies of this resolution to Oklahoma representatives in Congress with the request they bring it to the attention of the department of state, and moved its adoption. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Harry Campbell moved that Dr. Grant Foreman be requested to file a brief on this resolution, a copy thereof be forwarded to the department of state and also to the members of Congress from Oklahoma. Motion was seconded and carried.

Dr. Grant Foreman read the following resolution:

WHEREAS, The Act of Congress of May 2, 1890, created the Territory of Oklahoma; George W. Steele was appointed governor on the 15th and a week later arrived in Guthrie to assume the duties of his office. An election was held on August 5, 1890, of the members of the legislature that assembled twenty-two days later for the enactment of laws essential to the setting up of a territorial government.

WHEREAS, it appears from these facts that half a century has passed since the establishment of a constitutional government by white residents within the area that is now Oklahoma.

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, by the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society, that this Fiftieth Anniversary of the establishment of Oklahoma's first white man's government and the growth and achievements that have been made within that half century are worthy of appropriate observance and that in the absence of other celebration the occasion is hereby made a matter of record in the proceedings of this Society, and moved its adoption. Motion was seconded and carried.

The report of the committee to study the proposal to hold the annual meeting in 1941 at Lawton was called for and in the absence of the Chairman, Judge Thomas A. Edwards reported that the committee recommended that the annual meeting in 1941 be held at Lawton.

Dr. Grant Foreman moved that the report of the said committee be approved. Motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

Mrs. John R. Williams moved that Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn be elected an Honorary Life member of the Oklahoma Historical Society. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge Robert L. Williams presented to the Society the framed portrait of Frank Colbert, and introduced his daughter, Mrs. Frances Baker, donor of the portrait.

Col. A. N. Leecraft moved that the portrait be accepted and that Mrs. Frances Baker be thanked for this donation to the Society. Motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

Page 305

Mrs. Baker thanked the Board of Directors for accepting this portrait of her father and awarding it a place in the art gallery of the museum.

The accuracy of the statement made in the June Chronicles, page 196, lines 16 and 17 regarding President Cleveland's attitude toward the opening of Oklahoma to settlement was questioned.

Mrs. John R. Williams moved that this matter be referred to the editorial committee. Motion was seconded and carried.

Hon. W. J. Peterson reported that Judge Orlando Swain, Secretary of the Creek Indian Memorial Association at Okmulgee, requested Photostat copies of Indian traders' licenses issued at Okmulgee, and moved that the Society be authorized to have copies made of the Parkinson Trader's License and others if possible for the Indian Museum in the Creek Council House at Okmulgee. Motion was seconded and carried.

Judge William P. Thompson read a letter inviting librarians to attend the Institute for Librarians in the graduate library school at the University of Chicago, July 29th to August 9th. Upon motion, duly seconded the librarian of the Oklahoma Historical Society was granted leave of absence to attend this library school as a representative of the Oklahoma Historical Society, but at her own expense.

The Secretary presented the following list of applicants for membership in the Historical Society:

