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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 16, No. 2
June, 1938
APRIL 26, 1938

Page 260

Minutes of the dedicatory exercises at the Robert M. Jones cemetery near Hugo, Oklahoma, April 26, 1938, with the following members of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society present: Judge Robert L. Williams, President; Gen. William S. Key, Vice-President; Col. A. N. Leecraft, and James W. Moffitt, the Secretary. The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. Ebenezer Hotchkin. Judge Robert L. Williams then delivered an address on the history of Robert M. Jones and of the steps leading to the preservation of his cemetery. Music was furnished by the Hugo band. The Masonic service was carried out at the laying of the corner stone and also at its dedication with John R. Abernathy, the Grand Master, and other Grand officers participating. The allegiance to the flag was also rendered. A list of the articles to be placed in the corner stone was read. The corner stone was then laid. The president of the Oklahoma Historical Society then presented Gen. William S. Key who addressed the gathering. Afterwards the president also introduced H. G. Hixon, Dr. G. E. Harris and also Mr. Harwood, area supervisor for the Works Progress Administration, who represented Mr. Ron Stephens, State Administrator of the Works Progress Administration. Harwood presented the corner stone to Judge Williams who in turn accepted it for the Oklahoma Historical Society. The president then introduced J. H. Randell of Denison, Texas, who represented the Randell family, his brother, the late G. G. Randell, having married the daughter of Robert M. Jones. Descendants by blood of Robert M. Jones were present, to-wit: The children and grandchildren of the late Robert M. Love of Shawnee-town and Clarksville, Texas, who was a grandson of Robert M. Jones. Judge Earl Welch of Antlers, of the State Supreme Court, was also there as were Judge Thomas W. Hunter, Hugo, County Judge of Choctaw County; the Hon. Victor Locke, a former chief of the Choctaw Nation, and Dr. W. B. Morrison of Durant. Judge Williams also presented the Hon. W. A. Durant who spoke for the Choctaw Nation during the exercises in a brief address. The president then introduced the Hon. Ben Carter, County Attorney of Bryan County and a son of the late Congressman Charles D. Carter, who spoke for the Chickasaws, he being a Chickasaw by blood. The president then introduced two aged Negroes, Ed Bailey and Andrew McAfee.

After a prayer, the benediction was given by Rev. E. B. Miller of Goodland and the meeting stood adjourned.

A large and interested crowd including members of the U. D. C. was given the opportunity to view the handsome corner stone and graveyard with the durable wall surrounding it. On the corner stone appears the Masonic emblem with the following inscription: "April 26, 1938, AL 4938," and also the following: "Robert M. Jones Memorial, Representative from the Choctaw Nation in the Congress of the Confederate States of America." With the names of the Committee representing the Oklahoma Historical Society, to-wit: "R. L. Williams, W. B. Morrison, A. N. Leecraft, G. E. Harris, W. A. Loftin," and also the name of W. S. Key, Works Progress Administrator, and H. G. Hixon, Engineer.

Robert L. Williams,
President, Presiding.

James W. Moffitt, Secretary.

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