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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 17, No. 1
March, 1939

Edited by James W. Moffitt

Page 87

On July 28, 1938, Judge R. L. Williams, President of the Oklahoma Historical Society, presented to the Confederate Room photographs of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, Alexander H. Stephens, Vice-President of the Confederacy, a group picture of the following members of the Confederate Cabinet: Robert Toombs, R. M. T. Hunter, C. C. Memminger, George A. Trenholm, Leroy Pope Walker, John C. Breckenridge, James A. Seddon, G. W. Randolph, Judah P. Benjamin, Thomas H. Watts, Stephen R. Mallory, J. H. Reagan, and J. A. Campbell, and also large photographs of Robert Toombs, Thomas H. Watts, Judah P. Benjamin, and other members of this Cabinet; Rear Admiral Raphael Semmes, L. Q. C. Lamar, J. A. Campbell, James M. Mason, Howell Cobb, and William L. Yancey.

James H. Gardner presented to the Society a large sectional map of the Chisholm Trail, on January 26, 1939. Dr. Grant Foreman gave a plat of Fort Davis, a Confederate garrison in 1862, showing the location of buildings, of a well, and of a prehistoric Indian mound which was used for a lookout and flagstaff. On behalf of the late J. H. Randell, Judge R. L. Williams presented the family Bible of Col. Robert M. Jones, and a collection of his letters and manuscripts. The President read a letter from J. M. Owen, President of the Oklahoma City Federal Savings and Loan Association, presenting to the Society a diorama depicting Oklahoma City when it was only a few weeks old. A picture of Reverend Joseph Samuel Murrow, Baptist missionary to the Indians, 1857-1929, was added to the collections of the Society through the generosity of his eight living grandchildren Murrow McBride, Clara Butler, Ralph McBride, Elliott McBride, John McBride, Hiram McBride, Mrs. Victor Cline, and Mrs. Joy

Page 88

Morris. Mrs. Jessie R. Moore introduced Mrs. A. E. Perry who presented the portrait of Mrs. Czarina Colbert Conlan, painted by the Polish artist, Remski, the gift of friends.

On January 30, 1939, W. E. Salter presented a Richards gun to the Oklahoma Historical Society on behalf of Mrs. H. A. Deaver, of El Reno. This historic gun was taken from Captain David L. Payne at a spring north of Ponca City by Captain Kendall F. Smith of Fort Reno. Captain Kendall was Mrs. Deaver's father.

Others who have enriched our collections are John P. Hinkel, Edwin Starkey, Ann Mae Sullivan, H. C. Schilling, Gen. Charles F. Barrett, Mrs. Colin Valentine, C. H. Cory, Jr., C. B. Rhodes, W. C. Kates, Ralph Hudson, Lena Rabitaille, Charles J. Brill, Allen D. Fitchett, W. L. Axton, C. E. Chouteau, Earnest McCombs, Mrs. Virgil Browne, Sam L. Riddle, B. H. Colbert, Mrs. W. M. Bottoms, Mrs. C. Guy Cutlip, James Culberson, William G. Stigler, Martin McKee, Justine Dukes Calloway, Mrs. Ruth Lackey, Tams Bixby, Jr., A. E. Pearson, Dr. Anna Lewis, Ernest Noffinger, Mrs. M. L. Butler, Mrs. J. L. Mitchell, Mrs. M. A. Tate, W. T. McAtee, Jack Brown, Mrs. George Mesta, W. E. L. Durant, J. G. Durant, Mrs. Marie Bailey, Mrs. Althie Sale Davis, and William Noble.

On January 21, 1939, the Oklahoma State Archaeological Society met at Tulsa with James H. Gardner, President, presiding. Alfred Reed told of archaeological work being done in the Grand River Dam basin and showed illustrative picttures. Remarks were made by David Barries, H. R. Antle, Clark Field, H. Grady Snuggs, James H. Gardner, and R. S. Ellison. The President read a paper on "The Possibilities of Research on the History of Early Man in Oklahoma."

Reports were given by the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Clark Field; Vice-Presidents, A. Berne Briggs, Dr. H.

Page 89

D. Murdock, William Dulaney, H. R. Antle, and Alfred Reed, Jr.; Treasurer, J. Brent Wrigley; Secretary, Hazel Fleming; Board oaf Trustees, A. Berne Briggs, Lloyd C. Coulter, T. J. Derby, William Dulaney, R. S. Ellison, Clark Field, Charles W. Grimes, Dr. H. D. Murdock, and Alfred Reed, Jr. After the annual dinner in the evening, Dr. S. C. Dellinger of the University of Arkansas gave an address on "The Songs and Ceremonies of the American Indians" using phonograph recordings to illustrate them. He has made a collection of some of the disappearing Indian music.