W. I. Ayres, Shawnee; Winchel Fay Barber, Lawton; Mrs. Robert Bellatti, Blackwell; Mrs. E. A. Black, Lawton; J. S. Boyett, Lawton; Mrs. E. E. Brown, Duncan; Mrs. Charles R. Cady, Green Bay, Wisconsin; C. D. Campbell, Lawton; Clyde Cecil Carley, Tulsa; Mrs. Roy F. Champlin, Lawton; Judge Charles B. Cochran, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Tom Cooter, Lawton; Mrs. Sophia A. Culbertson, Kiowa; Dr. Angie Debo, Marshall; Luke Ralph Duff, Lawton; Mrs. W. F. Durham, Shawnee; Excell English, Lawton; Pauline English, Lawton; Mrs. Dave J. Faulkner, Claremore; Earle Flesher, Edmond; Daniel Emmett Foley, Fairfax; Laura Munson Foster, Bartlesville; Mrs. Harry Franklin, Oklahoma City; Peggy Elton Garrett, Bartlesville; Murray Francis Gibbons, Oklahoma City; Daisy Griffin, Oklahoma City; J. N. Heiskell, Little Rock, Ark.; Alfaretta Jennings, Oklahoma City; Charles L. Johnson, Lawton; Mrs. Pauline A. Joyner, Lawton; John A. Keathley, Lawton; Mrs. Eileen May Kibby, Tulsa; Mrs. Frank Kibby, Oklahoma City; Virginia B. Kidson, Lawton; Mrs. Armaby Dale Lawrence, Lawton; Edward C. Lawson, Tulsa; Gentry Lee, Tulsa; Atwood Lewis, Durant; M. Loewenstein, Oklahoma City; Elsie Long, Lawton; Mrs. Frank Hamilton Marshall, Enid; Floyd E. Maytubby, Oklahoma City; Mabel B. McClure, Enid; H. T. Miller, Lawton; Peter Clifton Monroe, Lawton; J. Randolph Montgomery, Lawton; Judge Toby Morris, Lawton; Dr. J. H. Mullin, Lawton; Jesse Larue Myers, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. Mary B. Myers, Shawnee; Boss Neff, Hooker; Rev. Peter C. Nelson, Enid; E. E. Neptune, Lawton; Mrs. M. J. Ozmun, Lawton; Dr. W. M. Parkinson, Chesterton, Ind.; Leldas E. Phillips, Bartlesville; Charles Picek, Lawton; Charles John Picek, Lawton; Henry Picek, Lawton; Nettie Pippin, Lawton; Mary Pokorny, Lawton; Jesse Austin Presbury, Fairfax; Paul Pugh, Oklahoma City; W. T. Quinn, Beaver; Nellie Reed, Lawton; Mabel Reid, Lawton; Elizabeth Reifachneider, Lawton; Hugh F. Reinhardt, Oklahoma City; Guy Charles Robertson, Lawton; Mrs. L. F. Rooney, Muskogee; F. D. Ross, Lawton; Mrs. N. A. Ryerson, Alva; Mrs. J. B. Sanders, Lawton; Charles R. Schoupe, Oklahoma City; Charles A. Schrameck, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Louis Schuhmacher, Alva; Mrs. Harrette G. Sill, Tulsa; Mrs. Vivian A. Simpson, Fort Sill; Harry A. P. Smith, Shawnee; Mrs.

Page 306

Frank S. Sneed, Lawton; Rutledge Jordan Snow, Lawton; Mrs. Wilson W. Starr, Alva; Mrs. W. A. Stephen, Lawton; Morris Swett, Lawton; Dan W. Swinney, Durant; R. Compton Tate, Kenton; Lem H. Tittle, Mangum; Minnie Tomlinson, Lawton; Frank Trosper, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Sara Jane Tucker, Chicago, Ill.; Buck Turner, Lawton; Jarrie A. Wade, Lawton; Carter Milton Waid, Lawton; Nellie Viola Waldby, Stillwater; Tessa B. Walker, Lawton; T. F. Weiss, Oklahoma City; Mrs. C. O. Whisnand, Lawton; Mavis Williams, Lawton; Mrs. C. A. Wolverton, Lawton; R. A. Yielding, Lawton and David E. Zorbis, Lawton.

Judge Thomas H. Doyle moved that the persons whose names appear in the list be accordingly so elected to membership in the Oklahoma Historical Society. Motion was seconded and carried.

Col. A. N. Leecraft requested that the Secretary make an official report of the Flag Day exercises held at Montgomery, Alabama, June 14, 1940, and that it be made a part of the archives of the Historical Society.

Judge Robert L. Williams presented to the Society the following articles:

To the Confederate Memorial Hall of the Oklahoma Historical Society, the sword of his grandfather, Robert Paul, Jr., Lt., Co. L., 15th Ala. Reg., C. S. A., to be preserved in a glass case.