The Association of Oklahoma Artists has completed hanging a new exhibit in the art gallery of the Oklahoma Historical Society Building. There are a number of paintings depicting historical subjects and several which deal with the "Run of Eighty-Nine."

Among the artists exhibiting pictures from Oklahoma City are Edna B. Stevenson, Patty Patterson, Anita Howard, Grace Chadwick, Lottie Conlan, Emma L. Clause, Mrs. Charles McCafferty, Pearl R. Nelson, Mrs. R. M. Vliet, Mabel Remmers, Dorothea Stevenson, Ann Ebel, Faith Tritch, Mary Gentry, Fern Fezler, Laura Wilkinson, Genoa Morris, Mayme Sellers, Melcene Sampson, and Ottelia Quindt. Other members whose works are on exhibition are Louise McNeel, Pawnee; C. O. Williams, Clinton; Edith Coleman and Anita Moore, Chickasha; Mary Shecut Sease and Lora Patterson, Tulsa; Sarah Jane Richter, Okmulgee; Altha Shelby De Weese, Hugo; Irene Parsons, Concho; Elmer Capshaw, Edith Mahier, Eula Grimes, Harriett W. Kritser and Alice Fleming, Norman; Delia Franklin Caston, Ponca City; E. R. Abbott, Delaware; Robert Evans, Weatherford; Jo Lee Rodkey, Shawnee; Myrtle Kelly, Weatherford; Eugene McFarland, Enid; and Virginia McCauley, Nashville, Michigan.

The Honorable John B. Doolin of Alva was elected a member of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society, July 28, 1938. The following were re-elected members of the Board of Directors on January 26, 1939, for the ensuing five year

Page 90

term: Judge R. L. Williams, Dr. E. E. Dale, Judge Samuel W. Hayes, Mrs. Blanche Lucas, and Dr. Grant Foreman.

The following have been elected to membership in the Oklahoma Historical Society during the past quarter: Mrs. Marie Rodke Bailey, Shawnee; John Albert Brown, Oklahoma City (Life); Capt. William Bleakley, Oklahoma City; Mrs. W. E. Broach, Tulsa; A. B. Butler, Jr., Tulsa; W. E. Carey, Oklahoma City; Emmett D. Chisum, Spiro; Haskell Clark, Durant; F. P. Cowan, Mangum; Carney O. Dean, Chandler; Phyllis Hancock, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Beulah Harmon, Alex; Vernon E. Hill, Tulsa; Frances Jean Kawick, Chickasha; George A. Kelly, Oklahoma City; Mrs. C. R. Key, Wewoka; Phillip Charles Lauinger, Tulsa; Mrs. A. Martinez, Anadarko; L. T. McAtee, Lawton; Mrs. Viola Pelter McGreevy, Carmen; Perry J. Morris, Shattuck; Jonathan R. Osborne, Sr., Maysville; Dan W. Peery, Carnegie (Life); Earl Pruet, Oklahoma City; Mrs. B. P. Smith, Chickasha; Prof. M. J. Smith, Bacone; Charles E. Sparks, Tulsa; Goldie E. Spencer, Chickasha; Dean T. U. Taylor, Austin, Texas; Mrs. Emmett Thompson, Ponca City.

The Secretary represented the Society at the American Historical Association at Chicago, December 28-30. He also attended the conference of state and local historical societies.

Last September the Lincoln County Historical Society was organized with the following officers: President, the Reverend E. G. Chancellor, Chandler; First Vice-President, Mrs. Aletha Caldwell Conner, Fallis; Secretary, Miss Carrie S. Thomson, Meeker. Among those who have shown interest in this organization are H. C. Brunt, Chandler, Chairman of the Committee on the Old Settlers Celebration, Mrs. Grace Courtney, County Librarian, and Carney O. Dean, Chandler.

The Pioneer Club of Broken Arrow elected the following officers on October 15, 1938, for the ensuing year: President, Mrs.

Page 91

Ode Goodson, First Vice-President, A. G. McGechie, Second VicePresident, Mrs. D. B. Childers, Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. W. N. Williams, First and Second Assistants, Mrs. Ruth Hollingsworth and Mrs. George Brown. This organization is composed of persons who lived in Broken Arrow before statehood. Their major activity is the arrangement of plans for the annual Cotton Jubilee and Pioneer Day.

The Daughters of the American Revolution of Oklahoma, under the leadership of their Regent, Mrs. Jesse William Kayser, are carrying on a program of marking historic sites in the state.