(1) To the library of the Oklahoma Historical Society, for its archives, Wells' Illustrated National Campaign Hand-Book for 1860. In two parts —one volume.
(2) Letters dated May 1, 1926, to the state election board, written by him in the matter of M. E. Trapp's eligibility to succeed himself as Governor.
(3) Letters and papers for the Jesse James Dunn collection.
(4) Excerpts from the Montgomery Alabama Journal, of June 14, 1940, in regard to the presentation of Indian banners to the Alabama Department of Archives and History, and also from the same paper for June 15, 1940; and excerpts from the Montgomery Advertiser for June 14, 1940, and June 15, 1940.
(5) A copy of a lecture delivered in the Tremont Temple, Boston, Massachusetts, on the 26th day of January, 1856, by Robert Toombs. "Slavery in the United States—its relation to the Federal Constitutution, and its influence on the well-being of the Slave and Society."
(6) Fiftieth Anniversary announcement by the First National Bank and Trust Company of Muskogee.
(7) An invitation to the Second Annual Indian Convention and Exposition at Ponca City, May 18-24, 1925.
(8) One large Bible which belonged to his grandfather, Robert Paul, Jr., March 6, 1852.

To the Oklahoma Historical Society, for its archives, the following photographs and pictures:

(1) J. Woods Kirk and wife, with Quincy Herndon and wife and child, and Wm. Standley and wife and children.
(2) J. Woods Kirk and his first wife, with Capt. Lewis Teel and his wife and child.
(3) Six pictures of J. Woods Kirk and Capt. Lewis Teel. (Original and five copies.)
(4) J. Woods Kirk and Arch Qualls.
(5) J. Woods Kirk.

Page 307

(6) Five pictures of J. Woods Kirk and party of friends at his camp in McCurtain County.
(7) J. Woods Kirk, right, and Steve Burlow, old timer—both on horses.
(8) One picture each of J. Woods Kirk and Capt. Lewis Teel, at Kirk's camp in the hills.
(9) J. Woods Kirk (on horse) with two friends. (Two pictures of the same.)
(10) J. Woods Kirk on horse at his camp-house in the mountains of McCurtain County.
(11) J. Woods Kirk and Peter Milton, negro, feeding dogs.
(12) J. Woods Kirk and friends preparing to go hunting—Kirk's house in the rear.
(13) J. Woods Kirk's second wife, with dishpan, and Old Aunt Lottie, negro servant, feeding dogs.
(14) J. Woods Kirk on horse at back of his store.
(15) Rock Store, one of the first stores in McCurtain County.
(16) Old store building at Old Garvin, belonging to J. Woods Kirk.
(17) J. Woods Kirk's residence at Old Garvin—J. Woods Kirk and second wife and friends on porch. (Two pictures of same.)
(18) J. Woods Kirk's first residence near old Wheelock—Kirk and friends on porch.
(19) J. Woods Kirk's negro, Peter and wife, and Emma.
(20) Copy of a picture of J. Woods Kirk's first wife, daughter of Governor Garvin.
(21) Meeting of Rough Rider Regiment, Huckleberry Island, New York, 1910.
(22) Spanish American War Veteran's meeting at San Antonio, Texas, in 1903 or 1904.
(23) Tuskahoma Female Institute, 1898.
(24) Old picture of Spanish American War Veterans (torn in two—mended).
(25) Picture of Armstrong Academy with students out in front.
(26) Another view of Armstrong Academy with students.
(27) Tandy Folsom.
(28) Capt. S. C. Carrico (of Alva), with daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter.
(29) Picture of Oklahoma Historical Society Building under construction.
(30) Kodak picture of F. M. Byrd's old mill near Ada, Oklahoma.
(31) Photo of Tom Kite, Jr., when a child.
(32) Photo of Judge C. B. Ames and Judge R. L. Williams.
(33) Two pictures of Maj. Gordon Lillie and party of friends after buffalo hunt.
(34) Ten pictures showing views of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, taken in 1916.
(35) Three pictures showing cattle and hogs on a McCurtain County farm, near Broken Bow.
(36) Scene of McCurtain County farmers at the freight yards in Broken Bow, with loads of farm products.
(37) Walter Ferguson, Roy Stafford and Judge Jesse James Dunn with a group of Indian friends near Broken Bow.
(38) Package of kodak pictures of scenes in McCurtain County and Walter Ferguson, Roy Stafford, Judge Jesse James Dunn and others at camp.