The Will Rogers Memorial Museum, Claremore, Oklahoma, was dedicated November 4, 1938. The site is a twenty acre tract on a hill overlooking the town, originally purchased by Will Rogers as a homesite and given to the State of Oklahoma by Mrs. Rogers. The design is by John Duncan Forsyth and is suggestive of western ranch house architecture.1

The committee appointed to represent the Oklahoma Historical Society at the dedication included Judge William P. Thompson, Mrs. Roberta Campbell Lawson, and Mrs. Blanche Lucas.

The Daughters of the American Revolution of Oklahoma planted a redbud tree at the Will Rogers Memorial at Claremore and dedicated it on November 4. It was brought from the ranch home and birthplace of Rogers.

The Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma City, on November 11, 1938, honored members of Oklahoma's Constitutional Convention at its weekly forum luncheon. An address was given by judge R. L. Williams. Other signers of the Constitution present were: Samuel W. Hayes who presided, C. W. Board, Henry L. Cloud, C. C. Fisher, N. B. Gardner, J. A. Harris, W. F. Hendricks, Cham Jones, Henry S. Johnston, J. J. Quarles, F. C.

Page 92

Tracy, George W. Wood, George A. Henshaw, and W. D. Jenkins. W. A. Durant, sergeant-at-arms, and Charles F. Barrett, a clerk, in that memorable body, also attended.

The national convention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy was held in Tulsa, November 15-19. Mrs. Lutie Walcott of Oklahoma City was elected Recording Secretary General.

On November 16, the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in Oklahoma made a historical tour of Fort Gibson, Park Hill, and Tahlequah.

Statehood Day was observed by the Oklahoma Memorial Association, November 16.

The Association of the Old Timers of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Country meets every five years on April 19. The next meeting is planned for 1942. The present officers of the Association are: John C. Casady, Cheyenne, President; Mrs. Della I. Young, Cheyenne, Secretary.

The Oklahoma State Society, Daughters of 1812, on December 13, 1938, with appropriate exercises, commemorated the memory of John Golden Ross, a soldier of the War of 1812, by erecting a bronze memorial at his grave in the old Ross Cemetery at Park Hill. The memorial services were conducted by Mrs. Omer K. Benedict, State President, and Mrs. John B. Meserve, Chairman of the Memorial Committee of the State Society.

John Golden Ross who was of no blood relation to Chief John Ross of the Cherokees was born in Scotland on December 23, 1787 and as a child embarked with his parents for America. The parents both died en route and the young child was reared by a kindhearted citizen of Baltimore. As a young man, he gravitated down into the Cherokee country in Tennessee and served as a rifleman in Gen. Jackson's Tennessee Militia in the Creek War of 1813-14 and fought with "Old Hickory" at the

Page 93

Battle of New Orleans in January, 1815. He married Eliza, a sister of Chief John Ross, in 1819 and in January, 1839, removed to the old Indian Territory and settled at Park Hill, where he passed away on June 2, 1858, and lies buried. He was the father of Chief William Potter Ross of the Cherokees.

This recognition of the services of John Golden Ross, by this patriotic society, is highly commendable and merits the appreciation of the Historical Society.

Mr. and Mrs. Waite Phillips have presented their twenty-three acre estate to the city of Tulsa as a botanical garden and an Indian culture and art museum.

On January 22, 1938, the state tree of Oklahoma, the redbud, was planted on the Capitol grounds by the Narcissus Unit of the Oklahoma Garden Flower Club. It was accompanied by a marker with an appropriate inscription. Mrs. Ward Witten presented it to the state and it was accepted by Mrs. E. W. Marland.

An article entitled "From the Warpath to the White Man's Road" appeared in the Geary Times-Journal, January 26, 1939. The author is Stacy Riggs, a Cheyenne living at Clinton, Oklahoma. In previous years he has contributed similar articles to the Colony Courier, the Geary Booster, and the Geary Times-Journal since the present editor, N. H. Seger, has published these papers.

In the near future a marker will be placed at Arcadia by the Oklahoma City chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in cooperation with the Farm Women's Club and the Arcadia Public Schools to mark the place where Washington Irving and a troop of United States Rangers camped in 1832. A roadside park is being established there through the assistance of the state highway department according to Mrs. S. I. Flournoy.

Page 94

Others who have worked with her have been Mesdames F. M. Crabb, Mrs. Arthur Dana, and Miss Mary Hammett.

There are now statewide museum units in the following Oklahoma towns and cities: Anadarko, Antlers, Atoka, Broken Bow, Carnegie, Collinsville, Edmond, Elk City, El Reno, Enid, Grove, Kenton, Lawton, Madill, Muskogee, Newalla, Norman, Oklahoma City, Sand Springs, Sayre, Tonkawa, Tupelo, and Watonga.2

Guthrie is making plans for the celebration of the "Run of Eighty-Nine," on April 22, 1939, according to Raymond Fields, Chairman of the distinguished guests committee. Among those on the program that morning will be Governor Leon C. Phillips.