Page 308

(39) Two small pictures of R. L. Williams and Kleomba, a Choctaw Indian ninety years old.
(40) Large picture of Okmulgee Creek Church—Methodist Episcopal, South.
(41) Robert L. Williams and a group of friends at Medicine Park.
(42) Picture of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Dale's Bible Study Class, Dougherty, Oklahoma, taken in 1912.
(43) Picture of the final session of the Choctaw Council, November 1906.
(44) Picture of the members of the last Chickasaw Legislature, 1907.
(45) Picture of the building in which the United States Court first assembled and organized in the Indian Territory at Muskogee.
(46) Four small pictures of Gov. Basil LeFlore.
(47) Small picture of Gov. Basil LeFlore's house built about 1837.
(48) Small picture of W. J. Bryan and R. L. Williams at Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1908.
(49) Kodak picture of F. M. Byrd's old mill—R. L. Williams and Clark Wasson.
(50) Picture of Clinton's (Okla.) Regall Band. (Played for Judge R. L. Williams when he was a candidate for Governor.)
(51) Four kodak pictures of the Governor Garland burying ground.
(52) Three pictures of Push-ma-ta-ha, famous chief of the Choctaws.
(53) Old Tintype of Governors Coleman Cole, Brazil Leflore and W. L. Byrd.
(54) Two reprints taken from the above picture of Coleman Cole.
(55) Two pictures of Gov. Jack McCurtain.
(56) Picture of Gov. Green McCurtain and wife and two daughters.
(57) Picture of Green McCurtain, Wilson N. Jones, and Tom Griggs.
(58) Picture of the County Court House, Eagletown, erected by Jefferson Gardner, 1885.
(59) Two pictures of Peter P. Pitchlynn.
(60) Copy of picture of Gov. Allen Wright, Choctaw, taken prior to 1877.
(61) Pictures of Gov. William Bryant (copies) with the negative.
(62) One small picture of Governor Bryant in a case.
(63) Copy of a picture of Alfred Wade, Principal Chief of Choctaw Nation, 1858.
(64) Picture of Chief Gilbert Dukes of Choctaw Nation and his secretary.
(65) Picture of Armstrong Academy.
(66) Copy of picture of Chickasaw Legislature, September, 1893.
(67) Copy of a picture of the Choctaw Patent to land west of the Mississippi, signed by John Tyler, President.
(68) Old Tintype and three copies of picture of Isaac L. Garvin, Governor of Choctaw Nation from October 1878 until February 22, 1880.
(69) Picture of R. L. Marony, Coweta, I. T.
(70) Copy of a picture of the Choctaw Council House at Tuskahoma.

Hon. W. J. Peterson moved that they be accepted and that Judge Williams be thanked for this important contribution to the archives and photographic collection of the Society. Motion was seconded and carried.

Hon. W. J. Peterson moved that three copies of the Timmie Jack pioture be made and paid for out of the private funds of the Society. Motion was seconded and carried.

Col. A. N. Leecraft moved that the Board extend its sympathy to Mrs. Jessie E. Moore in her recent accidental injury. Motion was seconded and carried.

Upon motion duly seconded, the meeting stood adjourned subject to call.

Robert L. Williams, President.

James W. Moffitt, Secretary.

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