Oklahoma City is observing the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of "Old Oklahoma" through the cooperation of churches, newspapers, the chamber of commerce, and the schools.

President Frank Buttram, of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, has appointed the following as members of the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Committee: J. Wilson Swan, Chairman; J. M. Owen, Vice-Chairman; A. H. Parmalee, ViceChairman; R. W. Arnold, Lyall Barnhart, R. J. Benzel, Robert L. Billington, M. H. Bonebrake, E. L. Bozarth, Herman L. Broach, L. F. Broderson, J. Cecil Brown, L. J. Bullis, Fred Coombs, George Ade Davis, Jean P. Day, A. M. DeBolt, Jr., H. L. Douglass, Will H. Ford, Ed B. Galloway, Jack Garrison, Gayle Grubb, J. F. Harbour, Dr. I. M. Hargett, Ralph T. Hempill, Lee Hills, Mrs. Mabel Holtzschue, Herbert K. Hyde, Mrs. Mattie L. Jarrott, Miss Edith C. Johnson, Clyde N. Kemery, Robert S. Kerr, Andrew Kingkade, L. E. (Charlie) Knight, W. H. Larson, Joseph Lee, L. A. Macklanburg, James W. Moffitt, Byron F. Moore, Ralph R. Moser, Dr. G. A. Nichols, Charles L. Nicholson, M.

Page 95

E. O'Neil, Moss Patterson, Elmer T. Peterson, Waymond Ramsey, C. K. Reiff, Dr. A. C. Scott, T. J. Settle, Allen Street, R. T. Stuart, Hosea Vinyard, O. K. Wetzel, Dr. W. R. White, Dr. Paul S. Wright, Wilbur Vandegrift, A. L. Cook, Dr. William E. Cole, Dr. Hervey A. Foerster, Ralph Neely, and Hugh Owens.

Among the newspapers bringing out historical editions in April are the Norman Transcript, the Stillwater Free Press, the Daily Oklahoman, and the Capitol Hill Beacon. The Oklahoma City Times is publishing a historical series on Oklahoma counties and the Daily Oklahoman is running pictures of the early days in Oklahoma.

Okemah will celebrate its thirty-seventh anniversary on April 22, 1939. On that day the Governor will participate in the afternoon parade. A special invitation was extended to him, on January 9, at his inauguration, by the Buckaroos. George Shultz, President of the Chamber of Commerce is in charge of arrangements.

The Cherokee Seminary Students Association will meet on May 7, 1939, at Tahlequah. The Northwestern State Teachers College will be the place of the meeting. In the morning there will be registration and a sermon with dinner on the grounds at noon. The afternoon will be devoted to a reunion of former students. The following are officers: Judge Wm. P. Thompson, Oklahoma City, President; Lola Bowers, Tahlequah, Secretary, and J. B. Milam, Chelsea, Program chairman.

The Oklahoma Historical Society will hold its annual meeting at Durant, May 11-12, 1939. The President, Judge R. L. Williams, has announced the following program committee from the Society: Chairman, Dr. Grant Foreman, Vice-Chairman, Col. A. N. Leecraft; Judge Harry Campbell, Judge John Bartlett Meserve, and Dr. Emma Estill-Harbour.

The principal address will be made by Dr. B. D. Weeks, President of Bacone College. There will also be a tour of points

Page 96

of historical interest in the old Choctaw Nation, in the vicinity of Durant, extending to Fort Washita, Tuskahoma, old Rose Hill (the Robert M. Jones Cemetery) and the Goodland Academy.

Plans are being considered for an observance of the anniversary of Hinton in May, according to Mrs. Arthur Wettengill of the Hinton Record.

On May 21, there will be a meeting of the Old Day County Association at Grand under the leadership of the following officers: J. L. Bivins, President, and O. E. Null, Secretary.

A recent issue of the Westville Record, edited by Dean Sebring, tells of the plans for the celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Baptist Mission Church near Westville, on May 21, of this year.

Judge R. A. Hefner has renewed his offer to give $50.00 another year for the best paper on some phase of Oklahoma Baptist history. The contest is open to all students of Oklahoma colleges and universities whether undergraduate or graduate students. The activities, biographies, or institutions treated must go back at least fifty years in time. All papers entered should be in the office of Dr. E. C. Routh, editor of the Baptist Messenger, at Oklahoma City, by April 30, 1939.

The attention of our readers is called to the "Minutes" on pages 110-114, where other items of interest may be found.

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